Danger (Justin Bieber)

This story is by Jileyoverboard.
The reason i do this, is because it is an amazing story that i want you guys to read and share with your friends
So pls don't hate me :((


56. "What exactly do you do?"

Justin’s Point of View:


“You’re cute when you’re nervous.” Kelsey cooed through the phone and I could just imagine her smirking to herself after she said that.


I groaned, “I am not nervous babe.” I scowled throwing a ball up in the air before catching it in my hands, repeating the process, my phone placed in between my shoulder and ear.


“You don’t have to lie to me; I know my parents can be pretty intimidating. It’s fine to be nervous.”


“For the tenth time babe, I am not nervous.” I hissed impatiently.


Kelsey merely giggled. “Whatever you say, just be yourself and make sure you look appropriate.”


I scoffed, rolling my eyes. “Be myself? So you want me to bring my gun?” I forced a chuckle. “And what’s wrong with the way I dress?”


No,” She stressed, sighing. “I don’t want you to bring your gun.” There was a pause in which she probably ran her fingers through her hair like she always did in situations like this. “And you dress like a thug, Justin.”


I nearly choked on my spit. “A thug?”


“Yep,” She said while popping the ‘p’ for effect. “Not that I don’t find  your whole badass look hot or anything because I do but my parents won’t like it if you came in with a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and leather jacket. “We’re going out for dinner; show them how you’re just like everyone else.”


“But I’m not like everyone else.”


Obviously,” Kelsey emphasized. “I know you’re not but you have to at least try and act like you’re an everyday kinda guy. Show them that they have nothing to worry about.”


I sighed, squeezing my eyes tightly together. “You’re making this really difficult babe.”


“No, I’m not you’re just too lazy to dress up.”


I chuckled, knowing she was right.


“I’m not saying you have to wear a suit, Justin. Just look presentable.”


I nodded though once I realized she couldn’t see me, I quickly replied back. “Alright.”


“Thank you.”


“Anything for you babe”

I looked up in time to see the guys walk into the living room. Sitting up, I tossed the ball aside, grabbing my phone into my left hand, before turning my attention back to Kelsey, clapping hands with each of them with my right.


“Alright, well, unfortunately for me, I gotta go do my homework. I’ll see you later.”


“Yeah, see you.” I sighed.


“Love you.”


“Love you too.” Pulling the phone from my ear, I ended the call.


“Kelsey?” Bruce questioned, pointing over at the phone with his eyebrows raised.


I nodded, letting out a deep breath.


Marcus chuckled. “What’s wrong Bieber? She’s not listening to have sex with you?”


I shot my head over to his direction, glaring. “No, you idiot.” I spat. “I have to meet her parents tonight.”


“Ohhh,” Bruce hissed, signifying he felt my pain. “You gotta meet the parents huh? Good luck. You’re gonna need it.”


I nodded, “I know.”


“What’s wrong with her parents?” John put his feet up on the table, one on top of the other, his full attention on me.


“They’re strict as fuck and thanks to Carly; they think I’m a criminal.”


“You are,” They all spoke in unison as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.


I groaned, rolling my eyes for the second time today. “I know that you fuckers but they don’t have to.”


“True, so what are you going to do about it?”


“Nothing. I’m just going to pray to God that it’s not awkward.”


Marco laughed. “Don’t count on it.” He shook his head, leaning his elbows on his knees. “I can just see it now,” He coughed, sitting up tall as if to mimic Kelsey’s father. “So, Justin, what do you do for a living?” He took another pause, slouching his shoulders, pretending to be me. “I kill people,” He shrugged. “Oh and your daughter happened to see me do it once and I took her then from there, we got together.” Laughing, he fist pumped all the guys.


“Ha-ha,” I narrowed my eyes at him. “You’re fucking lucky I’m not in the mood or else I would have beaten the shit out of you right now.”


Marco immediately put his hands up as a sign of surrender. “I was just messing around man, no need to get violent.”


“Whatever.” Standing up, I stretched.


“Where you going?”


“To find what the hell I’mma wear to this dinner.” I scratched the back of my head, yawning.


“Pussy.” Marcus coughed out.


I shrugged with a smirk. “Well, you are what you eat.”


The guys laughed hysterically, praising me as I walked by and away, up the stairs and into my room.



Kelsey’s Point of View:


Just as I got off the phone with Justin, I was about to go get my bag when my phone rang. Groaning, I threw my head back in annoyance. I really had to get my homework done before tonight.


Walking over to my bed where I left my phone, I grabbed it, glancing down at the screen to see Carly’s name popping up on caller i.d. sliding my finger across the glass, I unlocked the phone before pressing it to my ear. “Hello?”


“Hey Kels.”


“Hey Carls, what sup?” Moving across the room and over to my bag, I brought it over to my bed where I sat down, pulling it up with me.


“Nothing really, bored to death in my room.” She laughed lightly. “What about you?”


“Trying to get some homework done before the dinner tonight with Justin and my parents.” I sighed, looking through the papers in my binder.


“Are you nervous?”


“I think you mean to ask if Justin’s nervous.”


Carly giggled. “No way! He’s nervous? Considering what he does, that’s a bit surprising.”


I shrugged despite the fact that’s he couldn’t see me. “I can’t really blame him; you know how my parents are.”


“True, true…”


“I just want everything to go perfectly, you know?”


“Yeah, I know. Just think positively. What could possibly go wrong?”


“That they won’t like him...” I muttered, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear, glancing down at my Geometry notes.


“He knows how to present himself. I’m sure everything will be fine.”


“I hope so.”


“Kelsey!” My mom yelled from down the stairs, her voice piercing through my eardrums.


I groaned, rolling my eyes. “Hold on Carly.” Pulling the phone from my ear, I covered the bottom. “Yes mom?


“Did you finish your homework yet?”


“I’m almost done!”


“You better be if you want to go tonight! I don’t care; we’ll go without you if you’re not finished by six!”


I fought the urge to curse her out. “I know mom, I said I was almost done!”


“Hurry up then! We don’t have all day; you still have to get ready!”


I sighed, frustrated. “I know mother.” I spat, irritated.


Silence came from the other end and I know then that she had finally shut up. Rolling my eyes, I let out a deep breath, uncovering my phone. “Sorry about that.”


“Don’t sweat it; I’m guessing it was your mom?”


“How’d you know?”


“I’m just smart like that.”


I laughed, shaking my head. “You’re crazy.”


“And you have to finish your homework so I’m going to let you go. Call me later to tell me how it went.”


“Of course,” I giggled. “Talk to you later!”


“Bye babe.”


I playfully rolled my eyes. “Bye, Carly.” Pressing end, I tossed my phone aside; grabbing the worksheet I was given in class today and began working on it.



Justin’s Point of View:


Killing the engine on my car, I leaned back in my seat, taking a deep breath while tapping my fingers endlessly on the steering wheel.


I texted Kelsey just before I left, letting her know I was coming which is why she’s probably waiting for me right now.


All I cared about was that tonight went on by drama free because the last thing I need right now is for something else to go wrong in my life.


Sighing, I opened the door, stepping out into the light breeze. I was wearing a pair of khaki pants, white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows, a pair of white vans on my feet and a cap put on backwards on my head which was the closest thing to something appropriate to wear that I could find.


Throwing the keys from my right hand to my left, I stuffed them into the pocket of my pants before walking up the pathway that led to her house.


Biting my lip, I knocked on the door, hoping Kelsey was the one to open it and thankfully, she was.


My eyes traveled from her face all the way down to her toes and I could feel my pants tighten just at the sight of her. “You look beautiful.” I spoke breathlessly, taking in her skin tight pencil skirt and blouse that showed just the right about of cleavage, her hair straightened to perfection, heels supporting her feet, giving her a boost in her height making her legs look long and lean as if they ran on for miles. I fought the urge to fuck her right then and there.


“Thank you.” She blushed, looking down at herself, wiggling her toes before looking back up at me.


“What do you think?” I held out my arms, taking a small step back for het to see what I was wearing.


“You look amazing.” She smiled. “I knew you could do it.”


I chuckled. “It took me some time but I finally found this,” I gestured with my hands to my outfit, “behind all the leather jackets and t-shirts I wear.” Sarcasm dripped from my words causing her to laugh referring back to our conversation.


“I was just joking but I’m glad you listened.” She smiled innocently, batting her eyelashes.


“You’re lucky I love you.” I chuckled. “C’mere,” I pinched her hip, leaning in to give her a kiss when the clearing of a throat was heard. Pulling back, I looked to my right to see a middle aged man standing up tall with a blank expression on his face.


“Was I interrupting something?”


“No, not at all.” Licking my lips, I turned to him. “It’s nice to meet you Mr. Jones.” I politely stuck out my hand.


“You too, Mr. Bieber.”  Grabbing my hand in his, he gave it a firm shake before pulling away. “This is my wife, Melissa and my son Dennis.” Bringing his arms around each of them, he pulled them beside him.


I smiled, nodding. “It’s nice to meet you both.” Shaking Kelsey’s mom’s hand, I gave it a soft peck before patting Dennis’s shoulder.


Melissa smiled warmly, her lips pinned together in a firm line. “It’s nice to finally meet you Justin.”


“Likewise, Mrs. Jones” I nodded, shooting her my infamous smile, Kelsey making her way over to me.


“Okay, well, let’s go now. Don’t want to be late guys. We did let Dexter know we’ll be there around eight.” Kelsey nervously smiled, rocking back and forth on the heels of her shoes, wanting to get this dinner over and done with just as quickly as I did.


“Right,” Nodding his head, he took hold of his keys from the counter, turning to face Kelsey. “Go on with your brother and turn on the car. I’ll be right out with your mother.”


“Alright.” Grabbing the keys from his hand, she gave me a soft smile, giving my hand a light squeeze before dropping it and walking out with Dennis behind her.


“I suppose you brought your car?”


I snapped my head to the side to see Kelsey’s father staring over at me with an unreadable countenance.


“Yeah, it’s parked right out front.” I thumbed behind me towards the sidewalk.


“Just follow our lead then.”


I nodded. “Will do sir.” Turning, I walked out and over to my car, cursing under my breath.


Unlocking the doors, I slid into the driver’s seat, turning on the car and waiting patiently for Melissa and her husband to come out.


When they did, I watched as they entered the car before revving it up a bit and taking off down the street with me following close behind.


Turning a few corners, I was a bit taken back when we had arrived about five to ten minutes later.


It’s always days when I want the day to go by slow, it never does.


Driving into the parking lot, I drove around trying to find a parking spot. After riding around for a few minutes, I finally found an empty slot near a parked white BMW.


Taking out the keys after I parked, I opened the door, getting out before slamming it shut and making my way to the front of the local diner.


I licked my lips, taking a deep breath while getting me ready for whatever it was that would be thrown my way. Knowing Kelsey’s parents, I have to be ready for anything and everything.


Spotting them all standing by the entrance, I jogged over to them.


“What took so long?” Kelsey questioned curiously.


I shrugged. “Sorry, couldn’t find a spot to park the car.”


She nodded understandingly, giving me a comforting smile before taking my hand in hers and interlacing our fingers.


“This way guys,” I looked up to see Kelsey’s dad nod towards the right side of the diner.


I followed beside Kelsey, taking in her perfection as we walked over to the polished wooden table. “You look absolutely breathtaking tonight.” I whispered into her ear, giving it a light peck causing her to blush immensely.


“Thank you.” She whispered, smiling over at me with burning cheeks.


I smirked at the effect I had on her.


Kelsey’s dad slid into the booth first with Melissa following after and then Dennis, Kelsey seating herself across from them with me next to her.


“Welcome to Dexter’s. We’re so glad you came tonight with the family.” A man around my height stood next to our booth, a huge smile on his face. I cocked a brow up, taking him in. Tight pants, bow tie, tinted lips… he must be gay. “It’s your lucky day guys because tonight we have our several meals special!” Handing us all menus, he beamed at all five of us. “For starters, what would you like to drink?”


“I’ll have a beer, lemonade for my wife, two coke’s please and,” Kelsey’s dad paused looking at me. “What would you like Justin? A beer I suppose?”


I widened my eyes at his sudden boldness.  Shaking my head, I cleared my throat. “I don’t drink. I’ll just have a coke as well, if that’s alright.”


He nodded, turning towards the waiter. “Another coke please.”


Jotting down our order of drinks, he smiled. “I’ll be right back with those shortly.”


“Thank you.”


Bowing his head, he walked away and to the back area where all the food is being made.


“So, Justin,” I looked up to see Melissa, Kelsey’s mom, staring over at me. “What do you do for a living?”


“Mom,” Kelsey groaned, shooting her a desperate look as if to say not to bombard me with questions.


“I have a right to ask, Kelsey.” She hissed back, giving her a stern look, not wanting to start a fight in front of everyone.


Thankfully for them I’m not that much of an asshole and I actually know how to present myself. “It’s alright, Kelsey. She’s right.” Turning to Melissa, I heard Marcus’s voice from earlier today echo in my ears and I inwardly groaned. I should have seen this coming. Shaking my head, I looked to see her staring at me intently, waiting for my answer. “I work at the local auto shop back in Toronto.” I folded my hands together on top of the table, looking at each of Kelsey’s parents with a solemn expression.


“That’s… nice.” She nodded; her posture precise.


“How much money do you make an hour?” Kelsey’s dad spoke up now, his eyes searching mine, eyebrows raised.


“Nine twenty-five.”


“What exactly do you do?”


“I fix cars, mend broken glasses, replace missing parts and I also re-invent beaten down vehicles as well.”


His eyes widened, a bit enthralled. “That’s impressive, Justin.”


“Thank you.”


“And you do it all by yourself?”


“Ever since I was fifteen years old,” I smiled triumphantly even though everything I was saying was utter and complete bullshit.


I ain’t a good liar for nothing.


“That’s remarkable, Justin. Maybe I’ll drop by one day and you can take a look at my car. It’s recently been making a buzzing sound for the past few days now.”


I bit the inside of my cheek, trying not to show any sign of distress. How the fuck could I possibly help when I don’t even know a single thing about repairing cars? “I’d be honored to sir.”


“Call me, Paul.”


“Paul,” I smiled, nodding.


“Here you go,” Our waiter walked back over to us, that same stupid grin on his face. Grabbing each drink on his tray, he planted them on the table in front of us. “Have any of you decided on what you’d like to eat?”


“We’ll all have the special please.” Paul handed his menu over to the waiter.


“Good choice.” Grabbing the rest of the menus from us, he tucked them under his armpit. “Will that be all for now?”


“Yes, thank you.”


“Anytime Mr. Jones.” Giving us one last smile, he walked away.


I knitted my brows together, wondering how they knew each other. Curiosity taking the best of me, I took it upon myself to ask. “Excuse me if it’s none of my business but how does he know you?” I pointed over towards the guy that just walked away.


“I’m good friends with the owners of this place.” He took a sip out of his beer.


“Nice.” I grinned.


“It has its perks sometimes.” He chuckled.


An awkward but somewhat comfortable silence fell amongst us.


“So, mom, did you know Justin’s a straight A student?” Kelsey spoke up, her arm curling around my own.


I looked down at her, my eyebrows furrowing in confusion.


She gave me a look that said to go with it.


“Kelsey,” I laughed lightly. “You don’t have to—”


“Are you now Justin?” Kelsey’s mom looked at me now, her eyes wide in surprise.


“Yeah, high school isn’t a joke. I’ve got to do well if I want to get into college.” I numbly nodded, trying my best to seem enthralled with this conversation.


“Smart boy,” Paul pouted his bottom lip, impressed. Too bad none of it is true. “Where do you plan on going?”


“I haven’t made a decision yet. I’m still keeping my options open.”


“Smart decision. You don’t want to rush into things just yet. You still have time.”


“Exactly.” I took a sip out of my drink, trying to get rid of this dry throat.


The jiggle of bells was heard from the entrance, indicating someone had come into the diner. Absentmindedly turning to see who it was, I felt my stomach drop.


“Justin?” Kelsey whispered from beside me after a few minutes of silence. “What’s wrong?”


I ignored her, not being able to tear my eyes from the sight in front of me. Just a few feet away from me stood the one guy I hated with the sickest passion.


“Justin,” I felt Kelsey tug on my arm. “Are you okay?”


“He’s here.” I mumbled.


“Who’s here?”




And that was all I had to say to have Kelsey stop talking, her face almost as pale as mine.

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