Blue Eyes

Alex, a normal girl, orphanage outcast, soon to be slave. But if you think her life sounds hectic now??!! Just wait till you and her discover her werewolf side. A mystery later leads her to believe, she might be much more than the every day werewolf.


2. Authors Note

Hey guys, sorry to say I might not update often. This is my first movella and I am often busy with school work. You guys might be finding it boring so far... But just be patient, I will get to the part with werewolves eventually. But I think for my first book I should just build up the plot. I would luv to here comments, ideas, constructive criticism and...

If you like I might even throw in your name!!!, I won't use it straight away but if will use a few in the later stages of the story. Comment your name, color of werewolf & the personality you would like him/her to have

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