5SOS Preferences!

Hi! I'm starting my own preferences! I've written in my journal and I decided to post them. I'm not doing requests now but I will!
~ADX! Or MajikTiger on Movellas.


2. #2- What He Likes About You

Hi! Número dos is here!!!! :) it's short tho. Don't get your hopes up, lol

#2- What He Loves About You


Ashton loves how carefree you are. You don't care what people think of you and you are up for almost everything.


Calum loves your laugh. He always tries to make you laugh because he loves it so much. Even if it's a giggle or full on laugh, he can't get enough of it.


He loves that he can make you blush so much. You get embarrassed easily and he loves how cute you look when you blush.


He loves your love of video games. You two get into very competitive games of FIFA.

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