Trapped. (Beauty and the beast fan fic)

Bella is an average high schooler until her father gets very sick. She is very poor and can't afford nothing, she then ventures out into Central Park to meet a hideous werewolf! Find out what happens in Trapped.


6. chapter 6

I walked into the house. "Hey where's the milk?!" Claira asked. "Oh they ran out" I answered. I went to my room and questioned myself. "Was what I just saw real?" I fell asleep and I tried to dream of what the beast looked liked. I dreamed of Eva and the boy. I woke up and put on my jeans and hoodie. I grabbed my backpack and went to Central Park. I looked for him. I heard a voice. "Jerome! What did she do to you? Your a candle stick!" I stood behind a tree, and I looked. I felt something tap my toes. I looked down it was a clock that walked. I thought I was hillousinating. Then it said. "What you don't find me attractive?" I screamed. Then I bumped in to something big and hairy. I felt it with my hands and I turned around and looked I screamed and then fainted.

I woke up in a dark room with dirty satin pink. I saw a window and I looked out of it. I was 100 story's high. I looked around for a way out. I saw a door. I heard the voice again. "I can't just let her leave she'll expose us!" I ran out the door and looked for the entrance. I saw an elevator and pressed the button. I heard one of his friends say "she's gone!" I saw them run to the elevator but it closed on time. It was a little riggedy but I got out and ran. I ran home, Claira was there and she hugged me. "Where we're you?" She asked. " this boy in my English class turned into a wolf beast! And his friends into household items! And and! He took me!" I said. "Bella go to bed you're sleep deprived" Claira told me. She was right, I was probably seeing things. I just needed sleep.

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