Welcome to Hogwarts

If you are a potterhead, you wished you were at Hogwarts and well now you can go.

We know we said we start writing a long time ago, but we'll get this up and going asap!


17. More People!

Here's everyone else whose applied as of now.

-Hannah WandArrow


~Student: Prefect (Wanted Head Girl)
Full Name: Bonnie Evalora Luxe
Age: 17
Gender: Witch
Wand Type: 11" Yew, Unicorn Hair
House: Ravenclaw then Gryffindor
Looks: Wavy hazel hair with startling green to blue eyes, slim frame, tanned skin and usually painted nails
Personalilty: Is very overprotective, has two younger sister who all used to live in her abusive step-mums home with her. She can be kinda fierce fierce but when you get to know her she is friendly and nice and caring. She absolutely loves food, and at the feasts is obsessed with eating...She is very good at Quidditch and is on the school team. She one day dreams of competing in the Quidditch World Cup. She really loves all subjects.

Name: Violet Molly Potter
Age: 13
Gender: Witch
Wand: 10 inch willow with veela hair
House: Hufflepuff #1, Ravenclaw #2
Looks: Tall, skinny, red hair to waist
Personality: Kind, caring, happy

Name: Roxianne (Roxi) Lea Clover
Age: 15 or 16
Wand: Willow Dragonheartstringcore, 11 1/2 inches, springy
House: #1 Ravenclaw, #2 Hufflepuff
Gender: Witch
Looks: Shoulder length brown/blond hair, blue-green eyes
Personality: Funny, stylish, cute, sweet, nice

Name: Emily Grace Lawson
Age: 13
Gender: Witch
Wand Type: 10 inches, apple wood, unicorn hair core, rigid
House: #1 Gryffindor, #2 Ravenclaw
Looks: Hair in pixie cut, ded bright red, a little skinny and short for her age, with long legs
Personalilty: A smart know it all, brave, not terribly girly, prefers to be in a tree most of the time.
Quidditch team, mud blood, Dumbledore's Army

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