She ran on and on.No stoping


1. hello

Blue hair,gothic. Normal stuff like that describes me Marie cokind . Most people focus on my complete saneness. Every time I meet a guy he runs screaming. It is quite normal to me but my " friends " don't think so. I say that special cause they positively hate me. Oh well. Who honestly cares if people like you specifically. I mean what if you hate them! Why would you care then. Ok ok let's just say for now I am a normal girl and no one likes me. Oh stinkin well!!!! I don't go to school to be popular just to learn. 18 years of hatered from other kids. At least I now when they will die. War is happening in our world but I know how to survive. Besides I have a private bunker where I am living. Sickness is supposed to hit America. But it already got every state so now every one is dead except for D.C residents. Soon we will all be dead. But not me :).

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