Missing Mum

Nicola is 16 and her mum disappeared when she was at school 5 years ago. No note, no call, no text. Nothing. The police investigation was scrapped. Will Nicola ever be able to find out the truth about what happened to her mum, and perhaps, find her?


1. Chapter 1

I'll never forget that day, the day I last saw my mum. I was twelve and I'd left for school. She stood in the doorway with dad all happy. Nothing abnormal, like she wasn't going to be there when I got home at three-thirty. Mum isn't the person who would disappear like she did, she would leave a note to say she was going to the shops or if she went round one of her friends.
But that day she didn't come home.
Dad was already panicking. He'd called the police who were due to come over soon after I got home from school. All our lives went into chaos. The police said there was no trace of her, no evidence. They used that as grounds to close the investigation. 

It's been five-years-two-months-and-twelve-days since that day when I came home from school and we're still no closer to finding her than we was then. 
My younger brother Bobby is 5-years-three-months-and-twenty-seven-days-old, he never knew mum. No memories of her, no nothing. He always comes to me if he needs me or wants to talk about mum. We are close, Bobby and I; closer than any of our brothers and sisters. My eldest brother Charlie is twenty-four, my eldest sister Sapphire is twenty, then there's me at sixteen, Sophie is fourteen, Harrison is twelve and then Bobby who's 5. I mean we're close in our own way, like Harrison and I enjoy the same things: football, tennis, we like the same food, tv programmes. 

My boyfriend, Rob, is amazing. I can talk to him about anything and he understands because his dad died too, though I don't know about mum. She could still be alive somewhere, god I hope she is... 
Once or twice things have gotten too much for me, I couldn't control my emotions, when the pain got too much, and I took it out on myself. Most people say I can't take pain, but I've used knifes, cut deep. I'm shy, but I make myself look fun and bubbly so no one knows. Only Harrison, Bobby and my best friend, who's like a sister to me, Louise knows. You don't exactly tell everyone, it might slip out, then before you know it the whole school knows and you're judged. It's the scars that are worse, I have to wear jumpers in summer, I don't know if people have an idea yet, I hope they don't, but it rips through you, literally, and the pain somehow makes everything go away. I've thought of overdosing too, I've had the pills in one hand, a glass of water in the other.

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