Dead or Alive?

Read the First Chapter to see what it is about ;) Hope you guys enjoy..... This is by KittyReane


7. *Chapter 6*

Homecoming Dance

    I looked at myself in the mirror and felt proud. My brown hair was in curls and my make up looked great. I was gonna have the time of my life.

    “Girls, we are leaving in five minutes.” said my mom from the other side of the door.

    “We're almost ready.” I said back.

    “Can you zip my dress?” asked Aly coming out of my bathroom.

    “Sure.” I said and zipped it up, Aly's hair was perfectly straight, and the dress looked great on her.

    “This is so exciting.” said Aly.

    “I know.” I said.

    “Noah's going to see you in that, and regret everything.” said Aly.

    “I don't care about him. Tonight is just about me.” I said.

    We walked out of my room and downstairs to go to the dance.

    They decided to have the dance in the cafeteria this year. Usually it was in the gym, but the gym was just to big. We got to the school paid the secretary and went in. There were other kids there and music was playing.

    “This is really awesome!” exclaimed Aly.

    “I know. Let's go dance.” I said and got on the dance floor.

    About two minutes later Noah and Amy showed up. When Amy saw us she started grinding up on Noah. I decided to go to the bathroom to clear my head.

    “I'll come with you.” said Aly.

    “No, stay and have fun.” I said and walked to the bathroom.

    I felt like crying, but I wasn't going to. Just then Amy walked in.

    “Having fun?” she asked looking in the mirror at her make up.

    “Yeah. It's really fun.” I said.

    “Okay, let's just cut the crap. I don't like you and you don't like me.”

    “Yeah. I'd say that's right.” I said.

    “Noah's mine, and I'm not giving him up so easily.” she said getting real close to me.

    “I don't want Noah.”

    “You've been after him since you got here.”

    “I'm not fighting over some guy. I just want to have fun.” I said.

    “Whatever. Just back off.” said Amy starting walk out, but then Caden was standing in the doorway with a knife.

    Amy started to scream, but Caden stabbed her in the chest, she started to fall and I went to catch her. Blood soaked my dress, as I watched Amy die.

    “I told you to mind your own business, but you didn't.” said Caden.

    He was blocking the door that leads into the dance. I turned around and ran out the other door, and down the hallway screaming for help, but I knew no one could hear me. I ran down the hallway turning knob praying one would be open, while my blood soaked dress trailed behind me. I finally found an open door and went in. I looked around for a place to hide, my eyes landed on a supplies closet. I crouched down trying not to breathe. I could hear him come in. He was whistling, taunting me that he had the upper hand, that I was going to die, and I couldn't do anything about it.

    No, I'm not going to die like this. I was going to fight till the end, I found an umbrella.

    Just then he opened the door with the knife and a smile on his face. I grabbed the umbrella and stabbed him with it. He fell to the ground, and dropped the knife. I went to grab it, but he grabbed me and pulled me to the ground before I could. His hands circled around my neck, and he began to sqeeze cutting off my air. I clawed at his hand, but I couldn't get a good grip.

    I could feel death coming, and I couldn't stop it, then I felt his hands off my neck. I sat up and saw Noah punching Caden unconcious. Aly was screaming my name as I blacked out.

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