My Buddy, Percy Jackson

Percy has a bestfriends, her name is Kristen. Kristen is sort of the towns rebel, and Percy loves that about her. Kristen finds herself into trouble when she goes to Playlist Live and meets the one and only Joey Graceffa...


5. Shane's Boring Place

Kristen's POV
I quickly got off the chair and double checked to make sure my door was locked, and it was. I grabbed my schoolbag and put some clothes in it. There is NO WAY that I am staying here when Billy is too. Even if it is my own house. I got out my phone and text my brother, Shane.

To: Shanie!
Hey, Billy is at the house. Can I come over to your place?

I finished packing a few thing while I waited for a reply.

To: Kristenie
Yeah, that's fine. Just remember to bring extra clothes this time :O

One time when I was over at Shane's I only packed one set of clothes and I got pushed into the swimming pool. NOT COOL. I packed another set of clothes and text Shane back

To: Shanie!
Ok, be there in about 10 minutes

i opened up my window and climbed down the roof


I arrived at Shane's house and knocked on the door. "SHANE, OPEN UP. IT'S ME!!" I waited about 5 seconds more but then the door opened up to a surprised Lisa. "Oh, Hey Lisa, Shane here?" I asked, she was about to answer but then Shane popped up behind her and said "YEP! I'm right here!". "God Shane! Are you trying to scare me to death?!" Lisa said, halfway laughing. 

"Hey, come on, let Kristen in!" Shane said and left the doorway. Lisa moved so I could come in. "Thanks Lisa" I said when I walked past her. "So.." I said sitting on the couch. "I don't know but I want to watch a movie, what about you Shane?" Lisa said sitting beside Shane. "BOOORING" I said and stood up. "Where you going?" Shane asked. "I think I might go to Matt and Nick's house, you place is boring." I said.  "Two words gurl, Hurt-Full." Shane sassed back in his Sha-nay-nay voice.

"Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. See you guys later!" I yelled walking out if the house.

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