Trapped. (Beauty and the beast fan fic)

Bella is an average high schooler until her father gets very sick. She is very poor and can't afford nothing, she then ventures out into Central Park to meet a hideous werewolf! Find out what happens in Trapped.


1. chapter 1

In New York the town is always NOT quiet! I always getting up at around 5 am to wake up my sister and father. Today was not an ordinary day it was the day my sister graduates from high school. We are all very proud of her, but disappointed she will not be going to college, because and I quote "college is for losers!" Some times I don't understand Claira. I creeped into her room and opened her curtains. "Ahh fresh sunlight" I sighed to my self. "Bella! Your not going to do this after today!" Claira yelled. She got up and walked to the bathroom she slapped her brown hair in my face. "Rude much??" I told her, then I closed the door and went to my fathers room. "Daddy it is time to wake up!" I said. He got up with pale skin and he started wheezing. "Daddy are you okay?" I asked. "Bella I'm really sick go get my pills from the medicine cabinet" my father asked me. I looked beside him in the cabinet and I couldn't find them. "Daddy they're not here what do I do now?" I asked. I looked at the empty pill bottle,my father coughed up blood,my father and he looked frightened. I called the hospital and in 20 minutes they came with an ambulance to pick him up. My sister hugged me, I didn't even care if she was wet from her shower I just needed someone to hug me.

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