5SOS Preferences!

Hi! I'm starting my own preferences! I've written in my journal and I decided to post them. I'm not doing requests now but I will!
~ADX! Or MajikTiger on Movellas.


3. #3- Making It Official

Hi! Second update in one day. Be happy. It's so-so short. Deal With It.

#3 Making It Official


He told everyone through keek, which was connected through his twitter so a tweet was sent out so more fans would see it. You were both very nervous about it. You got some hate but a lot of people supported you as well.


Calum said it in an interview when the interviewer asked who was single. All the boys raised their hands except for Calum. The interviewer asked about you and Calum couldn't stop smiling.


Luke said it through Instagram, which a tweet was sent out when the picture was uploaded, and it was a picture of you kissing his cheek. He tagged you in he picture and you gained thousands of followers from it, although a lot of them left hate comments on our pictures. They were upset that you were taking the baby of the band away from them


Michael just tweeted it. Neither of you wanted to make a big deal out of it. Everyone though you two were dating for months before he announces it so it didn't seem like a big deal

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