Danger (Justin Bieber)

This story is by Jileyoverboard.
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48. "This was my mistake,"

Kelsey’s Point of View:


My whole body became numb. “What do you mean they found his body?”


“Bruce called and told me that the cops were looking for something else when they came upon the body in the woods and according to him, I’m their suspect.”


I furrowed my eyebrows together in confusion. “How can they just blame it all on you if they have no proof?”


Justin shook his head, a knowing smirk on his face. “Because those fuckers have been trying to take me down for years.”


“What are you going to do?” I whispered after a few minutes of silence.


“I don’t know. First I have to talk to Bruce, get the whole story from him and then we’ll go from there.” Justin clutched onto the steering wheel with such force, his knuckles were turning white.


I stayed quiet, not wanting to push his buttons.


“I just don’t fucking understand how the guys could have been so careless to fucking throw the body where it could easily be found…” Shaking his head, he slammed his hands against the wheel in aggravation. “I told them to take care of it and the one time I do, they fuck it up and I get thrown under the bus in the end.”


Grabbing his free hand to try and soothe him to calmness, I was just about to stroke it with my thumb when Justin harshly pulled it back. “Don’t Kelsey. I’m not in the mood.” He sternly stated, twisting the car around as he began driving down another street.


I bit my lip, keeping my hands to myself, on my lap.


When he reached a red light, he leaned across from me, opening the glove department as he pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Slamming it shut, he pulled a stick from his pack before lighting it up once he found his lighter. Taking a few puffs, he held it in between his index and middle finger, his knees taking control of the wheel as he leaned back against his seat, inhaling the smoke and letting it settle in his system before ghosting it out.


I waved my hand from side to side, trying to get rid of the smoke that was coming my way.


He didn’t bother to open a window. Instead, he continued driving to his house, paying no attention to how hazy the car had gotten because of it.


Thankfully we had reached the house and I was finally able to breathe in some fresh air. Opening the car door, I stepped out before shutting it closed, waiting for Justin.


Once he got out, he made his way in front of me and led the way inside. “Meeting. Now.” He called out loudly.


Everyone immediately made their way inside the living room. I awkwardly settled myself beside Justin on the couch.


He was in the zone now, his eyes intense and his body solid. He looked like an animal ready to attack its prey.


“You got here quickly.” Bruce nonchalantly pointed out.


“I left the second you called.” There was a stern grip to Justin’s words, I felt goosebumps rise on my skin and he wasn’t even talking to me. “Now, skip the small talk and get going. What the fuck happened?” Justin laced his fingers together, interested in what Bruce had to say.


Taking a seat across from us, Bruce licked his lips. “It hit the news this afternoon. The cops were on the lookout for something, weed or some shit like that when their dog sniffed something out. He ended up going into the lake and finding Parker’s dead body--”


“How the fuck do you guys dump him in the lake?” Justin stared incredulously over at Marco, Marcus and John, cutting Bruce off in the middle of his explanation.


“Where the hell else were we supposed to put him? You left us at fucking two in the morning!” Marco stated a matter-of-factly. “Besides, do you really think it would have been okay for us to go around cruising town to Ganzo’s Bridge and just dumping a huge body bag there?” He shook his head. “The cops would have caught us in a heartbeat.”


“Not if you would have done it right.” Justin spat.


“That’s enough.” Bruce hissed, slicing his hands through the air as a sign for them to break it up.


Justin let out steam through his nose, his jaw twitching in anger, not being able to believe this.


Bruce sighed. “Listen, they said they have a list of suspects that they are going to investigate. You obviously being the first one.”


“This is bullshit.” Justin shook his head. “Like I already don’t have enough on my plate, I have to add this fucking drama onto it.”


“Listen Bieber, this wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t fuck up that night and let your girl over there see it all happen.” Bruce pointed out and immediately all eyes fell on me.


“Don’t bring her into this.” Justin hissed.


“I’m sorry man but it’s the truth. She caught you; you left to deal with her and left the guys hanging by themselves.”


“They’re not fucking twelve years old, Bruce!” Justin barked. “It wasn’t like it was their first night on the job. They should have known how to deal with it theright way!”


“I know you’re angry--”


“I have every right to be angry!” Justin snapped, he was on edge, I could tell. Shaking his right leg, Justin stared off ahead of him, antagonism evident in his face.


“Yes, you do but you cannot let this get to you right now; it’ll ruin everything. You need to keep calm and work this out because when the cops come asking you questions, you don’t want to give them any reason to think you’re lying.”


Justin let out a puff of smoke before flicking the bud on the floor and crushing it with his shoe. “Nothing I haven’t done before Bruce.”


“I know but the difference this time is that you’re more hard headed and anything can set you off”


“You’re on edge bro. You just need to cool off.” John intervened.


Justin shook his head. “I’m just fucking pissed.” Licking his lips, he ran a hand through his hair and down his neck. “Why do I have to get questioned for the mistake you guys made? I just don’t understand and the fact that I’ve got this shit to handle on top of everything else…“ He let out a frustrated growl.


“You’re not the only one being questioned. So are Luke and the others.”


Justin scoffed with disgust. “I don’t give a shit about that fucking prick. He can burn in hell for all I care.”


Bruce sucked in his cheeks while taking a deep breath. “I’m just letting you know that you’re not the only one being questioned.”


“I don’t give a damn.” Justin averted his gaze to the ground. “It just fucking annoys me that just when things start to seem like they are going to get better something like this has to happen.” Justin leaned back against the couch, his head pressed against the top of it. “I can never get a break.”


Marcus patted Justin’s shoulder comfortingly. “We’ve got your back man. You’re not in this alone.”


“No offense man--thanks for the encouragement and all--but, they’re not after you. They want me.”


Marcus slumped his shoulders knowing he was right.


“Listen Bieber,” Bruce began, waiting for Justin to look at him. When he did, Bruce continued. “No matter what happens, we’re not giving up without a fight. They have no legitimate proof that you killed him.”


Justin shook his head. “They don’t. I had gloves on that night but I burned them when I came home and I hid the gun.”


“You still have it?”


“What? The gun?”


Bruce nodded.


“Yeah, it’s up in my room.”


“Alright, you need to get rid of it as fast as you can because once those cops step foot inside of this house, they won’t leave until they’ve touched and seen everything.”


“I know.” Justin sighed. “I’ll take care of that later tonight.”


“You’ll also need an alibi.”


“Right,” Justin seethed in a sharp breath between his teeth.


“Everyone’s seen you at that party. So, you can’t deny that you weren’t there but you did leave earlier than most.”


“Yeah because I took her with me.” Justin thumbed over in my direction.


“Right.” Bruce nodded. “But, we can’t use her as your alibi.”


“Absolutely not.” Justin shook his head. “I’m not bringing her into this but we can use someone else.”




Justin turned to look at me. “Carly.”


My eyes widened. “Carly?” I emphasized.


“She’s our only hope. She’s seen me at the party, she can help us out.”


“She hates us, Justin.” I stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.


He smirked. “The bitch still considers you a best friend.”


I shook my head. “She won’t do it. If she didn’t hesitate to tell my parents about us what makes you think she’ll lie to the cops?”


“She’s right, man.” John added. “It’s too risky.”


“No, it’s not. I paid her a little visit the other night and told her that if she ever went near Kelsey again, I’d kill her.”


My eyes widened at the newly found information I had just received. “You what?!” I cried incredulously.


“I was in the heat of the moment.” Justin shrugged.


I scowled. Shaking my head. “You don’t threaten her! How is that going to help you out?”


Bruce chuckled. “Your girl’s right man. Why the hell would she lie for you after you did that?”


“Because if she was smart, she wouldn’t cross me. Even behind bars, I can make that bitch’s life a living hell.”


“It’s not going to work…”


“Maybe not if I talk to her…” Justin turned to face me. “But maybe if you do…”


“No.” I shook my head. “I want nothing to do with her.”


“Come on! She still cares for in some sick and twisted way despite what she did besides, you guys were best friends. You can get through to her.”


“I hate her though.” I mumbled.


“Babe, I think the cops coming after me is a bit more problematic then your hate for Carly.”


“Whatever.” I muttered.


“Does that mean she’ll do it?” Marco spoke up for the first time in a while.


Justin smirked, nodding. “She’ll do it.”


“I never agreed to anything!”


“But you were thinking about it.” He pointed out.


“Yeah, thinking. Doesn’t mean I came up with an answer.” I scowled.


Justin shrugged. “Same thing.”


“Not really.”


“Babe, really?” Justin growled, turning to face me. “Are we really doing this right now?”


I crossed my arms against my chest, looking away from him.


Justin pinched the bridge of his nose while taking slow, deep breaths. “This girl is going to slowly drive me to insanity.”


“I’m still here you know!” I hissed, vigorously turning around to face him, a frown embellishing amongst my lips.


“So?” Justin spat.


Rolling my eyes, I looked away, not wanting to continue this conversation any further. Resting my elbow on the handle of the couch, I tucked my fist under my chin, refusing to be any part of this conversation.


“As much as I’d hate to interrupt whatever it is that is going on, we have another problem.” Bruce stated.


“What is it?” Justin stared over at him.


“The hit against Luke needs to be postponed.”


My skin crawled over with shivers, remembering back to when Luke held me hostage. I shifted my gaze over to Justin knowing he was probably fuming right now and I was right.


Vehemence flashed through his eyes, dancing in the pools of chocolate hazel. Darkness took over, the soles of his pupils widening and inking his eyes black.


Neither of us said a word, knowing he was on edge and if we did anything remotely irritational, it will send him over the edge.


All of a sudden, the coffee table we all surrounded was flipped over, all the components that was on top of it shattering on the ground.


We all jumped from the sudden outburst, looking up to see that it was Justin who had done it.


Kicking the table away from him, Justin walked away from sight.


We all sat in silence, not really knowing what to say or do. I bit my lip deciding whether or not I should go after him or not.


After deliberating for a few minutes, I stood up. “I should probably go see if he’s alright…”


“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” John grabbed my wrist before I could take a step towards where Justin had exited. “Let him cool off for a bit. This is a lot of pressure to handle in just short notice.”


I nodded, sitting back down again.



Justin’s Point of View:


It felt as though everyone and everything was against me. Ever since I fucked up that night with Parker, it seems as though karma was coming back to get me ever since. Kelsey saw, I had to make sure she didn’t tell the cops, Bruce was up my ass, Kayla was being a bitch, I ended up falling for the girl who saw it all happen, Luke stabbing me then kidnapping Kelsey, Jason came back bringing up the past, I made up with my family and now here I am back to square one.


The cops were now after me and I had no idea if my plan to get Carly to help out was fowl proof. For all I know, the bitch could say no and I’d end up having to bring Kelsey into this or just taking the fall and getting my ass thrown in jail.


But what would my parents think if that happened? Would they forgive me again? I shook my head at the naïve thought. Of course they wouldn’t. They hate me all over again and who knows if I’ll be able to get their forgiveness again?


Kelsey’s parents would end up eating her alive if she was questioned about my whereabouts and there was no way in hell I was going to drag her down with me.


This was my mistake, my fight. Not hers.


Running a hand through my hair, I pulled at the ends, wanting nothing more than to pull my hair out because that was less painful then having to think everything through.


I kicked countless rocks, throwing each of them across the lawn, trying to find anything to block my thoughts.


The fact that the hit on Luke had to be held back annoyed the shit out of me. I wasn’t a pussy, I wasn’t afraid of him and that’s exactly the message I wanted to send him. But, now? I look like a fucking retard. Waiting weeks before putting the hit is ridiculous.


Luke should have to pay for ever laying a hand on Kelsey and trying to make himself out to be better than me. I knew this game better than he did. I had been player number one for years and there’s yet someone to try and take my thrown.


Stuffing my hands into the pockets of my jeans, I stared a head of me, letting the evening air to causally run through my body.


Shuffling of some sort was heard not to far from where I stood. Turning my head, alarmed, my body tense, I immediately relaxed once I noticed it was just Kelsey.


She gave me a half smile, slowly making her way over to me. “You okay?” She muttered, now standing beside me.


I averted my gave elsewhere. Shrugging, I licked my lips. “I guess.”


“You seemed really upset back there… are you sure you’re fine?”


“What do you think Kelsey?” I sighed. “The cops are after me and now the hit on Luke is being held back.” I shook my head. “I can’t catch a break.”


“Hey…” She pressed a hand to my back. “Everything will be okay. I’ll talk to Carly and with a little convincing, I’m sure she’ll come through.”


“It’s not that.” I mumbled. “It’s the fact that everything is happening so fast, I never have time to just relax.”


“Being in this kind of lifestyle can really tire you, huh?” She murmured, her voice as soft as the wind.


“You have no idea.”


Biting her lip, Kelsey looked down at her feet before staring off ahead of her into the sky. “I’m sorry.”


I furrowed my eyebrows, turning to look at her. “For what?”


“Everything.” She shrugged. “For not leaving when I should of in the woods, being stupid enough to get inside the car with Andrew, my parents, me getting into countless fights with you…”


I shook my head. “It’s not your fault. I should have made sure no one was around. I should have just told you about Jen and half the time, I egg on the fights. If anything, we’re both at fault. Don’t pin everything on you.”


“If I would have just minded my business, you would have taken care of Parker and none of this bullshit with the cops would be happening right now.”


“Hey,” I leaned over, grabbing her chin, turning her head to face me. “I don’t regret for one second finding you in the woods. If it weren’t for you, I would have gone on with life, miserable to say the least. You gave me something to hope for.”


A small smile pulled at her lips. “You’re just saying that. But, thanks.”


I frowned, my eyebrows pulling themselves downwards. “What? No.” I shook my head, taking a step closer to her. “I’m serious Kelsey. After the bullshit with Jen, I gave up on humanity. I didn’t give a shit about anything or anyone then you came along…” I shook my head, pressing my body against hers. “Ilove you.”


“I love you too.” She whispered against my lips and I hadn’t even noticed I moved in until I felt her breath clash with mine.


“You’re so beautiful, you know that?” I questioned while roaming my eyes around her face and down her body before looking back up into her eyes once more.


Biting her lip, she pressed her lips against mine and instinctively, my hands met around her waist.


Wrapping her arms around my neck, she pulled me closer and at that moment, all worries vanished into thin air and all I cared about was Kelsey.


Pressing her up against the tree, I broke apart enough to travel my lips down her neck where I left several kisses. “I love you.” I murmured into her skin.


“I… love… you… too…” She spoke between heavy breaths, her nails clawing into my scalp.


Moving back up to her lips, I slid my tongue in without permission, fighting for dominance amongst hers as I tasted all she had to offer.


Kelsey began tugging at the hem of my jeans and that’s when I knew we had to stop. “I’m going to miss this…” I muttered against her lips once I pulled away.


Confusion flashed through her eyes. “What do you mean?”


I sighed, licking my lips, savoring her taste. “After tonight,” I looked into her eyes, knowing this was going to be hard for the both of us. “I can’t be seen with you.”

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