My Buddy, Percy Jackson

Percy has a bestfriends, her name is Kristen. Kristen is sort of the towns rebel, and Percy loves that about her. Kristen finds herself into trouble when she goes to Playlist Live and meets the one and only Joey Graceffa...


1. Hi, Im Kristen

Hi, My name is Kristen Dawson. Last name sound familiar? It should
It's Shane Dawson last name. I'm his sister. But we look nothing alike what so ever.


Full Name: Kristen Anne Dawson
Age: 16
Eye Color: Hazel/ Green
Favorite Color: Dark Purple (Camp Jupiter Purple)
Crush: Nico Di Angelo (He doesn't know)
Best Friend/s : Matt Lush/ Nick Laws
Relationship Stat with Shane: Best Brother Ever!!

Well that's about everything you need to know so far, you will find out more later. Byee!

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