My Buddy, Percy Jackson

Percy has a bestfriends, her name is Kristen. Kristen is sort of the towns rebel, and Percy loves that about her. Kristen finds herself into trouble when she goes to Playlist Live and meets the one and only Joey Graceffa...


3. Creepy Billy

Kristen's POV
"KRISTEN, COME DOWNSTAIRS PLEASE" My mom yelled. I groaned and got out of bed. I was just getting comfy. "What do you want mom?" I asked leaning against the archway of the door. "Billy is coming over for dinner and I would like you to dress and act nicely to him, ok?" She said while she started cooking what I assumed dinner. "Mom! You know that I hate Billy!! Why can't I just go out until he leaves? I complained.

She gave me a stern look but then turned back to her cooking and said. "He might be a part of this family one day and I need you to like him." "Why do I need to like him? Not all daughters like their dads!" I argued. She didn't say anything after that, "That's what I thought" I said and went back up to my room. I locked my door so she couldn't come in. It's always, Billy this, Billy that. SHUT UP ABOUT BILLY ALREADY, OK???

I flopped myself into the bed and just stared at the ceiling for a few minutes. Why did mom not understand how weird Billy really is? As soon as she leaves the room he turns into a creep! One time when we were eating dinner mom excused herself to go use the bathroom and Billy turned to me and said "Hey, don't you think your mom looks rather sexy in that dress?" I just looked away and kept eating.

I know it sounds like I'm over-exaggerating this but whatever. Its creepier when your actually there with him. I sat up and thought of what to do...COMPUTER! I quickly hopped up and basically ran to the desk that held all my school work and computer. I signed in to Facebook and checked if anyone was online. YES!! Hazel was online!!

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