5SOS Preferences!

Hi! I'm starting my own preferences! I've written in my journal and I decided to post them. I'm not doing requests now but I will!
~ADX! Or MajikTiger on Movellas.


9. #9: What You Argue About Most

Third post. Wow. Ok this is the last one for today.

#9: What You Argue About Most


He hates it when you wear makeup. It always ends up in an argument because he think you look perfect without it. He sometimes hides your makeup so you can't wear it, which upsets you.


As everyone knows, Calum doesn't cook, not even for his girlfriend. So if you don't cook, you wouldn't eat. This sometimes gets on your nerves because he expects you to cook


You usually argue about the fact that Luke sometimes likes to mess around with you and your height. He'll sometimes hide your phone or makeup so high you can't get it. He ends up feeling bad and apologises but you'd still be pretty pissed off.


Michael always likes to play video games, which you don't mind but it comes to a point that he ignores you when you try to talk to him. It pisses you off so you turn off the tv, which pisses him off and you end up in an argument

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