Trapped. (Beauty and the beast fan fic)

Bella is an average high schooler until her father gets very sick. She is very poor and can't afford nothing, she then ventures out into Central Park to meet a hideous werewolf! Find out what happens in Trapped.


5. chapter 5

Bella's P.O.V

So today was a new day at my new school, I wasn't excited at all. Claira was now a stay at home full time student in college, and she wanted me to look nice, so I let her help me pick out my outfit. I wore my blue skinny jeans, and my black sweater with white skulls encrusted on it. Then I put on my white high heeled sneakers and I left my hair out. I was ready. I grabbed my back pack and aunt Marie drove me to school. "Have a great day!" Aunt Marie said she hugged me. I got out the car and walked to the building. When I got into the school, all eyes were on me everybody started whispering as I walked through the halls. I made it to the main office where they gave me a map and my schedule. I looked for my locker and it was next to a girl with blonde hair and a green peplum top on and skinny jeans with green heels and a green Prada bag. I could tell she liked green.

"Excuse me" I said. "Your excused!" She said. She and her friends cackled like witches. "Your in front of my new locker" I said to her. "More liked used" she said. "Whatever, I have to go to mr. Fitzgerald's class now bye girls!" She said to her friends. "Bye Eva!" One of the girls said and waved. I guess her name was Eva. I put my stuff into my locker. And went to my first class, mr. Fitzgerald. "Students, we have a new student. Her name is Bella." Bella your seat is in the back" the teacher said. I sat in the back for the whole period. Then I never made any friends. I just sat alone reading my book. I heard half of the girls around me say "why is she reading?!" Who reads anymore?" Freak!" It didn't hurt my feelings it made me feel weird. I walked home and Claira texted me

CLAIRA: Bring home milk thx!;)

"I guess I have to bring home milk" I said to my self. I always get my milk from Whole Foods, and I have to go across Central Park to get there. It was getting dark and I was in the middle of Central Park. I was by some trees and I heard howling and yelling. I heard that girl Eva's voice with a guy. I saw her, so I hid behind a tree. I saw that boy from my first period English. I saw him and his friends turn into a clock and a candle. I saw him turn into a beast. I tried not to scream. I was so shocked I ran away. I ran all the way home without buying milk.

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