Pregnancy love


1. chapter 1

Ok first of all let me introduce myself.My name's Katherine but everyone calls me Kat,my stepdad abuses me but well he started it when my mom died in a fire.I was devasted and i guess he kinda blamed it on me but im better now that i live qith my aunt Emilie and well i have 2 twins that are Elounor and Perrie and we all live together at my aunt's place.We are kinda rich cause my family have been the best oil company in the U.S for whole generations so i have a big life.Me and my sisters are moving out maybe in 3 days.I had this mansion being builded for me so we are all moving in together.Now enough of shit talk and lets start this story!!!!

Kat p.o.v

Lets go girls!!!-i screamed trought the house

A bit later they came out and met me at my red lamborghini


Welcome to our new house!!!-I screamed when i opened the door

Its all unpacked and i could use a tea

I asked El if there are any tea bags and she said no😔

Now i have to go ask the neighbors for tea bags.So i quickly changed in some jean shorts and a 1D t-shirt and went to the house next door.

I knocked and a curly-haired boy opened the door.I instantly liked him.

Updating next time sry girls!!!i need someone for Niall and Liam girlfriends so comment:

Full name

Hair color

Eye color

Describe your self in the two ways

And why would u like to do it

Bye -D xx

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