My Buddy, Percy Jackson

Percy has a bestfriends, her name is Kristen. Kristen is sort of the towns rebel, and Percy loves that about her. Kristen finds herself into trouble when she goes to Playlist Live and meets the one and only Joey Graceffa...


7. Wall of Green

Kristen's POV
Steve led me out side but kept holding my hand. "Steve, seriously. Where are we going?" I said getting a little irritated that he wouldn't tell me. "Just a place that no one has ever seen but me, and soon you." He said. We walked for about 10 more minutes and then He suddenly stopped. Which caused me to almost trip over his shoe.

"Here we are" He said. "But it's just a wall of leaves and vines Steve.." I said looking at the wall of green.
"No, It's not" Steve said pushing the wall back. I looked around to see the most beautiful thing here in California. And it's perfectly my style.

"Oh my god..." I mumbled. "I know right?" Steve said, lightly squeezing my hand. I then realized that we were still holding hand and I blushed, again. "Don't blush too much Kristen, or otherwise you might turn the colors of the flowers and I'll lose you!!" Steve said joking. "Yeah, joke all you want. But how did you find this place?" I said. We sat down on the bench.

"Well I was just sorta walking around trying to get used to the place and I fell into the leaves and vines, thinking it was a wall like you did. But nope. I found this place." He finished. He looked at me and smiled. "This...this place reminds me of something....but I don't know what it is.." I said quietly. "It does?" Steve asked.  "Yeah, its pretty cool" I said.

"Only you and I know about this place, we could make it ours...if you want to?" He asked shyly. "Of course! I would love that Steve!" I said and kissed him on the cheek. He was the one that blushed this time.
Oh, Zeus , help me now..

Only soon would I know, that I made the biggest mistake of my life...

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