My Buddy, Percy Jackson

Percy has a bestfriends, her name is Kristen. Kristen is sort of the towns rebel, and Percy loves that about her. Kristen finds herself into trouble when she goes to Playlist Live and meets the one and only Joey Graceffa...


4. Hazel Levesaque is Offline

Kristen's POV
I quickly type in a message and press enter.

Yo! Chick! You better answer baaack!!! - K.D.
I'm here don't worry! - H.L.

I laughed silently and kept typing

Hey hey hey! What you up to?? - K.D.
I just got back from guard duty with Frank - H.L.
Your little boyfriend??? <3 <3 <3 - K.D.
He's NOT my boyfriend!! - H.L.
Yeah right, gurrrl I know you like him, don't even act like you don't. - K.D
Just..don't tell anybody..ok? - H.L
Ok I wont.. - K.D
Promise? - H.L
Ok, but I have to go, Nico just arrived!! - H.L
OK! Have fun, and keep flirtn with Frank! - K.D
I laughed again because I knew she saw the message, but she didn't want to reply. I heard the door open downstairs. Oh great, Billy's here. Let the creepyness begin!

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