After Dawn

A group of friends start there summer off at a small party at Zayn Malik's cabin. It all starts when they play a game on the lake that leads Lena in to actually thinking that Zayn was into her. But in Zayn's head he thought of the moment as "just" a game, and claims Lena isn't his type and will never be. Lena's attitude has always stayed the same but through out this expeirence she changes her dress appearance and attitude. And when Zayn accidently bumped into her in the halls, he new he made a big mistake. Zayn starts hanging with Lena and falling for her. Although Lena is in love with Zayn, she starts playing hard to get and flirting with Zayn's jock friends Harry, and Niall.
*Reminder this book contains sexual content and alot of fowel language!! So if the books not for you then don't bother pressing read.*


2. Chapter: 1

{Lena's P.O.V,}

I woke up and started getting ready for school. My best friend Caitlyn picks me up every morning and brings me to school with her. I walked into my bathroom and brushed my teeth then hopped into the shower. As I was in the shower I was just thinking about today. I'm going to be called dorky Lena all day in English and have to do a ton of homework. I applied a mix of shampoo and conditioner into my hair then rinsed it out. I stepped out of the shower and dried my body and hair, then wrapped the towel around my body. I walked back into my bed room and went to my closet. It was kinda cold this morning so I grabbed a brown circle skirt, and with some cream colored knee highs, a cream colored crop top with a gold cross down the middle, and my brown combat boots. Then I parted my hair into two sections and curled the tips and then styled my hair to the way I wanted it to look. I walked to my dresser and pressed down on my lotion pump and lotion squirted in my hand. I lotion my face then walked to my bathroom to apply my make-up. I decided to go with a light shimmery cream color and darken in with brown towards the ends of my eyelid. Then I applied a white eyeliner to my water and tight line. And lastly, I just took my Maybelline fit me mascara and applied that to my lashes, and look a black liquid liner and gave me a small wing. I grabbed my notebooks and and binder and put it into my bag. I sprayed my Mariah Carey perfume on my neck and wrists and grabbed my phone and back pack and walked down stairs to my kitchen. I poured myself a bowl of Krave cereal and sat down at my table until I was finished. *the sound of a horn* I heard Caitlyn beep outside so I placed my bowl into the sink and grabbed my keys off the hook on my way out. I got into her car and she was wearing a pink bandeau with a cardigan and some high risen jeans. Nothing too spunky but that's as normal as she usually gets. ''You look cute'', she said smiling and starting to drive. ''Thanks, you too bestie'', I said putting on my glasses. ''Don't call me bestie, I know we are best friends but besties sounds nerdy. Something like bae sounds way hotter, Like two hot best friends'', she said with a spunk in her voice. We got to the school parking lot and two new girls had parked in Caitlyn's parking spot. I don't get it there is a humongous sign that says, "CAITLYN AMBERS PARKING SPOT! FIND ANOTHERRR!!". Isn't that clear enough, I would be scared if I was them. The girls got out of the car. "Ugh those freshman sluts. You should be a kind friend and make them move.'' Caitlyn suggested. ''Okay''. I got out of the car and walked over to the girls in there short skirts. ''Uhm, did yous guys read the sign infront of your car'', I said nervously. ''Yes and..'', one girl said. ''That's Caitlyn Ambers parking spot'', I said. ''Do you not know who she is.'' ''Obvs. not where new'', they said chomping onto there gum trying to impress male students walking by. ''Well you need to move, she's one of the most popular-est students in this whole school. Her boyfriends Louis Tomlinson, and her is cheif of this school. She would do anything for that spot so I would move.'' I said trying to play it cool. The girls just ignored that, and one said, '' You know at first I thought you was pretty cool, when you were walking over here, but now that I look closer at your personality and them nerdy ass glasses, YOUR A FOOL! And then they walked away. I got back into the car and and told Caitlyn what they said. "oh they are moving'', she said. ''Buckle up''. Caitlyn swung her car around the corner and drove right into the girls car until it was moved into the next spot. She pulled into her spot and we got out. ''What about your car'', I said. ''Daddy will just buy me a new one'', she winked. The girls had the most shocking look on their faces. We walked by them with no shame letting them no and remember who CAITLYN AMBERS WAS!

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