the start..


1. The start...

Mom- *mumbling something*

Me-*trying to understand what she mumbles*

Mom-*takes some pills and gets dizzy and passes out*

Me-*calls our grandmother while leaving my brother who is about 1-3 at the time while i was 3-5 years of age*  "Grandma! Grandma!" i yell to her over the phone. "Mommy took some pills and passed out" i tell her. she told me to be calm because she would call for someone to help us. 

The paramedics arrive and take our mom away to the hospital. But my grandmother had to leave work early so she could take care of me and my brother, then for a little while she was taking us to work with her so she knew we were taken care of and had something to do and someone with us all day because we were very young. once my mom was out of the hospital we all thought she was better. she wasn't. we all didn't want to believe that she wasn't better. she stared seeing men. a lot of men. she had a small relationship with them for only a month to month and a half and got mad when they left her. she got into alcohol. very large amounts. it got very bad.

Mom- "We're moving"

Me- "To where?"

Mom- "in with your grandmother"

Me- "okay"

so we moved in with her, but we moved out again then back in a few more times. until we finally decided to stay with her. my mom had gotten into a few jobs but could never keep one. she was mentally ill being psychotic, bipolar, depressed, and a schizophrenic was hard enough. but she wasn't getting much money the way she was. she tried to kill herself a few more times after that and was put in a mental hospital a few times for different reasons for things she had done. each time she checked her self out, so we had given up with putting her in them. 

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