5SOS Preferences!

Hi! I'm starting my own preferences! I've written in my journal and I decided to post them. I'm not doing requests now but I will!
~ADX! Or MajikTiger on Movellas.


8. #8: Instagram

Second upload. Idk. I have no life, just enjoy it.

#8: Instagram


As everyone knows, Ashton loves to post Instagram videos and he always pushes you to be in them with him. You always said no to being in them, you're too shy and you knew you'd get hate from Ashton girls so you preferred to just stay away from the camera


You were obsessed with Instagram and Twitter and before you and Calum started dating, he'd always liked your selfies or favourite your tweets. He's occasionally comment a compliment, and if the fans saw them, they'd all swoon!


You were both too shy to constantly post selfies, you both hardly used Instagram. The only reason you Han an account was because the other 5SOS boys made it for you so they often take your phone and post selfies of themselves with captions like 'I'm Y/N's favourite!'


You'd both always post selfies together, sometimes with you kissing his cheek, just you both smiling or is you'd go somewhere and see an attraction, then you'd get someone to take a picture and then post it to Instagram.

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