This house is empty, lonely, abandoned; but for a single girl who keeps it from crumbling.

Leora Aleo woke up in a strange house. The house is normal, except for one problem: she can see outside, she can see hundreds of people, but no one can see her or hear her. The house is inescapable. The only other person in the house is a strange girl who cannot remember her past or how she got in the house. Will Corvino be able to escape and maybe even take this strange girl with her, back to a place where she won't ever be lonely again?

--References to Anime, Vocaloid Songs, Manga, etc. However, this is not a fan fiction. This is a work of original fiction, the idea having come directly from the brain of the author. --


1. Prologue: Arrival

       The girl has long, white hair, pooled out around her like cool, clear water spilled out over the floor. She is in fetal position, her knees curled into her chest, her hands clenched into fists against her chest, her eyes squeezed tightly shut. She appears to be fifteen years old. Her eyes flutter open and she slowly realizes that she does not know this place. Where was she before this? She cannot remember.  

      Where am I? More importantly: who am I?

      She sits up slowly, her hair cascading down her back and her shoulders, fluid and encompassing, like a coat. Her skin is pale, smooth, and flawless. She puts her hands out beside her body, pushing herself up, attempting to stand. The room she is in is bright, the windows big and letting in all possible light. She manages to get up and rushes to one of the windows. She peers outside, leaning against the wall for support. Her legs are still weak and shake violently while she stands. People walk by, talking on cell phones, staring at the ground always, talking to the person next to them, a destination always in mind. She opens a window and calls out to them, thinking that maybe someone could tell her why she’s in this odd place, or what this place is, but no one hears her. 

      She raises an eyebrow and tries again. Still, no one hears her. She is a phantom to them. Tears well up in her eyes. She decides she will try to walk outside. Maybe then, someone will hear her and answer her question. Slowly gaining strength, she shuffles out of the room, down the hall, carefully down the stairs, and into the living room. 

      She walks unsteadily to the front door. Her hands shaking, she grasps the door knob and tries to pull it open. It is locked. She looks for a place to unlock the door but there is none; there is no way out. The thought makes her feel like she might drown, and she begins gasping for air. A voice behind her startles her. 

     "You won't be able to leave," it says. She whirls around, almost falling. She braces her back against the door, clutching her chest, breathing heavily in surprise. She tries to back up further, but somehow ends up stumbling on a portion of carpet. She falls forward and braces herself for the pain of hitting the floor.

     There is no pain.

     The owner of the voice, a figure dressed in a black hoodie and blue jeans catches her. She can't see his face, assuming it's a 'he' she is in the arms of. "I'm sorry, but you can't leave this place," he says. Yes, this time she can tell that it is a male. 

     "Why not?" Her voice is shaky, and right now, she really wishes it wasn't. He sighs. She can see the gears of his mind turning, coming up with an excuse, as she innocently gazes up at him. "Because... Because you cannot. I cannot answer your question right now. It is against the rules."  The girl's eye eyebrows rise in confusion. 

     "But... But I-" He cuts her off, putting his index finger to her lips. She doesn’t know why, but the action causes her face to warm considerably. "Stay here. It will be alright. I promise. I will explain all this in due time." In a flash of bright, white light, he disappears, leaving her alone to figure out who she is and what has happened to bring her to this desolate place. In time, the girl found out that he was right. Everything turned out fine. Everything was alright. Everything would be explained. But everything was also very, very lonely and very, very strange. 

      Until the day someone else arrived at the transparent house. 

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