Danger (Justin Bieber)

This story is by Jileyoverboard.
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43. “You miss them, don’t you?”


Kelsey’s Point of View:


According to Dennis, Carly had come over to talk to me when my parents opened the door expecting to see me with her but were surprised when Carly asked about me. They told her that I said I was going over her house to do homework and she told them that I never showed up. My parents were confused and wondered where I was. They were going to call me when Carly stopped them, figuring where I really was and told them for my quote on quote ‘own good’.


Minutes later, I arrived and that’s when all chaos broke out.


That bitch was lucky I didn’t punch her when I had the chance.


I mean, what “best friend” does that?


Who rats on their best friend to their parents about something they didn’t even know about themselves?


She swore Justin was a bad person and some criminal but did she actually know that for sure? No. So she had no right to just accuse him of things and feed my parents bullshit.


I knew Justin and what he was really capable of. Was he dangerous? Yes but only to his enemies. Did he have anger issues? Sure but that didn’t make him a bad person.


I just don’t understand why this had to happen. Everything was finally moving into place, Justin and I were in a good place, my parents had finally justgotten off my back about everything and here I was now, back to square one.


It’s like fate didn’t want me to be happy.


Sighing, I fumbled onto my stomach, pondering my feet back and forth as I bubbled my lips, making a rumbling sound.


I couldn’t help but think back to when my dad called me a whore. I know he didn’t mean it because really, I didn’t do anything for him to call me that but it still hurt to hear it come out of his mouth. I had never seen him so angry with me… I mean, I screwed up a few times these past couple of months but they were nothing compared to tonight when my parents found out the real reason on why I had been late coming home and sneaking out.


Can they seriously blame me for keeping this a secret? They would have killed me if they found out the reason why I had come home at three in the morning was because I was hanging at a guys house. I might as well have killed myself to save the trouble.


Sighing, I was just about to take a nap when my phone buzzed several times, indicating I was getting a call. Shuffling onto my back, I slid my finger across the screen, pressing it to my ear. “Hello?”


“I handled everything babe.” Justin’s voice filled my eardrum.


I sat up in bed. “Justin, what did you do?” I questioned worriedly.


There was a pause before Justin spoke up once more. “Let’s just say you don’t have to worry about Carly anymore.”


My stomach churned at the words, my eyes widening instantly. “What do you mean ‘I don’t have to worry about Carly anymore’?”


He chuckled. “I mean, as in, she won’t be anymore trouble to you or your parents. She’s keeping her mouth shut from now on, I made sure of it.”


“Justin…” I sighed. “What exactly did you do?”


“I paid her a little visit…” He trailed off casually.


I could hear the rumble of his car as he started it. “And?” I emphasized, wanting him to elaborate.


“I told her that if she opened up her mouth again and fed your parents bullshit, there will be problems.”


I closed my eyes shut, pinching the bridge of my nose with my free hand. “And how exactly did you do it?” I sighed, knowing how he was when he got angry.


“I got in her face.”


I could imagine him shrugging to himself. I rolled my eyes. “You mean you threatened her.”


A fake gasp emitted from his lips. “Now, why would you think such a thing?”


“Because I know you. Now what did you really do?”


“I already told you babe.” He spoke nonchalantly, like this was any other normal conversation between us.


I sighed again. “How do you expect her to believe you’re not some bad guy if you go around threatening her?”


“I thought you’d be happy?” He grumbled, irritation laced with his words.


“Why would I be happy about something like that?” I hissed.


I mean, I know I’m angry with Carly but he didn’t have to go as far as to threaten her.


“Because I took the time out of my night to find her ass and make sure she never made you cry again.” He spat into the phone.


I cringed, looking away. “I appreciate your kind gesture Justin but, there are other civil ways to do things other than bullying people.”


There was silence coming from the other end of the phone.


I bit down on my lip, hoping I didn’t upset him. The last thing I wanted was for us to be on bad terms… again.


“Whatever. Just make sure your window is unlocked.”


My eyebrows shut up. “What? Why?”


“You’ll see.”


The dial tone was heard moments after indicating he had hung up his phone.


I groaned in complete irritation with the mess my life had become. Rolling out of bed, I made sure to unlock the window when I heard my name being called from downstairs. I bit my lip, scared of what they wanted to talk to me about now. Even though I already had a hunch on what it could be about.


Carefully and slowly making my way to the door, I opened it. “Yeah?” I called out.


“Come on downstairs! Your father and I would like to have a word with you.”


I bit the inside of my cheek. “Okay! Be down in a sec.” I shouted back, earning a quick okay before I closed the door and made my way downstairs.


I turned the corner to see both my parents sitting down on the couch with their fingers laced together on their thighs, their heads held upright, eyes boring into mine heavily.


I shuffled on my feet uncomfortably.


“Take a seat, Kelsey.” My mom gestured towards the couch opposite the one they sat in.


I did as I was told, folding my feet under my butt as I stared at them with curious eyes.


Neither of them said a word as they continued to stare at me.


Not wanting to break eye contact and seem disrespectful, I kept my gaze firmly planted on theirs.


Finally being the first to talk, my mom cleared her throat. “Your father and I have been discussing this for quite some time and well, we have come to the decision that we’d like to hear your side of the story.”


I nodded my head, giving them both a grim smile. “Okay--”


“But we want the truth this time, Kelsey. No more lies.” She said sternly earning another nod from me.


“I know.” I whispered, licking my lips and gulping down the anticipation building up inside of me. “It started at the party, you know… the one I got caught coming back late from?”


“You said you were coming back from Carly’s after she needed comfort…” My mom pressed her lips together, staring at me with a blank expression.


I twisted my face up in a grimace. “I know… I lied.”


They nodded for me to continued, a look of discomfort in their eyes.


“I snuck out with Carly that night because, to be honest, I wanted to have some fun. I’m always stuck home or doing homework and I just… wanted to be different for a change. Feel like any other normal teenager.” I shrugged, looking down at my hands. “Anyways, Carly ran off to God knows where and I went around looking for her when I fell.”


I knew I was lying again but I couldn’t exactly tell them the full truth about what had happened with Justin. That would ruin everything.


“No one was really around to help and I was getting a huge throbbing pain in my ankle and at the time, I couldn’t move. I felt almost as if I were paralyzed. I asked for someone to help me when Justin came over and asked if I was alright. I told him what happened and he picked me up, bringing me over to one of the logs to sit on where he examined my foot. He told me I was alright and that I almost sprained my ankle but the worst I did was bruised it a bit.” I licked my lips. “Throughout the night, he stayed with me to make sure I didn’t fall again and we just.. Hung out for the rest of the party and then I got hungry so we got a bite to eat and then he offered me a ride home and that’s when eventually you guys found me coming in late.”


I looked into my parents eyes after I finished telling them the story, silently praying that they’d believe me.


After what felt like forever, they nodded their heads. “Well… that was… thoughtful of him.” My mom said, her lips pursed.


“I know what Carly said to you was most likely absurd and crazy and I can assure you, they are not true. Justin isn’t some bad criminal who goes around doing whatever it was she said he did or does. He helped me that night and from then on, we became friends. Nothing more, nothing less until recently and I was going to tell you guys eventually but Carly had to feed you lies instead.” I rolled my eyes.


“What do you mean ‘until recently’?” My father spoke for the first tiem since I sat down, his eyebrows raised.


“We’re sorta… together?”


“Over my dead body!”


“Paul…” My mother soothed. “Give her a moment to explain herself.”


I smiled softly, knowing that despite how controlling my mother can be, she was still the one who gave birth to me and always had my back. “I’m telling you guys the truth. Justin isn’t a criminal. He’s just misunderstood. He had his certain group and friends and people automatically think just because he doesn’t go around talking to the whole school and having--excuse my language--sexual intercourse with almost every girl that throws themselves at him, he automatically has some big secret and he’s this dangerous guy,” I rolled my eyes. “When in reality, he’s nothing but a human. A normal teenager like me and everyone else.”


“What I just don’t understand is why you lied to us…” Mom shook her head, a look of disappointment in her eyes. “The last thing I want is for my daughter to be hiding things from me. You used to tell me everything.”


I frowned. “That was until I grew up mom.”


“You’re still our little girl sweetie and you always will be. No matter how much older you get.” She reassured before tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.


“I know but I knew that if I told you I was with some guy, you would practically disown me.” I muttered, looking away.


“Kelsey Anne McAdams, we would never do such a thing.” She spat in disbelief. “We all make mistakes, we all do things we sometimes regret but that doesn’t mean because you did something you wouldn’t normally do, we’d disconnect you from us. You’re still our daughter no matter what and we love you.”


I couldn’t help but let a smile fall on my lips and before I could control myself, the tears came bursting from my eyes like a waterfall. “I love you guys so much.” I cried. “And I’m sorry for lying, I just… at the time, I thought it was the right thing to do. I just didn’t want to upset you guys but I know now that I should just tell you how it is, no matter what the consequences.”


“Oh honey,” My mom opened up her arms wide. “Come here.”


I stood up instantly, waking over to her and wrapping my arms around her as she pulled me into a hug.


“I love you so much sweetheart.” She mumbled into my hair, her own tears coming out. “I don’t ever want you to lie to me again, okay?” She pulled away, wiping the tears from my cheeks. “From now on, I want you to tell me the truth and we will handle everything together like a family.”


I nodded, smiling. “Deal.” I sniffled, hugging my mom once more before turning to my dad. It didn’t take long before I burst into tears and fell into his arms as well. “I’m sorry for everything daddy.”


His fingers raked through my hair, pulling me closer. “It’s alright, sweetheart. I forgive you.” He rubbed a hand on my back.


If it’s anything my dad hates, it’s when I cry.


“And I’m sorry about what I had said earlier. I was way out of line. I just let my anger get the best of me and I wasn’t thinking straight… I love you with my entire heart baby girl.”


“I love you too daddy.” I squeezed him tight before pulling away. “And I forgive you.”


“No more lies after this, right?” My mom asked with a pointed look on her face.


I nodded without hesitation. “No more lies. I promise.”


They nodded their heads, pulling me into a group hug as we all sat like that for what felt like hours before breaking us apart.


“Alright sport, go on up to bed, you have school tomorrow.” My dad patted my back gently as I stood up, wiping the remains of my tears away.


“Okay.” I smiled, giving them both a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow?”


They nodded.


I smiled, turning on my feet to go on up to my room when my dad’s voice stopped me short.


“And Kelsey?”


I turned my head, my hand on the railing. “Yeah?”


“We’d like to meet this boyfriend of yours.”



Justin’s Point of View:


It didn’t take long until I had reached Kelsey’s house after getting off the phone with her. I cut the engine off before opening and closing the door to the car.


Walking across the street, I rounded her house to the back where the all too familiar pipe came to view. Grabbing onto it, I climbed up all the way to Kelsey’s room where just like I had asked, the window was open. Pushing it up slowly, I tossed my leg over the ledge, lifting myself up before bringing my other leg around and hoping off so that I now stood in her room. I closed the window before taking a look around.


Everything looked the same. Not a thing out of place.


I smirked, about to go over to her bed when I heard commotion coming from downstairs. I furrowed my eyebrows, making sure not to make any sort of sound as I made my way to the door, listening in on what was going on.


I love you guys so much. Someone cried. “And I’m sorry for lying, I just… at the time, I thought it was the right thing to do. I just didn’t want to upset you guys but I know now that I should just tell you how it is, no matter what the consequences.” After a while of trying to figure out who it was, I figured it out to be Kelsey.


I moved in closer, trying to decipher what they were talking about.


Oh honey,” Another female voice spoke up of whom I presumed to me Kelsey‘s mom. “Come here.


My stomach twisted painfully, memories of when I was a kid flashing through my head, back when my mom used to comfort me almost the same exact way.


I don’t ever want you to lie to me again, okay? I heard movement before she spoke up once more. “From now on, I want you to tell me the truth and we will handle everything together like a family.


I could hear Kelsey sniffle before she burst into tears once more and I swear I could of felt my heart leap out of my chest.


I’m sorry for everything daddy.” Kelsey spoke all the words I never had the guts to say. I cringed at the thought of my own father.


As the conversation died down, all I heard were bits and pieces.


No more lies after this, right?


No more lies. I promise.


Alright sport, go on up to bed, you have school tomorrow.”


I’ll see you guys tomorrow?


“And Kelsey?




We’d like to meet this boyfriend of yours.


My eyes widened as I stepped even closer, trying to listen in on what they were saying about me when I stumbled and hit myself against the door causing it to fly open and bang into the dresser.


I inwardly cursed my life.


“What was that?” I heard someone ask.


“It’s probably my textbooks. I was studying before you called me down.” Kelsey said after a while.


They seemed to have believed it because they muttered their goodbyes and I heard footsteps nearing closer to the door.


I stepped to the side, shielding myself just in case when Kelsey herself walked into the room, closing the door behind her and locking it. Turning, her eyes widened as she gasped. “You idiot!” She spat in a whisper. “What are you doing here?!”


“I told you to leave the window open!”


“Yeah, well I didn’t exactly think you’d sneak in!” She shrieked, a bewildered expression overtaking her features. “You’re lucky my parents didn’t come up here instead!”


“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to bump into the door!” I whispered back loudly.


“You were eavesdropping?!” She cried out, her eyes wide as I whistled innocently, looking around her room.


“You’ve got a nice room…”


“Justin!” She spat, hitting my arm.




“Ugh, you’re unbelievable!”


I smirked. “Thank you.”


She rolled her eyes. “Stop taking that as a compliment.” She grumbled, walking away from me.


I followed after her, wrapping my arms from behind, pulling her to my chest. “Aw, don’t be mad.” I cooed into her ear softly.


“I’m not mad.” She mumbled, looking inside her drawers as she pulled out a pair of sweats and a tank top.


I chuckled softly. “Yes, you are…” I kissed the skin of her neck gently.


“No,” She paused, turning around in my arms so that we were face to face. “I’m not.”


“Mhm,” I smirked. “Whatever you say but I gotta admit,” I grinned. “You are hella sexy when you’re angry.” I winked.


Laughing, she pushed at my chest, releasing herself from my hold. “Whatever.” Walking into the bathroom, she shut the door behind her and just as I was about to walk inside there with her, I heard the click of the lock.


“Hey! No fair!”


“Too bad!” She called back with a giggle.


I rolled my eyes. “Bitch.” I mumbled.


“I heard that!” She shot back.


I laughed. “You were meant to!”


“Mhm.” She mocked.


I decided to take it upon myself to look around the room while I waited for her. Several photos caught my attention and I found myself staring at the various amounts of family photos she had.


One consisted of Kelsey at a young age with two braids and a bear in her hand. Another was of Kelsey, Dennis and her parents at what looked like the Bahamas‘, their skin glistening in the sun and I couldn’t help but bite my lip at the sight of Kelsey in a baiting suit.


Leaning over, I pressed my finger tips to the picture, remembering back when my parents would take, Jaxson, Jazzy and I to Canada to visit my grandparents every summer. We would always have a blast, playing hockey and basketball while eating ice cream. My mom would cook a huge dinner with my grandma while my grandpa worked in the backyard.


Every year was the same, every year was more amazing than the last but this year? This year was anything but.


This year, everything has changed.


“What are you doing?”


I jumped, looking over to see Kelsey already dressed in her pajamas, looking at me with curious eyes.


“Oh, I… ugh,” I scratched the back of my neck, “Just looking at your pictures.”


She walked over to me, smiling at the one where she was holding the bear. “These were taken so long ago…” She mumbled, smiling softly to herself. “I was like, five, in this picture.


“What about this one?” I grinned, pointing to the one where she was in her baiting suit.


I noticed her blush as she bit back a smile. “I was thirteen.”


“Damn and you had a body like that?” I pointed, shaking my head. “That’s hot.”


She laughed, shaking her head. “You’re being silly.”


“No, I’m telling you the truth.” I grinned.


She smiled sadly at me, her eyes staring into mine as she leaned over, running her fingers through my hair before caressing my cheek with her thumb. “You miss them, don’t you?”


I melted under her touch. “What do you mean?”


“Your family…” She trailed off. “I know Bruce isn’t your dad and John isn’t your brother…” She softly smiled.


I chuckled. “You’re right, they’re not…”


“What happened?”


I knew who she referred to and there was no denying or shoving it in the past any further. It was about time, I finally told someone the truth.




“After Jazzy died, my dad lost it. He blamed everything on me and to be quite honest. I didn’t blame him because technically it was my entire fault.”


“No, it wasn’t and neither was it Jazzy’s. If anyone was to blame, it was Jason for pressing the button that blew up the warehouse.” Kelsey reassured.


We were sprawled out on her bed, my arm around her shoulders, her head on my chest.


“I know it was the bastard’s fault for what happened but it was my fault hat Jazzy was even there in the first place. I should have made sure she didn’t see me when I left and I should have taken her out of the warehouse the second I realized she was in there with me.”


Kelsey shook her head. “You’re too hard on yourself.”


“I’m realistic with myself. I don’t feed myself lies to make myself feel better.”


“No, you feed yourself insults to bring yourself down.” She looked up at me. “Every time you mess up, you beat yourself up over it and that’s not what you’re supposed to do. Everything happens for a reason. Mistakes happen so you can learn from them and move on. Do you really think of Jazzy were alive today, she’d want you to be doing this to yourself constantly?”


I didn’t hesitate to shake my head.


“Exactly.” Kelsey sighed. “We all make mistakes, we’re human Justin. We can’t undo the things we’ve done that we wish we could erase and we certainly can’t go back in time and do things differently. We’re supposed to forgive, forget and move on.”


“What if Dennis--God forbid--died because of you? What would you do, huh?” I looked down at her.


“I would hate myself for it.”




“But I knew he wouldn’t want me to punish myself. I knew he’d want me to move on.”


I pursed my lips, looking away.


“You don’t know a thing, if you don’t try.” She pressed her hand to my cheek, turning me so that I faced her. “Try forgiving yourself for a day. You’ll see just how much relief you get from it.”


I shrugged.


Sighing, Kelsey took her hand away, laying it back against my chest. “You’re so stubborn sometimes, you know that?”


I chuckled. “I get that from my mom.”


Kelsey smiled at this. “Really?”


I nodded. “Mhm. She was always the one to want everything her way. It was either that or the highway as she referred to it.”


Kelsey nuzzled herself closer to my body warmth. “Tell me more about her.”


I licked my lips, looking up at the ceiling. “She was adventurous, always going on these crazy trips with my aunt.” I shook my head, smiling. “She always swore that she’d climb Mount Everest someday.”


“Did she?”


“No! She’d be caught dead before she climbed a mountain that big. As much as she thought she was a pro at what she did, she’d never be able to.”


Kelsey laughed.


“She also cooked a lot.”




“Yeah.” I smiled. “She’d always make Sunday dinner and we’d have it at my grandparents’ house. She’d make everything from lasagna to baked potatoes to steak, chicken, rice and beans… you name it, she made it.”


“She must have been a good cook then.”


“Hell yeah. That was something she was definitely a pro at even though she did occasionally burn things…”


Kelsey giggled. “She reminds me of me.”


“You cook?” I looked down at her with raised eyebrows, amusement in my eyes.


She shook her head. “No but I know how to burn food.”


Laughing, I kissed her forehead. “You’ll get it someday, baby.”


“I hope so.” She murmured. “What about your dad? What’s he like?”


I frowned at the thought but answered her question anyway. “He was badass.” I grinned, looking down at her.


“Oh really?” She questioned.


I nodded my head. “Really. He always got into bar fights and has a million tattoos.”


“Reminds me of you.”


I shrugged. “Yeah, I guess you can say I got my anger side from him. He taught me all the things I know today. Of course, I learned most of it myself like how to use a gun and all but he taught me how to use my fists instead.”


Kelsey continued to listen, her index finger tracing hearts on my skin.


“Besides all that though, he loved to fish.”


“Really? My dad loves to do that too.” Kelsey smiled.


“Who knows? Maybe they fished together once.” I nudged her playfully.


“Maybe.” She grinned. “Anyways, continue…”


“He always used to take me with him all the time when I was a kid. We’d go to the fish store and buy ourselves some bait and then after, we’d go on the dock and just spend all day there, catching whatever we could. Even when we caught nothing, we’d go to the store and buy something just so we’d have something to show my mom when we got home.”


“Did she ever find out you guys didn’t catch it?”


“She always figured but never said anything because she didn’t want me to know she knew.”


“That’s cute.” Kelsey gushed.


“Very.” I teased, squeezing her against my side gently before releasing her.


“What about… Jazzy?”


“Jazzy was a girl version of me.” I laughed at the thought. “She had a mean right hook and could murder anyone that got in her way but despite that, she was very smart and pretty and trust me, I am not just saying that because I’m her brother. I always had to fight off assholes that tried to get inside her pants. She’d hate me for it but sooner or later, she thanked me because she knew that all I was doing was keeping her safe.” I paused, collecting my thoughts together. “She was everything to me.”


Kelsey’s eyes bored into my flesh as she stared sadly.


“I did anything and everything for that girl… she had a bright future ahead of her.”


Kelsey pursed her lips, wanting to change the subject for me so that I wouldn’t dwell on the past much longer. “What about Jaxon? What’s he like?”


I shook my head, snapping out of it. “He’s a wimp.”




“What? It’s the truth. He’s nothing like me or my dad. He’s more like my grandpa in the sense that he’s sensitive. You say one thing to him that comes out the wrong way and he’d get upset. That’s why I always had to be careful around him because I knew that one little thing could set him off and with my anger, it wasn’t always the best thing.”


Kelsey nodded in understanding. “Sounds to me like your family is one helluva fun time.”


“Oh yeah, they’re a blast.” I sarcastically muttered with a roll of my eyes.


“Be nice.” Kelsey laughed. After a moment of silence, she spoke up once more “I want to meet them some time.”


“Yeah?” I craned my neck so that it was easier to look down at her.


She nodded timidly.


I looked away, pondering the thought. “Maybe someday, you will.”


“Okay.” Kelsey smiled, nuzzling her head in my neck.


I couldn’t help but think about what it would be like to see my family again. It’s been a while since I’ve last spoken to my parents or remotely even had a decent sit down with them. I also haven’t seen my grandparents in a long time and I’d lie if I said I didn’t miss them.


Brooding about it even further, I had come to my final conclusion. “What do you say we go Saturday?”


Kelsey smiled.




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