1. loving you

I took a look in the mirror.

Could it all be any clearer?

How could I think you'd actually love me?

Could this really be?

I'm shrinking.

Screaming with no sound.

Crying out to you.

Dying now for you.

When you said forever..

Did you mean it?

Is this just a break in my perfect world?

Are these tears a sign?

That I was all wrong about you?

That my friends were right?

You don't love anyone but yourself?

That you're just there to break hearts?

Did you tell her you loved her?

And hold her in your arms?

Did you kiss her and hug her and tell her all of the things you told me?

Did you hold her hand and pull her close?

Did you smile down at her?

Did you tell her she was your world?

Well did you?

Did you tell her that you loved her more than anything and anyone?

Did you?

Did I even mean a lick of anything to you?

Did you mean it the way I did when you said you loved me?

Did you always think I was crazy?

Always call me stupid and a whore?

Did you lie to me about all of that?

What did I do to deserve this?

Why put an innocent person through so much suffering?

Why break a girl who loves you's heart?

Why hurt the one who only wanted to be there?

Was it on purpose?

Did I hurt you?

Did someone tell you something about me?

Did your friends make up lies about me?

I still would do anything to see you happy.

I just want you to know...

That I still love you and I always will...

No matter what you put me through...

No matter the tears the scars the emotions...

I will always love you.

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