Trapped. (Beauty and the beast fan fic)

Bella is an average high schooler until her father gets very sick. She is very poor and can't afford nothing, she then ventures out into Central Park to meet a hideous werewolf! Find out what happens in Trapped.


4. chapter 4

I woke up not feeling well, but I had to look sligh for school today. I took a shower and got dressed in my white shirt ,skinny jeans, blue and white hight tops, and my blue letterman jacket. I felt pretty good. I looked in the mirror and for a second I saw a beast, but I was just really tired from last night. I drove to school in my red camaro . I got out my car and my boys came to me,"bro! Eva's telling everyone you broke up with her and you hit her yesterday!" My friend Jerome said. "What the fuck?! I never even touched that girl!, I broke up with her cause she made a scene!" I said. "What the hell is her problem?!" Hunter asked. We all walked in to the school. We went to our first class. There I sat next to Eva she rolled her eyes at me and she passed me a note. It said: you have one year for love. I rolled my eyes and stuffed the note in my pocket.

"I hope everyone will have their permission slip by tomorrow" mr. Fitzgerald said. Then that's all I heard I blocked him out. School was a drag and I lost my swag because if Eva. I drive home, I wasn't feeling well so I just took an Advil and watched tv. I started sweating and getting hot. I went to the bathroom and thought I was gonna die! I started washing my face with cold water and took off my shirt. I started growing fangs. "What the fuck is going on!" I said to myself. There was a knock on my bathroom door."sweetie are you alright?" My mom asked. "Fine!" I said. "Okay I was checking!" She said. I ran out my bathroom. And I grabbed my jacket and ran out the door. I had to find Eva! I walked to Central Park to look for her. "Eva! What have you done to me!?" I screamed. "Nothing just turn you into the beast you are?" Eva said. "Luckily I got backup!" I said back. My friends came out from behind. "Ohh I'm so scared!" Eva said sarcastically. She snapped her fingers and zapped Jerome and Hunter. They fell to the ground. "Why did you do this to me?!" I asked. "Because you're going to feel the pain I felt when you dumped me!" Eva answered. You will be a hideous were beast, never go back home, never go back to school! Never come outside!" Eva said. I tried saying something but I felt an instant pain. I ripped my shirt off, and I started growing hair all over my body. My legs became like a wolfs and I howled. I saw Jerome and Hunter getting smaller. Jerome turned into the shape of a candle. And Hunter the shape of a clock. "Oh yea, did I mention you need to find true love within one year! Or else you die! And who is going to love a hideous beast?!" Eva cackled. Then she disappeared.

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