After Dawn

A group of friends start there summer off at a small party at Zayn Malik's cabin. It all starts when they play a game on the lake that leads Lena in to actually thinking that Zayn was into her. But in Zayn's head he thought of the moment as "just" a game, and claims Lena isn't his type and will never be. Lena's attitude has always stayed the same but through out this expeirence she changes her dress appearance and attitude. And when Zayn accidently bumped into her in the halls, he new he made a big mistake. Zayn starts hanging with Lena and falling for her. Although Lena is in love with Zayn, she starts playing hard to get and flirting with Zayn's jock friends Harry, and Niall.
*Reminder this book contains sexual content and alot of fowel language!! So if the books not for you then don't bother pressing read.*


1. Author's Notes:'*

So im trying to start writing fan-fictions thanks to horans_girll <<<--Follow her page!! And this is my second one. This will be a big updating one, that I will always be updating. I hope yous guys enjoy and let me no any opinions once I start it. Xo love yous guys -kenzayy_

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