Missing Mum

Nicola is 16 and her mum disappeared when she was at school 5 years ago. No note, no call, no text. Nothing. The police investigation was scrapped. Will Nicola ever be able to find out the truth about what happened to her mum, and perhaps, find her?


2. Chapter 2

I woke up at four-thirty on the morning of Mums 6 year disappearance anniversary. I tossed and turned trying to get back to sleep, but it was no use, I couldn't get her out of my head. I threw my covers off of me and the cold, crisp winter air bit me through my bedroom window. I walked over and closed it, it was still dark outside. Nothing moving, except for the odd cat walking up the road.

I tiptoed down the soft, cotton-carpeted stairs to the front room, where I planned to stay until it was bright enough to get ready. Sighing to myself I turned on our fifty-inch tv, I don't know what I was planning to watch. Finally I decided to watch Family Guy which I recorded, I had at least sixty on the planner. I suppose I hoped the comedy would cheer me up and take my mind off mum, it didn't. The sun started coming up at six-ish so I flicked the tv off and walked back upstairs. I checked my iPhone and I had several messages from Louise, my nan and Rob. Locking my phone, I threw it on the bed, ignoring their messages. I got changed into my uniform and walked over to my dressing table to get my hair and make up sorted. While I was curling my long, thick, brown hair my phone was constantly beeping, notifying me I'd just got a message. The messages kept flowing in even when I was applying my foundation fourty-five minutes later. I gave in and answered them just before I left for school, saying the same thing to each of them: 'Sorry I didn't reply, yes I'm fine, I know you're there for me if I need to talk. Now leaving for school, see you later xxx' I picked up my keys and bag, opened the door and left.

"Alright, year eleven, settle down. I know you're all excited as it's not long before you leave. But you still have to have the last push in your final GCSEs," our headmistress Mrs McKenzie shouted over the cluster of murmors in the assembly hall. I was at the back and after she'd said that I tuned out. Louise was sat next to me and was stealing glances at me as often as she could. She knew that when I was silent not to push it. The rest of the school day flew by in a daze, and everyone knew about mum so they kept quiet and left me alone.

Dad was clearly upset, even though he insisted he wasn't. He snapped at everything someone done, even if it wasn't anything bad. I wanted to comfort him but I didn't know how. After the chinese dad bought us first tea I went upstairs to my bedroom and sat alone. I held a picture of mum smiling in my hands and felt tears threatening to pour down my face. Throwing the picture of mum on the floor I screamed at the top of my voice, the tears now pouring down my face like rain falling on a mountainside. No. Resist the temptation. Don't do it. I couldn't help it. I ran as fast as I could downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed the first knife I could see. I ran back upstairs before anyone could see what I had in my hand. Slamming the bedroom door shut behind me I jumped on my bed. I rolled my sleeve up and positioned the knife above the skin. I forced the tip of knife into the soft skin of my left forearm. I dragged it up the entire length. Within seconds my duvet cover, jumper and trousers were bloodstained. The pain hadn't gone but it eased... Slightly. Grabbing an old t-shirt I held it on the long, deep, open cut. The white shirt had turned red within minutes. It eventually stopped bleeding so I rolled my sleeve down. My eyes were all puffy and my mascara was smudged. I knew today was going to be bad, but I never imagined it to be this bad.

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