Read as main character George Collins fights to take over the ministry of magic.


1. Crucio

"George, don't do it!" A voice screams.

"You don't have to do this," said the struggling voice of Charlie Dunfey.

"Don't tell me what to do you filthy mudblood!" Said the crazed voice of George Collins- a wrongly accused Azkaban inmate.

The three- George Collins, Charlie Dunfey and Walter Ollivander- were brought here to an open field with his next victim. She was the auror who sent George to Azkaban.

"No. George you need to stop," said Charlie.

The auror was suffering from the curse crucio.

George's crazed eyes moved onto Charlie. They were old friends from the Gryffindor house at Hogwarts. Azkaban changed George to much though.

"Filthy mudblood. You will pay. AVADA KADAVRA!" George bellowed. The curse hit Charlie with no time for a reaction. Charlie dead corpse lied there in the grass, staring into the sky. Walter who had recently awoken looked around. He saw the motionless lump of Charlie.

"Oi, Charlie?" Walter said

"Charlie?" Walters voice was questioning and concerned. Walter was now kneeled over Charlie. Walter and Charlie were like brothers. They were always there for each other.

"W-what have you done?!" Walter screamed.

"Taken down another person who was standing in my way," George replied.

Walter pulled out his wand "Stupefy!" He yelled at George. George was quick with his spells "Protego!". The spell reflected off the magical shield in front of him.

Walter was not going to give up here. The auror was getting to her feet. Walter screamed "Sectumsempra!". George ducked just in time and the spell hit the already injure auror. She was bleeding all from a gash made as if an invisible sword had struck her.

Walter looked horrified.

"Thank you, Walter. Thought I had to finish her off,"

Walter was standing there mouth open in awe.

"Expelliarmus!" George yelled, casting Walter's wand away.

"The only way out is to join me Walter," George explained.

"We can take down the ministry of magic together, Walter,"

Walter still couldn't comprehend what he had just done. The auror had no life left inside of her, but the blood still pooled out. Her eyes- like Charlie's- we're staring off.

"George… I just… killed her," Walter's voice cracking and he was shaking.

"You'll get used to it," George said dryly.

"Are you ready, Walter?" He continued

"To join me on my journey to take out the ministry of magic," George was explaining.

"I can't, George," Walter spat out

"I won't do it." His voice was clearing.

"Fine. You're next then," after those few words, George disapparated.

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