Trapped. (Beauty and the beast fan fic)

Bella is an average high schooler until her father gets very sick. She is very poor and can't afford nothing, she then ventures out into Central Park to meet a hideous werewolf! Find out what happens in Trapped.


2. chapter 2

Me and Claira had no real family except dad and our aunt his sister Marrie. She lived in Brooklyn and she loved being perfect. Aunt Marie went to the hospital and picked us up. She said get well to my father, he would be there for a few days,but aunt Marie didn't care. She got me and Claira dressed for Claira's graduation. Graduation was boring so let's just skip till the end at the party. The party was at the hospital with aunt Marie,dad,me, and Claira. "Congrats Claira" I said I gave her a card with cash in it. She hugged me. It felt weird hugging her because Claira was always mean to me. After we moved into aunt Marie's house I got worried for my father. After I got unpacked Claira and aunt Marie came into my room. Claira looked really sad and it looks like she's been crying, and aunt Marie looked sad but she never cried, it would ruin her makeup. "Bella, May we talk?" Aunt Marie asked. "Sure." I said. "Your father, was very sick. He was so sick the doctors did not what to do. So they put him to sleep."aunt Marie said to me. I just sat there I was so shocked I didn't even know what to say. So I just cried. Aunt Marie stroked my brown hair, and she pulled me up and said "you might not be perfect but I still love you and your father does to. Don't cry, your brown eyes and you shouldn't suffer," Claira came next to me and she hugged me. She was crying to and she then put her long brown hair into a ponytail and rubbed her brown eyes. Aunt Marie took out her hankie and dabbed her blue eyes and patted her grey hair. " it's time for bed girls everything will be better in the morning." She told us. Claira and aunt Marie left my room, I shut off my light and I prayed.

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