When I Shatter

Aderain's world was about to fall apart at the seams, then Derek came along he was funny and romantic but most of all, safe. Well aside from the fact that Derek is fae. Completely opposite to guys she'd been with in the past and he is exactly what she needs, well she thinks so anyway...


2. "Two days!!"

"Is she ok, where is she?" yelled Derek in the distance.

My head pounded and my brain felt like part of it had exploded. Moving hurt too much, so I didn't my limbs were sore and stiff and rebelled against any intent to move, even my eyelids hurt so I kept them closed. And I would let whoever that had entered my room to believe that I was still asleep. Coz truth be told I was about to fall back asleep no matter who had come to see me. Derek entwined his hand in mine as he sat down, his palm against mine was invitingly calming and I wanted to drown in it, but knew that I couldn't.

That's the one thing I didn't like about Derek's fae powers, knowing that he could change the way I was feeling with a single touch. Making me doubt sometimes whether my feelings for him were my own or his.

Hannah's voice sounded concerned in the background it was hard to hear what she was saying but once mum's voice came into my hearing range, I could suddenly hear crystal clear almost as if she was standing next to me. Huh that's weird... okay pull yourself together Aderain! your only sixteen your not allowed to go insane now. 

"Should we tell her?"

"no" came mums stern reply.

"its time we can't hide it from her anymore, not with that episode she had they are getting worse how are we supposed to explain that.

"Fine, but only if she figures it out for herself."

I woke up in  white room thinking I was by myself until I realized Hannah was sitting in a chair next to me watching me.

"Why are you looking at me like I've grown another eye? Wait I haven't have I?!" suddenly freaking out for a second. "For crying out loud pull your sanity back in girl!"

"No you haven't but It would probably do something for your looks" Hannah said matter of factly playfully poking me in the side.

"Have you come bearing pain killers coz if you haven't feel free to get out!" I said grumpily. I really wanted her to leave me alone.

"how do you feel?" she asked dodging my statement.

"Peachy" I replied dripping with sarcasm "head hurts like a bitch though."

"I'll go get you something for it" she said as she walked out. 

"Where did Derek go?" I really needed him right now, not that I would admit it to my older sister.

"I'll let him know you're up" she said with a smile as she left.

Well im not, not really im still lying in a hospital bed. Arggh.

A minute or so later just before I was about to retreat into my dreams. Derek knocked on the door.

"Can I come in?" he asked with a big grin on his face.

"Duh. Come here I'm cold, this bed is freezing."

"Jeez you are cold." he remarked as he came over and climbed into the other side of the tiny hospital bed. The warmth from his touch radiated through my side.

"How do you feel?" he asked more in confusion than curiosity. Another aspect of Derek's abilities that naturally come with being fae, he projected, literally his feelings and emotions onto me and strangely, I felt his emotions stronger than anyone else.

"Urgh" don't project on the invalid. I complained as I lightly smacked him on the shoulder to break him from his daze.

"Sorry" he uttered sorrowfully, as he pulled me into his embrace and settled down closer.

"What are you confused about?"

"Just what made you blank out for a whole two days?, they were thinking you went into a long term coma or something."

"WHAT I WAS OUT FOR TWO DAYS!" "Why didn't anyone tell me?" I sounded finally defeated.

"Im sorry I thought Hannah or someone would have told you"

"That's ok"

"It's not, im so sorry"

I replied back, "If you say sorry one more time im going to kick you out of my bed!" I stared back at him with raised eyebrows waiting to see if he would come back with some smart ass remark.

He kissed the top of my forehead and said sorry again so I moved back pushing against the hold he had on me, but it only seemed to get me closer to him.

"You're hopeless" I sighed getting comfortable against his strong chest. Ahhh sleeping up against him really shouldn't be this comfortable it be even better if he didn't have a shirt on... "Stop that thought right there missy you don't need to swoon every time your in the presence of a hot guy" Jeez... I really needed to get myself under control. "Check yourself, before you wreak yourself" anyhows.

"Quit moving the injured needs time to sleep" I stated yawning, while tucking my head into his neck to get comfy.

"Go to sleep" he said smiling down at me as I drifted off into a fitful state of sleep, the black wolf with blue eyes haunting my dreams.


Please comment if you like the way things are going and I will write some more. And if you spot any spelling or grammar mistakes let me know and ill fix them

Always    want2diereading xoxo

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