Shattered Pieces

Ana is forced to leave everything she has ever known to escape the man she loved.She finds herself forced to find a new identity far away from her home.But can you truly escape your past?


3. Chapter 3

Ana wiped the tables, scraping the crumbs carefully into her spare hand aware of the hovering costumers behind her waiting to sit down. She’d worked here for two weeks after searching all job openings for someone with absolutely no qualifications that was desperate for money. She had scraped together as much money as possible to pay a deposit on a bedsit that was far out from town and to put it lightly had a rather minimal look. But for the first time ever she was depending only on herself, and no one else.

“Ana, we need you over her to serve a customer” That was Jen, she was who had taken pity on her and given her the job as a waitress here. The cafe had been open for years and was one of the oldest buildings in the whole town, there was nothing like this back home, no, where she grew up, this was her home now she reminded herself.  There was community here, in this cafe there were people she had seen come in everyday since she had started, some even knew her name and that scared her; that she was becoming known .Yet there really was no chance that he would find her here, it was so far from where she had come from and so tiny and out of the way. She came here because this was a place to hide; because after where they had been before he could never have imagined her living here. But there was a price to pay for that. The bedsit she rented alone had exhausted her funds so much so that she barely eat for the first week she was here; since that first evening along the front. She had thought about Kate, and even found herself sometimes wondering if she would ever see her again and she was terrified that part of her wanted to see her again. That meant she wanted to get to know someone, which meant letting someone in and that was something she couldn’t do, not right now. She slipped behind the counter avoiding eye contact only looking up at the very last second when she couldn’t avoid looking it any longer.

She looked into to green eyes; and they looked openly into her and smiled, crinkling at the sides with warmth. It was Kate, her face was framed with long auburn her that burned against her pale ivory skin. Ana smiled in spite of herself.

“I didn’t think I’d see you again” Kate replied in answer to her smile. They both paused awkwardly.

“Er, did you want a seat, I mean a table-do you want sit down and I can come serve you” She didn’t really know what see was saying, and she swayed slighting as she weaved between tables to one at the back of the cafe, out in the garden and tucked away. The sun was just starting to creep through round the back of the roof of the cafe so that she could feel the heat hitting her browning skin. She gestured quickly to Kate and she found herself asking her about her day. It was odd for her to actually be interested in someone else, to want to know anything about anything that happened outside the walls, the confinements of her own mind which she had completely confined herself to for the last two weeks since she had first arrived.

Kate told her about where she worked at a primary school just the other side of town. She told that she loved working with the kids there and she told her that she lived at home with her brother who was a musician. Ana listened intently taking in every detail but not yet comfortable enough to say much in reply; she nodded willing Kate to realise that was the most she could do. Ana  was just on the point of relaxing slightly standing by Kate when she noticed over the top of Kate’s head, across the stream that ran at the bottom of the cafes garden there was a couple, stood on a little bridge. He had his arms around her and his head turned slightly into the curve of her neck and she was smiling. The colour drained from her face, and a sudden sickness clawed at her stomach, what was she doing here talking to this woman when back home a long time ago there was someone who she had shared everything with. Someone who had once looked at her the way that man was looking at his partner, someone who loved her.

The wind blow through her hair making it stream out behind her and whip round her face as she looked out to sea. Her hands clung round the railing and she was deep in thought when two arms wrapped round her waist and Sean whispered carefully in her ear his voice so low she could barely hear him and the softness of his words tickled on the her bare skin. She smiled. “Hey, you”

“So what do you want to do today?” He asked tilting his round further so that he could look into to her eyes.

“Be with you, other than that I don’t really care” She replied honestly.

“Well, I ‘m sure that can be arranged, for the one I love” He reached out his hand as he untangled himself from her and they walked along the sea front. There was hardly anyone here, the bitterness of the cold air was enough to stop most but this was their first night away together and neither of them had wanted to waste it. The day had been one of the best of Ana’s life. After they had finished at the beach Sean had bought her and new dress and the two of them had gone out for dinner at an expensive restaurant and right there during the main course Sean had knelt down on one knee.

“I love you, and that first day when I met you I know I that you were the one, I never want to lost you, not ever, I don’t know what I would do. Will you marry me?”

Ana had said yes without a thought, Sean was the only person left in her life that really meant anyone to her anymore. Of course she wanted to marry him and she had kissed him in front everyone and the waiter had bought the best champagne they had and she felt so lucky.

When they got back to the room in the hotel, they were both still smiling and she held onto Sean and kissed him on the lips as he went to sit down on hotel bed.

“Are you sure you love me?” Sean challenged, angrily. You’re not just saying it, you’re not having me on are you? Come on tell me you love me.”His hand gripped onto her with a new intensity.

“Sean listen to me, I love you, and I want to marry you.” She spoke quietly trying to keep her voice steady.

“I don’t belief you” Sean answered smoothly but with a venom that spoke volumes.

“I don’t belief you” he repeated. And then, as if in slow motion, he ripped his hand out of hers and slapped her across the cheek, and she retracted back with surprise.

Sean was looking at his hand, the hand that had hit her almost as if he was as surprised as she was with what he had done. That the same thing that offered love with a held hand could in the same moment cause destruction. He slowly lifted his eyes; they melted all hardness gone as he meet her glaze . She stood motionless.

“Ana, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me, I love you, you know that don’t you, I won’t ever do that again, never, Ana, please forgive me?”

And she did because she loved him.


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