Love disapears quicker than you can blink

Love is written in different ways. Its seen differently and its felt differently. Love can only last if you want it to. Love always hurts, love is never always good to have.


1. Love Never Dies

         I knew it, as soon as I saw him I was in love. The way he looked at me, the way he texted me, hugged me, talked to me. He was the one that I was gunna be with my whole life. I finally did it, I found the love of my life. Joshua, ha it kind of has a ring to it.. don't you think? Love took over my body and everything I could do. I couldn't sleep I was thinking about him non stop for weeks, months. Till one day, I was sitting on my bed and my phone rings. I look at it the name says "Joshua" with a bunch of emojis next to it. So I answered, "Hi Talya" he said to me. "Hi josh, what's up?" I said confused and nervous "I wanna go out with you, lets hang out!" all I heard was this being said with passion. I was nervous..

         "Hello? Talya are you still there" my hands were shaking, I didn't know what to say. "Ok! When?" hoping he would say idk but soon, but nope "Right now, Ill come get you! I just got out of work. Let me take a shower and im on my way" rushing to get ready I hung up the phone quicker than I ever have without even saying okay.. I rushed to do my hair, my makeup and pick out the perfect outfit.. I ran and ran and just couldn't find it, "I found it!" I screamed on the top of my lungs. My mom looking at me like I had three heads. Finishing my hair and I get a text, from josh "almost there be ready gorgeous" omg my hear beat faster and faster I was so nervous. "Bye mom I screamed as I ran out of the house to his truck. "Hi gorgeous, im Josh" I was sweating and I smelt bad.. "Hi handsome, Im Talya! Where are we going?" Josh looked at me and smiled and didn't that point I was really nervous, I didn't know what to do so I just acted classy and sat in my seat and looked out the window. The sun was setting and it was starting to get dark, so I thought to myself we must be going inside to do something since there isn't much to do outside in the dark. Josh pulled over and all I could see was the sun setting and water.. I thought to myself, the beach?

      "The beach..?" I said confused "Yes, the beach. You okay with that?" "Of course I am!" Later that night me and josh were kissing and going farther than ive gone.. But I wanted to wait to go father until we were dating, so me and Josh talked for a while and I just felt it was right so I was with josh one night and I looked at him and kissed him, after I turned away from him he looked at me and took my ring and flipped it. My heart dropped and I didn't know what to say so I just kissed him.

         Valentines day came up and I spent it with my little sister Kacey. Instead of spending it with my boyfriend, I went over my moms the next day and I saw Josh after he got out of work and I was a nervous wreck, we had been dating for a week and I haven't seen him since the night he asked me out. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and panicked, 'Knock, Knock, Knock' is all you heard throughout the house.. I answered the door to josh standing there with a bouquet of white roses, I gave him the biggest hug and kiss. I made him dinner then we watched a few movies. We were laying in bed and he grabbed me and kissed me, he pushed me closer to him. All I could say was "Im ready" those were the only words that came out of mouth, Josh looked at me and smiled, "Are you sure?" I kissed him and said "Ive never been more sure in my life."


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