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This is hollywood heights as If it were in high school terms but it's not a leddie story sorry if that's what you want I may turn it back into one anyway I don't own the hollywood heights characters nor the plot line


1. chapter 1

Hollywood heights

Many people say it’s apart of life to grow up and do the dirty and be done but when you wait and you have boyfriend who is tired of waiting when it’s been a year and a half

Let me take a step back my name is Loren Tate and I’m the hottest girl in school I’m dating the star quarter back Eddie Duran and I’m still a virgin and Eddie and I decided to wait tile we were both 18 well were 18 and I’m still not ready Eddies not a virgin so i know I’m killing him but he knows I’m scared but he says he also needs to keep a rep so he just tells the guys that were active when we aren’t and to prove it he decides to always be feeling me up at lunch.

I’m on my way to school in my red corvette as I pull up I see my boyfriend and my best friend talking it appears to be about something not do good so I park and get out and ask what’s going on an Melissa just walks away

Eddie:hey babe what’s up
:hey what’s going happened why did mel run off
Eddie:idk she was yelling about how Ian was being a jerk 
:oh okay
Eddie:can I get a kiss

I lean in and kiss him but something is off really off I should go talk to Mel I pull away and say I’ll see you later and walk to my locker put my stuff away then head to my 1st block Mel and Eddie both aren’t there

Halfway through class they both walk in hand in there passes Eddie takes a seat next to me and Mel in front of me neither of them even attempt to say hey to me so after class I approached them

(Yelling):okay what the hell is going on both of you were in a screaming match earlier and then your both late to class and neither of you talked to me so I want to know what the fuck was going on
Eddie:calm down lo nothing’s going on I was helping Mel and Ian fix there problem

Mel then looks at him with disgust then says yeah lo he was helping even though me and Ian broke up 
:Mel why didn’t you tell me 
Mel:it’s not that big a deal I like someone else but he’s taken And he keeps making moves on me and says he’s ganna break up with but won’t 
: who tell me
Eddie:anyway we better be going right loren
:text ya later 

Okay something else is going on and I’m ganna find out

: I’ll see you later 
Eddie:okay babe

He kisses my cheek and walks away I decide to fallow him I see where he’s going and watch him walk into a janitor closet I walk up to the door and hear giggling and then it goes silent but the noise of feet shuffling next thing I know my feet are caring my closer to the door and my hand is reaching for the nob I slowly turn the nob and what I see shocks my eyes

Eddie’s POV:
After I leave loren I get a text with a location I walk to the closet and open the door and next thing I know as soon as I close the door a pair of lips on mine and she’s giggling and that’s when I attac her with my lips and my hand roaming her body I back her up against the wall when the door opens and there stands loren with a shocked face

Loren’s POV:
I have tears in my eyes I can’t believe it boyfriend is cheating on me with my best friend

: I can’t believe you did that to me 
Eddie:loren it’s not what it looks like
:oh really it looks like my boyfriend and my best friend and that guy my best friend was talking about was you or should I say that my ex boyfriend and. Ex best friend 
Mel:I’m sorry I’m sorry I was trying to get him to break up with you so I wouldn’t have to hide it from u 
:wow that’s so much better you would get to steal my boyfriend but don’t worry about it you can have him I want nothing to do with either of you

And with that I walked away

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