Blue Eyes

Alex, a normal girl, orphanage outcast, soon to be slave. But if you think her life sounds hectic now??!! Just wait till you and her discover her werewolf side. A mystery later leads her to believe, she might be much more than the every day werewolf.


1. Chapter One

Alex POV

Oh great this is probably the worst day of my life. Apparently the orphanage has given up on me, I am hopeless, they said, I will never be adopted ,they said. I always knew this day would come but I fear that it has come too soon. I heard rumors about what happens to kids like me. They get sold. That's right you heard me. I have two days to pack up before I get bought by a snotty rich family. I will become their servant and lose my free will. I always thought I would of been adopted by now. I mean well, I have waist length brown hair, a slim figure and vibrant blue eyes.

I have no idea what I should pack, implying that I only have about two or three pairs of clothes and no bag to pack them in. I remember the small packet from under my bed, I guess it will have to do.

Two days later

My Eyes are puffy from staying awake the last few nights, I mean honestly. Who could expect me to actually have a good nights rest, I drag myself out of bed into the small bathroom in the corner of my dorm. I decided to leave early to avoid causing any commotion, I can honestly do without people who have ignored be for the last ten years suddenly sobbing over me. I "borrowed" some ones makeup and combed down my frizzy hair.I.WAS.A.MESS.

I cant go out like this. I quickly wake up my one and only friend, Lizzy. She quickly adapted to the situation and dragged me by my wrist to the bathroom. If anyone could fix me up it was her... Only a few minutes passed but my anxiety made it feel like hours, I could funnily uncovers eyes. The view in the mirror was.....

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