Danger (Justin Bieber)

This story is by Jileyoverboard.
The reason i do this, is because it is an amazing story that i want you guys to read and share with your friends
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62. “No one said you had to listen.”

Kelsey’s Point of View:


“Kelsey!” I heard my mom call out my name from the bottom of the staircase.


Furrowing my eyebrows, I dropped the book I had been reading onto the comforter of my bed before rolling off and onto my feet. “Yeah?” I held onto the side of my door, my head poked outside of it.


“Come down here, your father would like to have a word with you.” I could sense the strain in her voice knowing how I felt about my father at this moment but for the sake of her, I pushed my hatred aside.


“Okay, I’ll be right down.” Closing my door, I threw a sweater on over my tank top before re-opening it, walking out and jogging down the stairs. Stepping off the last step, I turned to my left to see my dad standing near the coffee table, both him and my mother engrossed in a hushed whispers conversation.


“Hi dad.” I mumbled awkwardly, not knowing whether or not he was still pissed at me or not. I shuffled on my feet, avoiding any type of eye contact.


“Kelsey,” He breathed out, shocked to say the least that I had agreed to come down. “How are you feeling?”


“Fine.” I replied, monotone. If he thinks I forgave him for what he did, he’s got another thing coming.


“Look, I know you’re angry with me but I would like to have a word with you.”


“Okay,” I shrugged, gesturing with my hands towards him. “Talk.”


“Kelsey…” My mother murmured softly, shaking her head softly but my dad cut her off short before she had a chance to say anything else.


“It’s alright Melissa,” My dad turned his gaze from my mom to me, staring sadly into my chocolate eyes. “She has every right to be upset with me.”


I pressed my lips together in a firm line, not sure how to react to his calmness. I expected yelling or at least the shadow of a scowl on his lips but all I saw was the faint whisper of an understanding smile.


I looked away, not being able to hold his scrutiny.


“Can we sit and talk?” Sitting down, he signaled with his left hand towards the space next to him, wanting me to assemble next to him. I hesitated before nodding and walking over to him. Sitting a few feet away from him, I laced my fingers together on my lap.


My mom watched us from where she stood, hope twinkling in her eyes and I knew that she wanted us to make up.


A part of me did too.


“What do you want to talk about?” I mumbled, slicing through the silence, wanting us to get this over with already. I hated sitting and cumbersomely looking around, waiting for the other to say something.


It was a complete waste of time.


My dad shifted in his seat, keeping his posture precise, his tongue coating a layer of saliva across his lips as he gulped. “I would like to talk about last night.”


“Dad—” I began but was soon cut off when he raised a hand to hush me from continuing.


“No, Kelsey.” He shook his head. “I have to let this out.”


I nodded, letting him know I was listening.


“I was way out of hand. I should have never put my hands on you. You are my daughter and I love you. Nothing will ever change that. We make naïve decisions but at the end of the day, I helped conceive you, you are a part of me and I shouldn’t have let what happened… happen.” Sadness leaked in his brown irises, tears blurring his vision. “I’m sorry.” He whispered, looking down at his hands.


My mom cupped her mouth as she stared over at us with tears in her eyes too.


I frowned. “I’m sorry.” I overlapped his hand with mine. “If it wasn’t for me screaming, you would’ve never hit me. I was way out of line last night. I was just so overwhelmed and I wasn’t thinking straight.”


“Honey,” He took his other hand and covered mine so that my own was gently pressed together in the middle. “You have absolutely nothing to apologize for. You were standing up for what you believed in. If I was in your place and someone was telling me I couldn’t see your mother, I would have gone crazy too.” A soft chuckle escaped his lips.


I smiled, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear before sighing. “I know what happened at the diner was a lot to take in. Trust me, if I was in your place, I would have had a heart attack too seeing my daughter caught in the middle of a gun but you have to understand that Justin was protecting me whether or not it looked that way.”


My dad didn’t say anything. Instead, he let me talk, listening to everything I was saying and I couldn’t help but grin, knowing that I had finally gotten through to him.


“Was it dangerous? Yes, without a doubt. Could I have died? Possibly but the fact of the matter was that I didn’t.” I sighed, remembering the events that occurred back at the diner. “All you could see was the gun in Justin’s hand. Admit it; you didn’t even see Luke with his.”


“I was put to shock to say the least, Kelsey. I was told by Carly that he was a criminal and at first we believed him but then your mother and I thought about it and we came to the conclusion that we hadn’t met him ourselves so we couldn’t judge. Do you know how embarrassed I was when I realized that all that Carly had said was true?”


“But, it’s not!” I cried, pulling my hand away from his. “Justin does stupid things, yes but he isn’t a criminal. He had a gun for protection because yes, he has enemies. He took it out not to be a ‘thug’ as you see him as but to make sure Luke didn’t try anything on me.” I shook my head. “You don’t understand him like I do.”


“Then explain it to us, Kelsey because your mother and I would like to know.” My dad folded his hands together, his eyebrows pulled to meet in the middle in a determined manner.


“Mom knows it’s just you who can’t see past the mistakes.” I mumbled bitterly. Biting the inside of my cheek, I took a deep breath. “Justin went through a lot, things that isn’t my business to tell you guys about but he does what he does because that’s what he grew up knowing. He’s been lied and deceived to so many times by those he trusted and loved, he couldn’t bring himself to trust anyone and believe it or not, I changed that. He was ruthless and bitter because he didn’t want to let anyone in but I broke down that wall and saw the loving and caring guy that later became my boyfriend.”


“We all make mistakes, we all do things we can’t take back but that doesn’t mean were horrible people.” I countered sharply. “Nobody’s perfect and that includes Justin.”


This seemed to have quieted my father because he contemplated what I had just told him.


“You saw the real Justin at the diner; the respectful, sweet and amazing guy that I grew to love.” I shook my head. “If you can’t see him for who he truly is then I don’t know what to do anymore.” Standing up, I was just about to walk up the stairs when my dad stopped me.


“Wait,” He called out.


I came to an abrupt stop, turning around and crossing my arms against my chest, a scowl on my lips. “What?”


Sighing, he stood up. “I’m sorry.”


I furrowed my eyebrows together, wanting him to elaborate.


“You’re right. Nobody’s perfect and I shouldn’t judge him by his wrong doings.” Wiping his, what I assumed was sweaty, palms against his dress pants, my dad stared over at me. “I should be thankful instead.” Smiling, he slid his hands into his front pockets. “Thankful that you’re still standing in front of me right now, instead of planning your funeral.”


“Geez dad, way to put it lightly.” I laughed nonchalantly, shaking my head.


Shrugging, he smiled, holding his arms out to me.


Smiling, I walked over to him, throwing my arms around his neck and pulling him into a hug. I squealed as I felt the floor disappear from under me while my dad twirled me around.


Settling me on my feet, his arms still around me, he brushed the hair that fell in front of my face away. “I love you.”


“I love you too dad.” Hugging him once more, my cheek pressed to his chest, I let out a sigh of contentment.



Justin’s Point of View:


After I dropped Kelsey off at her house, I went back to mine. Killing the engine to my car, I stepped out, making sure to lock it before jogging up the front porch steps and opening the front door, closing it behind me. Walking into the living room, I plopped myself down on the couch, my legs spread out in front of me, my hands settled on the back of my head as I closed my eyes.


It wasn’t long before I came home that the guys came into the room, talking amongst themselves—loudly, may I add.


I groaned in annoyance. “Can you guys quit quarreling like a bunch of girls and shut the fuck up?” I spat, throwing my arms in the air.


They immediately grew quiet, staring over at me in shock. “Bieber? Where did you come from?” Bruce asked curiosity in his tone.


“My mom’s pussy.” I shot back sarcastically with a roll of my eyes.


The boys snickered.


“Obviously,” Bruce shot back. “I meant like when did you come back? When we came, you were gone.’ He stated a matter-of-factly.


Probably went to get kinky with his girl at her house instead of continuing their fun upstairs.” Marcus chuckled, earning a glare from me.


“Shut up.” I spat. “I just went to drop her off then I came back. Where were you guys? I didn’t see any of you this morning.”


“We left to get a set peace of mind.” Marco settled himself on the couch across from me. “You weren’t exactly the quietest last night.” He smirked.


I shrugged. “No one said you had to listen.”


Bruce sat down as well, an amused smirk on his face.


“It’s kinda hard considering all we could hear was Kelsey screaming your name as if her ass was on fire.”


“Don’t be mad because you can’t get any.” I sneered in mockery causing the guys to “ou” in sync with one another.


Anyways,” John emphasized, cutting our conversation short. “From all the noise last night, I’m guessing you guys are back together?”


I shrugged. “I guess.”


“What do you mean, you ‘guess’?” He stared at me with confusion, not knowing what I meant by that.


“What’s wrong with you? You seem tense.” Bruce exclaimed, butting into me and John’s conversation.


“I was brought back to the fact that I can’t see her as much as I used to anymore.” I mumbled.


“Now, what do you mean by that?” He raised his eyebrows.


“She can’t always sneak out and I’m not exactly on the best of terms with her parents.”


“They’ll come around.” Marco comforted.


“Highly doubt it. They hate me and I honestly don’t blame them. I’d hate the kid that nearly got my daughter shot.”


“You’d kill the kid much less hate him,” Marco laughed. “But that’s beside the point.”


I chuckled softly, knowing he said was true. “They were in a state of shock but trust me, sooner or later, they will come to terms with the fact that you were just trying to protect her.”


“I hope so.” I murmured. “Call me crazy but I can’t live without her. She keeps me sane.”


The guys laughed, nodding their heads in agreement.


“Is Bieber growing soft?” Marcos pursed his lips, grinning stupidly.


“For my girl? Yes.” I grinned. “Business wise? No.” I leaned forwards, my arms hanging off my knees.


Bruce chuckled. “Glad to see you finally settle down Bieber.”


“Especially with someone normal.” Marco chimed in, earning a series of laughter.


I smiled. “Glad you guys approve.”


“I approved of her since the beginning.” John exclaimed proudly.


“And from what we heard last night, I’m pretty sure she’s good in bed too.” Marcos added with a playful nudge to my shoulder after he settled in next to me on the couch.


“My lips are sealed boys.” I smirked causing them all to groan.


“Come on, you gotta let us know something.” Marcos protested playfully.


I was just about to say something back when my phone rang, shutting everyone up. Sliding it out of the back pocket of my jeans, I looked at the screen seeing Kelsey’s name light it up.


“Let me guess, it’s your girl?” Marco stood up, looking downwards at me with a smirk.


I grinned, sliding my thumb across and unlocking it before pressing it to my ear. “Hello?”


Marco raised an eyebrow, his mouth falling to the shape of an ‘O’. “Okay,” He put his hands up. “I see how it is Bieber. Picking your girl over your bros. Alright,” He pouted his lips, shrinking away from me as Bruce, John and Marcus stood up, following him out of the room.


Marcus stepped back before disappearing around the corner, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.


I shot him the finger before returning my focus back to the call, Marcus’s laughter ringing in my ears as he walked away.


“What are you doing?” She asked causally, the creaking of her bed heard, indicating that she had sat down on it.


“Nothing, I was just chilling with the guys. Why, what sup?” I leaned back on the couch, kicking my feet up on the new table we got about a week ago after I broke the other one.


I could sense the happiness radiating from the silence that overcame her. Chuckling, I licked my lips. “Babe?”


“Guess what?” She squealed and I couldn’t help but laugh.




“Guess!” She ushered childishly and I could just picture her smiling with her legs crossed on the bed.


I ran my other hand through my hair, ruffing it up a bit in the back before latching onto it with my fingers and yawning. “I don’t know babe.”


She let out a frustrated sigh. “You are no fun.” She mumbled.


I chuckled, releasing my hair and sitting up straight. “Babe, really? I really don’t know so how could I possibly guess?”


“You’re killing the mood.” She sing-sang in a know it all voice.


“How am I killing the mood?” I spoke incredulously. “You’re the one asking a ridiculous question.” I rounded back at her.


“It wasn’t even a question,” She muttered. “I was just trying to do something fun but whatever.” She sighed. “I’ll just tell you another time—”


“No,” I interrupted her. “Just tell me now.”




“Kelsey…” I groaned, throwing my head back. “Don’t do this right now. Don’t fight with me.”


“I’m not.”


“You are.” I countered. “And I don’t want to fight with you.” I spoke truthfully. “We do enough of that as it is.”


Silence fell amongst us before Kelsey took a deep breath. “You’re right… I’m sorry.”


I shook my head in reference to what she said despite the fact that she couldn’t see me. “It’s fine. Just tell me what you called about.”


“Welllll,” She dragged the word out lazily, a hint of teasing in her tone. “I talked to my parents today—or well, rather, they talked to me but whatever, moral of the story is…”


I sat up straight, curiosity getting the best of me. “What did they say?”


“I’m getting there, be patient.” She laughed. “Okay, so, first my mom came to my room after you dropped me off and wanted to talk so I let her in. I expected her to yell at me but she didn’t. She apologized.”


My eyes widened, quite surprised to be honest. Her mom isn’t a bitch you want to fuck with. I’m surprised she didn’t kill Kelsey though mother or not, I would’ve killed her if she touched my girl but that’s beside the point.


“She said she didn’t mean for everything to get so carried away and get this,” She paused. “She told me that despite how she feels about you, she can see how much you love me.”


I froze; not knowing what to say or do, stunned is an absolute understatement at this point. “She what?”


Kelsey giggled. “She told me that she saw the way you looked at me when Luke grabbed me. She saw that you cared about my safety.”


I scoffed, not being able to believe this. Why couldn’t she see that before?


“What about your dad?” I gulped, knowing he was the toughest to break down when it came to me.


“Oh,” Kelsey paused again for dramatic effect, knowing he was the most anticipated in this situation. “He apologized too.”


I nearly choked on my spit. “Are you fucking with me babe?”


“No,” She laughed. “He apologized for hitting me—”


“Wait, what?” I quickly sat up, wondering if I heard her right.


“Nothing.” Kelsey quickly covered herself up.


“When were you going to let me know this little bit of information?” I hissed, not being able to believe her own father had the nerve to put his hands on her.


“I… forgot.”


“How the fuck do you forget?”


“Justin…” She sighed. “Please, he didn’t mean to. Okay? Don’t get mad.”


“How can I not fucking get mad, Kelsey? He put his fucking hands on you!” I raged, feeling the need to go to her house and punch his face in.


“Justin, calm down, please.” She whispered.


I shook my head. “Whatever. You’re so fucking lucky I love you enough not to go over right now and kick his sorry ass.”


“Justin!” Kelsey scolded. “He’s still my dad!”


“Exactly! He’s your dad, what man puts his hands on a woman much less their daughter?” I scoffed, shaking my head. “A bastard, that’s who,”


“Justin…” Kelsey sighed. “Stop it. I know what he did was wrong but he’s still my father and if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here right now.”


“Technically your mom gave birth to you so if I should thank anyone for your existence, it’s her.”


“Well he helped make me.” She pointed out knowingly.


“Too much info there babe.” I chuckled.


Kelsey groaned. “You’re such a guy.”


I laughed. “Well, what else happened besides the fact that he apologized for something he shouldn’t have done?” I innocently threw that in her face, emphasizing the fact that it was still wrong, no matter what.


I could picture Kelsey rolling her eyes at me and inwardly smiled. “I talked to him and finally managed to get through to him. He doesn’t like the fact that you had a gun with you and the things you do aren’t exactly the safest but he understands.”


I let out a sigh of relief. “So… does this mean we—?”


“Can see each other without sneaking around?” Kelsey finished for me.


I swallowed. “Yeah.”


Kelsey went mute once more and I was at the verge of flipping out on her when she spoke up again. “He said he doesn’t feel entirely comfortable with it but he accepts the fact that we’re together.”


A smile broke out onto my lips. “Are you serious?”


“Mhm, he said you can come over too. He’d like for us all to have a real dinner without drama.”


I laughed at the irony. Drama surrounding Kelsey and I is never-ending.


“You sure something drastic like the house burning down won’t happen because I’m sure they’d blame that on me too though I’d probably be in the bathroom when it happens.” I teased earning full on laughter from Kelsey on the other line.


“Shut up.” She giggled.


“You know it’s true.”


“I know that’s the funny part.” She let out a soft chortle.


Just as I opened my mouth to say something else, the doorbell rang. Furrowing my eyebrows in confusion, I waited for one of the guys to answer it but when none of them showed up, I rolled my eyes. Standing up, I began walking to the door. “Babe, hold on. There’s someone at the door.”




Looking through the peep hole, expecting to see someone standing there, I was confused when there was no one. Turning the knob—despite my better judgment—and tearing the door open, I was met with nothing but the darkness that illuminated the sky.


Shrugging, I was about to close the door when I caught sight of a lifeless body sprawled out on my front porch.


“Justin?” I heard Kelsey ask, concern laced in her voice.


Not being able to tear my eyes from the dead body in front of me, I brought my phone back to my ear. “Babe, I’ll call you back.” Ending the call before she had the chance to reply, I put my phone away before covering my mouth from the horrible stench and crouched down.


Brushing the hair away to uncover who it was I held my breath once Kayla’s pale face was revealed. “Fuck.” I spat, stringing together a series of curse words under my breath.


Standing up, I pulled my gun from the back of my jeans, stepping around the body and down the stairs, while holding it out in front of me, I scanned the place for any signs of movement but all that was heard was the rustling of the wind against the trees.


Settling the gun to my side, I turned and walked back up the steps, retrieving back to where I last stood. Glancing back down, I caught sight of a piece of paper attached to her chest. Leaning over, I hesitantly grabbed it before standing back up.


Scanning my eyes across the handwritten words on the paper, my face fell.


Your girl’s next.

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