Every Piece of Your Heart

Haley comes from a broken home. Her mother is from New York and her father Sydney Australia. Her dad is remarried and lives in Sydney with his wife and stepson Michael and she lives with her mom in New York. Michael is from the band 5 seconds of summer. Haley was a nerd through most of her high school years but got with a guy that messed her up and she recently started cutting and is now a recovering bulimic. Her mom sends her to finish up her senior year in Sydney, with her father and Brother. When she gets back to Sydney she goes to a party with her brother and meets his friend Luke Hemmings. Luke and Haley immediately hit it off and start hanging out, and he helps her find her self confidence. Everything goes great until Luke has to leave to go on tour.


1. chapter one

“Hales, you got everything?” My mom asked as she walked into my room to me laying on my bed blasting my music through my head phones. I was procrastinating majorly over packing my bags. “Have you even started packing?” she asked walking over to me getting annoyed because I wasn’t answering her. “Haley.” She called me again trying to get my attention. Finally she got tired of it and snatched my headphones out of my ears. “Look, Haley, I know you don’t want to leave. But I really think its best for you to get out of New York for a while.”


Well she got that right, I definitely didn’t want to leave my perfect home in New York City to go live with my dad, stepmom and stepbrother all the way across the world in Sydney Australia. But she has it stuck in her head that its what's best for me and I know my mother well enough to know that once something gets stuck in her head, you can’t change her mind.


“Haley, start packing, now. You're leaving in the morning with or without your stuff.” I guess this is actually happening. She walked out of my room and slammed the door, leaving me to pack all of my stuff and get ready to spend my last year of highschool in a whole new country.




The next morning I was at the airport by 5am, my flight being one of the earliest ones. Before I knew it the flight was over and I was standing in the Airport in Sydney Australia, waiting for my father and step brother that I hadn’t seen for at least three years. I’m sure you're wondering why exactly my mother thinks its a good idea to send me to live with a man that doesn’t even know me. Well, a couple of months ago I was dating this guy that was really rough on me. I had to look a certain way and act a certain way, or he would dump me. I know it probably sounds stupid that I tolerated a guy that treated me like that. But, I wasn’t exactly popular. Infact I was the nerdy girl that everyone picked on for most of my high school and middle school years. So once I got the chance to date the schools hottie there was no way I was going to let him go. Yeah, I know it was stupid. But, I thought I loved him. Anyways to make a long story short, I started cutting and stopped eating and became bulimic. So I guess like any worried mom would, my mom thought it was best to get me out of New York. So here I am, out of New York.


I found my multiple bags and looked around the crowded airport for my dad. I really don’t see how the people in movies do this whole airport stuff. You can’t see a thing for all the stupid tall people. I mean I’m not exactly short , considering I’m 5’4 but I couldn’t see a thing. I finally found some airport seats and went to stand in them where I could actually see over everyone's heads. I found my dad and step brother waiting for me in the corner of the Airport, and walked over to them and we did the whole I-haven’t-seen-you-in-three-years, welcome-to-Sydney hug exchange. “Michael, what the heck did you do to your hair?” I asked stepping back from our awkward hug and ruffling his now pink hair. “What, you don’t like it? I specifically remember you telling my mom you thought it would be awesome to have pink hair.” Michael answered, ruffling up my hair like I did to his. “Yeah, when I was five!” I laughed and my dad put his arm around mine and Michael’s neck and started walking out of the Airport while saying,  “We’ve missed you Hales. It’s been too long.”


Yeah, he was right. Maybe moving to Sydney wouldn’t be the worse thing thats ever happened to me.



We got home about forty-five minutes later. “So Hales, are you up for a night out on the town?” Michael asked me pulling my luggage out from the back of the car. “Well Mickey, that depends. Where would we be going, and what would I need to wear?” He smiled and shook his head walking towards the door pulling my luggage behind him, and carrying like four bags per arm.


“You know you could help me some Hales.” He said dropping all of my bags at the door. “I don’t know about that Mikey, its more fun watching you carry it all. Plus, I’m jetlagged and it seems you need me as an excuse to go out tonight. I wouldn’t be much fun all tired from carrying bags, now would I Michael?”  He rolled his eyes and picked up my bags and continued carrying them up the stairs.


“This is your room.” He said putting all of my stuff down on the ground right beside the bed. “Do you like it?” he asked sitting down on my bed. “Like it? I love it Mickey its perfect.” I said walking over and sitting on the bed beside him.


“Good, I’m glad you like it. But before you get too comfortable with it, you should know my room is right across the hall. And, I won’t hesitate to come break any guy’s face if I find them in here.”


“Oh my, you're not going to play the overprotective big brother are you?” I said standing up to go look through my bags for something to wear tonight. “Hales, don’t you think they told me why you're here. I mean it is a little odd, us not hearing from your for three years and now you're coming to live with us.”


“Michael, its fine. Okay? I’m fine. It was just stupid. Now, about tonight. What should I wear?”


I took a shower and blow dryed my long bleach blonde hair and slightly curled it at the bottoms. Michael and I had finally decided after about an hour of looking through and hanging up my clothes that I should wear my black high waisted skater skirt, with my long sleeve cream and black crop top. I put on a little bit of foundation and some black liquid eyeliner on the tops of my eyes, and a little mascara. I had never really been one of those girls who piled layer upon layer of makeup on there faces. It always ends up sweaty and running down my face, so I just don’t. I put on my black wedge ankle boots and grabbed my black handbag and iPhone and I was ready to go.


I walked downstairs to wait for my crazy pink haired brother. Michael and me had always been close when we were young, but when we got older and I moved away we stopped being so close. My dad married his mom when I was three and Michael was four. So I guess it was same to say that my mom and dad never really hit it off. They were married and divorced by the time I could walk.


“Who are you and what did you do with my little sister?” I heard Michael say from behind me, tearing me away from my thoughts. “Your one to talk!” I laughed, turning around to face him. “So, Mickey. Where exactly are we going?” I asked him as he grabbed my hand and pulled me behind him putting a finger over his mouth. “Hey, were going out! We will be home by morning!” Michael yelled and started running towards the door pulling me behind him while our parents started yelling at him saying we couldn’t be out that late.


He slammed the door behind us and let go of my hand, as both of us started running to climb in the car before that could come stop us. Once we pulled out both of us busted out laughing. “So, you do this often?” I asked him.


A/N) Okay I promise I won't put an authors note at the end of every chapter because I know how annoying they can get. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I hope you all like this book, and that I would REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate any type of comments. Good or bad! They help me as a writer and I just want to know what you guys think! I really really hope you like it though! So don't forget to comment what you think! Good or bad! and I am going to try and keep this semi short because I know people don't really like authors notes. Anyways, love you guys that's in advance for your comments and everything you do!

- Haley


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