Dead or Alive?

Read the First Chapter to see what it is about ;) Hope you guys enjoy..... This is by KittyReane


2. *The Beginning*


             * I ran through the hallway turning doorknobs, and praying that one door would be open. My blood soaked dress trailed behind me as I ran. I finally found a door open, and ran inside, I looked around for a place to hide, my eyes landed on a supplies closet. I ran over to it and threw it open. I crouched down in the supply closet trying not to make a sound. I heard the door open, and heard him whistling. He was taunting me. I thought a lot about the last two weeks, about how it all led up to this. It's all because I couldn't just mind my own business. The door was thrown open and there he stood with a knife and a smile on his face. *



Two Weeks Earlier

    I walked into the office on the first day of school, I was going to get my schedule. If I had known that that was the moment that led me to this I probably never would have gone.

    “Excuse me, I'm here to get my schedule.” I said to the lady at the desk.

    “Are you a freshmen?” she asked.

    “Yes, my name is Jenna Bailey.” I said.

    She went into an office to get my schedule. There was only one other person in here, she must have been new.

    “I'm Aly.” she said.

    “Jenna. Are you a new freshmen?” I asked.

    “Yeah. I'm from Webster.” she said.

    “Here we are. I have your schedule.” said the lady handing it to me.

    “Thanks.” I said and walked out with Aly.

    “What's your first class?” asked Aly.

    “Geography.” I said.

    “Me too.” she said and we walked there together.

    “So what was it like in Webster?” I asked.

    “Crazy. I'm hoping this town won't be so bad.”

    “You won't get any excitement here.” I said.

    We got to Geography and sat next to each other. The teachers went through the usual routine when you first start school.

    Once I got to 5th period I noticed Aly was in this class too. I sat down next to her.

    “I didn't know you were this class.” I said.

    “Yeah. I hear the teacher is very cool.” she said.

    She stood up and began talking.

    “You probably have already heard the classroom procedures all day so I'm not gonna do that to you. Let's talk about what's coming up in a couple weeks.”

    “What's coming up?” whispered Aly.

    “Homecoming.” I whispered back.

    “It's some of you guy's first homecoming.” she said.

    “We are gonna have the best float in the parade.” said Jessica a girl who's been in my class since sixth grade.

    “What are they talking about a parade?” asked Aly.

    “We have a parade every year for homecoming.” I said.

    “Well, that's cool.” said Aly.

    “I'm gonna be in it this year, for volleyball.” I said.

    “That's cool, I'll be in the crowd cheering you on.” said Aly.


    “Do you wanna eat lunch together?” asked Aly.

    “Yeah. My friend LaLecia is going to eat with us too.”

    “I haven't met her yet.” said Aly.

    “She's awesome. We've been friends since fourth grade.” I said.

    “Ok. If you think she's cool.” said Aly pushing her blonde hair out of her blue eyes.

    The bell rang and we walked down to the lunchroom together.

    “We can have our phone out right?” asked Aly as we sat down.

    “Yeah. High school is way better than middle school.” I said.

    “Hey Jenna.” said Mackenzie sitting down with us.

    “Hey. This is Aly.”

    “Nice to meet you. Where are you from?”

    “Webster.” said Aly taking in Mackenzie's blonde hair and sweatshirt.

    “Why did you move here?” asked Mackenzie.

    “Just needed a change.” said Aly then she looked at me, “We need to hang out sometime.”

    “Yeah we do, but I can't after school I'm going to Mackenzie's.” I said.

    “You could come if you wanted.” said Mackenzie.

    “No, that's ok. I need to unpack some bags.” said Aly not looking at the Mackenzie. It was obvious she didn't like her.

    When Mackenzie got up to scrape her tray, Aly turned to me. “Why don't you ditch her, and we could hang out.”

    “I can't just ditch her.” I said. I didn't want to hurt her feelings.

    “Just tell her you have some family thing.” said Aly.

    “Alright.” I said.

    “Great. Meet me at my locker after school and we can go to the coffee shop.” said Aly smiling now that she got her way.

    When Mackenzie came back, Aly got up saying she had to talk to a teacher.

    “I can't come over today.” I said.

    “Why? Is it because of that girl?” asked Mackenzie.

    “No. My mom's working late, and I need to babysit my brothers.”

    “Ok. That's fine just come over tomorrow ok.”

    “I will.” I said feeling guilty. I just lied to my best friend.

    I walked up the stairs to my locker to get my notebook when I saw Aly, but she wasn't alone. She was arguing with some guy I didn't know. I walked up to them.

    “Hey Aly, everything ok?” I asked.

    “Yeah. He was just leaving.” she said.

    “Not until you introduce me to your friend.” he said dazzling me with a smile. He was really goodlooking he had dark hair and dark blue eyes. He was also pretty muscular.

    “I'm Jenna.” I said smiling back.

    “Nice to meet you Jenna. I'm Caden.”

    “Would you just leave already.” said Aly.

    “Ok, I'm going. I hope we see each other again Jenna.” he said and left.

    “He was cute.” I said.

    “Don't say that.” said Aly grabbing my arm and pulling me into the girls bathroom.

    “What's the big deal?” I asked.

    “He's dangerous. Trust me.” said Aly.

    “How is he dangerous?” I asked.

    “Just promise me if you see him you won't talk to him.” said Aly. She really looked scared so I promised.

    “Good. Now let's go to class.”


    “So ready to go to the coffee shop?” asked Aly.

    “Yeah, let's go.” I said and we walked all the way to the coffee shop.

    “The smoothies are really good here.” I said.

    “Really? Strawberry is my favorite.” said Aly.

    “Mine too.” I said.

    “Jenna, I think this is a start to a beautiful friendship.” said Aly.

    I had a lot of fun hanging out with Aly. I waited outside the coffee shop for my mom to come. I can't believe I already went through my first day of high school. You know when your in kindergarden and you cry cause you don't want your mom to leave you, well that's the way I felt. I realized that I'm not a little girl anymore, and soon I won't be living at home anymore. I'll be on my own. It became all the more real as my mom was dropping me off this morning. It made me feel like the same shy little first grade girl that had just moved back to the United States after her parents divorce. I was from here, but we moved to Holland when I was four and stayed there for awhile. When I moved back I was really shy and didn't really talk to anyone. Sure I made a few friends, but I haven't talked to a lot of them in years. I think I've changed a lot I'm not as shy as I was, well except around guys they make me nervous, but what girl doesn't get nervous around guys.

    “Hey, Jenna right?” said a voice.

    I looked up to see who it was, and it was the guy Aly was talking too. “Yeah.”

    “Mind if I sit with you?” he said.

    “Sure.” I said.

    He sat down across from me and said, “Are you from around here?”

    “Yeah. Are you from Webster like Aly?”

    “Yeah. We used to go out.” he said.

    “Why were you two yelling at each other?” I asked.

    “Aly broke up with me and I just wanted to know why.” he said.

    “Oh, okay.” I said.

    Just then he was in my face grabbing my hair and pulling me closer. “You don't believe me.”

    “No. I do.” I said quickly.

    “I'm only gonna say this once; mind your own business. I'd hate to see a pretty girl like you get hurt.” he said then let go and walked away.

    What the hell was that about. Maybe Aly was right he is crazy. My mom came and I got in and we went home. I didn't understand what it was about this guy that made Aly so scared of him. Maybe I should ask her about him, and find out how really dangerous he is. 

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