5SOS Preferences!

Hi! I'm starting my own preferences! I've written in my journal and I decided to post them. I'm not doing requests now but I will!
~ADX! Or MajikTiger on Movellas.


1. #1- How You Meet

Hi! My first preference! Haha. Here's the first chapter!!!

#1: How You Meet


I was walking back from the beach shack with a bottle of water in my hand, on my way to where I lay my towel along with my friends. The sun was shining in my eyes, and despite having sunglasses on, it was a bit difficult to see. I was nearly back to my friends and towel when all of a sudden, I was on the sand, a small sting on the side of my face. "I am so sorry! It was a complete accident, I didn't mean to, I sw-" a boy started, but I guessed he was going to start rambling so I cut him off with a giggle. "It's okay." I said. He helped me up from the sand. "Are you sure you're okay?" He asked, a volleyball now in his hands. "Yeah, I'm fine." I laughed. "Well, I'm Ashton, and I would love to make it up to you, even if you're are okay?" He said as a question with a dimpled smile in his face. "I'm Y/N and I would love to." I grinned. We exchanged numbers and went back to our own group of friends.


"Don't leave me!" I shrieked, grabbing into the bar on the side of the rink. I knew it was a bad idea when my best friend convinced me to go ice skating with her. I didn't have great balance in the first place so it wouldn't help in the ice. And to make it worse, my best friend decided that it would be funny to skate into the middle of the rink, her being the person I grabbed into if I thought I would fall. All my best friend did was laugh at me and twirl around, her bumping into someone and falling. That was when I burst into laughter and clutched my stomach from the laughing pain. And that was when I was suddenly on my ass on the ice, the same thing happening to me, this time it was my best friend's turn to laugh. "I am so sorry." I heard a deep voice say and I turned my head to see a handsome boy about my age on the ice beside me. Before I had time to say anything, he was offering me his hand and I took it, the boy pulling me up. "It's okay." I shrugged, wiping my jeans. "Are you sure?" He asked again. "Yeah, I'm good." I laughed. "Well, I'm Calum." He said. "I'm Y/N." "Would you like me to get some coffee with me, Y/N?" "That sounds great!" I said with a small smile on my face, leaving my friend since she was flirting with another guy anyway.


I walked through the doors of the local music shop, determined to find a birthday present for my cousin. She was really into vintage things and I found out her parents got her a record player for her birthday so I decided to get her a few records to go along with it. Me and my cousin were really close so I knew what kind she wanted. I found the first 2 records quite quickly- the 20/20 Experience and the Jay-Z album. Although she liked vintage things, she also liked some other music too. I was looking or Macklemore's album but I couldn't seem to find it. I sighed looking up and noticing a blonde boy across the small store. I couldn't help but stare at him since he was very hot and around my age. I guess he felt a stare because he looked up at me, so I quickly looked away but I could feel a blush creep up my cheeks. I glanced at him again and he want looking but he had a smirk on his face. I finally found the album and I quickly payed at the register and walked out of the shop. "Wait!" I heard and I quickly turned around and saw the blonde boy quickly walking towards me. "Um, I was just wondering if, um, you would get coffee with me sometime?" He asked, a blush now creeping on to his face. "That sounds good, I'm Y/N by the way. "I'm Luke." We exchanged numbers and we went our separate ways.


"What does your brother like?" I asked my best friend as we looked though the games available for Xbox. It was about 9:30 at night, the day before my best friend's brothers birthday, which of course she forgot so we had to literally run to this store and get him a game because he's to the age where he loves video games. "I don't know, he's always yelling at his tv and I hear gunshots so I hope they're from a game he's playing." She shrugged. There wasn't many employees around so we couldn't ask for recommendations. I continued looking, noticing a boy glancing at me every so often. He had a couple of video games in his hands so I guessed he could help. So I asked him and he told me that my best friend's brother liked to play violent games. "Well he might like this one." The boy, who introduced himself as Michael, said and held up a game. I called my best friend over and she agreed. "Thank you for your help." I said, and smiled at him. "No problem!" He said and we went our separate ways. And sure enough, my best friend's brother loved the game!

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