Read as main character George Collins fights to take over the ministry of magic.


2. The Headquarters

When George apparated he was in his headquarters, a run down pub which only he and his supporters knew of.

"Master," many of them said and bowed to him.

They were all former Azkaban inmates. Few knew him personally. He was not like He-who-must-not-be-named who would kill whoever didn't follow through, but if they betrayed him they'd be executed.

"Rico, I need some spies out on the streets," George commanded. Rico was the criminal of them all and the ears and eyes of George's army.

"What kind of spies. I can get some guys in pubs and on foot," said Rico. He had a really scratchy voice and sounded tired no matter what.

"Just want to here about Walter Ollivander," George said

"He's our next target,"

George felt guilty with himself for putting an old friend in the sights of his supporters. He and Walter got along well but the Dementors changed him to much to go back to his old self.

He used to be happy and joyful. He was the Gryffindor house Quidditch team keeper, earning him lots of respect. When he was accused that all went away. Old classmates acted like they hadn't known him in their lifetime while others looked down on him and reminded him of his past.

He was not the only person with a past if which they wished they could have again. Some were former ministry members sent in by Cornelius Fudge. He cared about power and was willing to take down anyone in his way. Fudge was one of the only people George really despised. Fudge was at his hearing and looked down on George with such disgust.

"We need to take down Walter. Then we will take out the ministry," George berated out.

"Walter is first, then the ministry," he continued.

"Go to Ollivander's wand shop in Diagon Allye he most likely there,"

George had to say no more. Several supporters were on their way to kill Walter Ollivander.

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