A Flame Inside

Nico, Percy, and Grover are looking for a new demigod, a daughter of Hephaestus. She roams around in Manhattan, she knows her dangerous powers, and keeps them very under control. She never thought that someone would know about her powers, until Nico one day tackles her unexpectedly in her apartment building.


1. Looking For The Flames


The city of Manhattan was dark, pitch black. "When will we find that little-"

"HUSH!" Grover covered my mouth. "I think she's around..."

A girl was across the street from us. I was surprised all that walking for hours would actually get us to find this demigod. She was young, she had black hair blowing in the wind, her eyes were...orange? She was pale like me, she wore an orange sweatshirt, a black t-shirt, blue jeans, black leather boots, and bat earrings. Her ears were like elf ears, sharp. She crossed the street, and I felt like I met her before.


I was walking home from gymnastics, and it was a cold night. My older brother Kayoto told me it was going to be cold, usually he would prank me like that! This one time, I wore a skirt on a snowy day, I never trusted Kayoto with the weather since. I got into my apartment building, and got in the elevator, and these three guys. One was some goth guy, I felt a connection, like I've known him my whole life. The others I've never seen before.

When I got to my floor, someone jumped on top of me! Right away I screamed, "GET OFF OF ME!"

"NICO!" Someone screamed at him. "GET OFF HER!"

I kicked Nico off my back, and flipped myself up, that goth dude from downstairs held his stomach, and looked at me, "You can really kick!"

"Nico," the other two guys from downstairs ran to him.

"I'm so sorry," one of them said. He had a sea salt smell, and black hair. He held out his hand toward me. "I think we got off the wrong foot here, I'm Percy Jackson."

"What- What do you want with me? The tackling wasn't necessary, you punk!" My anger started to rise, I was able to feel flames in my body, roaring to be released.


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