Every Piece of Your Heart

Haley comes from a broken home. Her mother is from New York and her father Sydney Australia. Her dad is remarried and lives in Sydney with his wife and stepson Michael and she lives with her mom in New York. Michael is from the band 5 seconds of summer. Haley was a nerd through most of her high school years but got with a guy that messed her up and she recently started cutting and is now a recovering bulimic. Her mom sends her to finish up her senior year in Sydney, with her father and Brother. When she gets back to Sydney she goes to a party with her brother and meets his friend Luke Hemmings. Luke and Haley immediately hit it off and start hanging out, and he helps her find her self confidence. Everything goes great until Luke has to leave to go on tour.


2. chapter two

We pulled up at this huge house about twenty minutes later. It looked like some kind of frat party house. “Mickey, what exactly did you mean by a night out on the town?” I asked looking at Michael and then back at the house. “Well, Hales, I have some people I want you to meet. So, I figured what better way to introduce you to people, than to take you to a huge party?”


“Michael, you know I’m not good with new people!” I yelled at him as he started laughing and climbed out of the car. He walked over to my side and opened the door. “You're going to be fine Hales. Remember, no one knows you here.” He said grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the car. “Besides, in a totally non I’m-your-big-brother I-have-to-say-this way, you look beautiful tonight.”


We walked inside and I couldn’t even hear myself think for the music blasting. Yes, I know normally that is a good thing for me, but not when I am meeting new people. Michael was still holding my hand pulling me around behind him. We finally got to a kitchen, that had multiple cups lined up on the counter filled with a random liquid that I had no clue what was, but was assuming was some type of alcohol. Michael grabbed a cup and handed it to me, “Drink up, you look to uptight.” I took the cup from him and looked at it for a second, then back at Michael. It’s not like I hadn’t ever drank anything, its just that it was my first night back and I really didn’t want to start it off drunk. “Come on Hales, were gonna have fun tonight. This isn’t your first drink is it?”


“Of course not.” I laughed at him, then looked at the cup again. “What the heck,” I said then tipped the cup up and drank the whole thing. “That’s my girl!” Michael yelled then handed me another cup and grabbed one for him and my hand, once again pulling me behind him.


We walked around for a little while, through the packed house, until Michael saw a girl. “Have you seen Ash, Luke, or Calum?” He asked her. “Ash and Calum were just playing beer pong.” She told him then some guy came and grabbed her arm. “You up for some beer pong?” He asked turning towards me. “Of course. You, my friend, are looking at the beer pong champ.”


“Well we will see about that!” he laughed once again pulling me behind him. I had a feeling this is how my entire night would go, following behind Mikey. We came up to a table with some people playing beer pong. “We win again! Drink up Ash!!” A cute dark haired guy yelled from across the table. “Yall up for another game?” Michael asked them. “Michael!” The guy I’m assuming they call Ash yelled, hugging Michael and causing him to drop my hand. “Hey Ash.” Michael yelled back over the music. “Guys this is Haley, my sister I’ve been telling you about.”


“She is your sister?” The dark haired guy asked looked amazed. I blushed, nodding my head. “I thought you said she was your little sister!” Ash said, with a look on his face that looked just about the same as the dark haired guy. “She is my little sister, which means you keep your hands off of her.”


“Awh, come on Michael!” Ash yelled. “I’m serious, hurt her I kill you.”

“Haley this is Ashton”, he pointed to the guy they were calling Ash, “and Calum”, the dark haired guy. “They are both part of 5 Seconds of Summer.”


“Nice to meet you guys. I’d say Mikey tells me a lot about you, but he doesn’t tell me anything.” I laughed and ruffled up Michael’s pink hair. “Did she just say Mikey?” Ashton said looking at Calum and smiling really big. He had a really cute smile, by the way. I laughed looking at Michael. “Yeah, she calls me Mikey.” He looked embarrassed. They both started laughing at him. “Okay, okay. I know its funny. Haha. Can we just play beer pong now?” He asked. “Yeah, whose team you wanna be on Calum?” Ashton asked, smiling at me. “I’ll take Haley.” Calum smiled looking at Mikey and wiggling his eyebrows. “Remember if you touch her I kill you.” Michael said grabbing the beer pong ball and walking to his side of the table.


We played for a little while and might I just add Calum and I were kicking butt. It was my turn and the last cup. Calum handed the the ball and I faced the table, zoning in on a cup in front of me. “You can do this.” He told me rubbing my arms. “Hands off.” Michael said from across the table. I laughed,  “Alright. here it goes.” I slowly bounced the ball across the table, and I rung the cup. Calum and I both screamed and jumped up and down. “We won!” I yelled looking at him. “Yeah, yeah. Its a stupid game anyways.” Ashton said getting the ball out of the cup and drinking it. “Is someone a sore loser?” I asked Ashton laughing. “Definitely not.” he said shaking his head. “Hey, where is Luke?” Michael asked Calum. “Last we saw him he was dancing with Katy.”


“We should find him, I want to introduce him to Haley.” Michael said grabbing my hand again. Oh great, more follow the leader. “Alright, I guess I’ll lead the way.” Ashton said and started walking out of the room.


It was like walking in the airport all over again. You couldn’t see a thing for all the drunken people dancing all over eachother. Not saying that I wasn’t drunk, after two of the unknown drinks and playing beer pong. We couldn’t find this Luke dude anywhere. Finally Ashton got tired of looking and stood up on one of the tables and yelled, “Has anyone seen Luke Hemmings?”


“No, I haven’t seen him anywhere.” Someone yelled back. Everyone started moving to the side and looking backwards, leaving this guy standing there. He was wearing a baggy tanktop and ripped black jeans, but he couldn’t have looked any more perfect. “Luke!” Michael yelled dragging me over to him. So this is the famous Luke, we have been looking for. “You can all get back to your business now!” Ashton yelled and walked over to us. “Luke, this is my sister Haley. Haley this is Luke.” Luke stuck out his hand and said, “Nice to meet you, Haley.” I laughed and took his hand, shaking it. “Nice to meet you too, Luke.”


His eyes were just beautiful, and he had a lip ring. Oh my dear Lord above, that lip ring. “Anyone up for a game of never have I ever?” someone said behind us. “I’m in!” Ashton, Calum, and Michael all yelled at just about the same time. “Yeah, me too.” I said turning away from Luke smiling. Luke smiled too saying, “I guess I’ll play too.”


A/N) Remember to comment what you think! And I realize this all might not be correct but it is a story.. and I don't exactly know everything there is to know about Australia or 5SOS for that matter. I hope you like it!!



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