Danger (Justin Bieber)

This story is by Jileyoverboard.
The reason i do this, is because it is an amazing story that i want you guys to read and share with your friends
So pls don't hate me :((


52. "—my girl was a badass."

Justin’s Point of View: 


“What the fuck are you doing here Kayla?” I snarled bitterly, not wanting her near us, especially Kelsey.


“What?” She arched her perfectly threaded thin eyebrow. “Didn’t think I’d miss a party, do you?” Her red smeared lips twisted up in a wicked grin.


“Yeah? Well you’re not welcome.” I spat.


She narrowed her eyes at me. “Like I care what you think.” She hissed, her eyes staring daggers into mine. “I’m a part of this group too Bieber, whether you like it or not.”


“Doesn’t mean I have to remotely like you,” I shot back distastefully. “So why don’t you just do us all a favor and scram? No one wants you here.”


Everyone stared at us, not knowing what to say or do. The guys especially knew that when we got like this, there was nothing either of them could do to stop it. We would do what we wanted anyways.


“Fuck you Bieber.”


“And catch an STD? I don’t think so.” I countered with a sneer.


“You better watch that mouth of yours, Bieber. I think it’s about time you start treating me with respect besides it’s not like an STD ever stopped you before.” She countered with a smirk.


Respect?” I emphasized with a loud laugh, shaking my head. “What respect sweetheart? If you can’t even respect yourself how do you expect me to?”


Her face fell and anger took place, her face fuming. “You’re a sad excuse for a human being, you know that?”


“I rather be that than a good for nothing slut like you.”


That sent her off the edge because she tried to pounce on top of me but Bruce held her back before she could lay a hand on me. “Okay, stop it!” He screamed, trying to contain Kayla’s frantic nature.


I released my arms from around Kelsey, bringing her to stand beside me just in case Kayla somehow escaped.


“I’m going to kill him!” She raged, trying to claw at my face.


I chuckled, taking a few steps back. “Good luck with that sweetheart.”


I stared amused at how desperately she was fighting against Bruce when we all knew she didn’t stand a chance.


“Can we fucking have one get together without you two getting at each other’s throats?” He spat, clearly annoyed.


“It’s her fault.” I muttered.


“I don’t care whose fault is it, Bieber! I wanted this to be a fun time not a death match between you two!” He roared, not pleased with the way we handled ourselves.


I shrugged. “I want nothing to do with her.”


Bruce rolled his eyes, not wanting to continue this conversation any further. Once Kayla calmed down, he let her go only to have himself hold her back once more when she tried to attack me again.


“You’re only making a fool out of yourself, I hope you know that.” I smirked. Watching her squirm was funny.


Kelsey remained silent, now staying beside me and not moving an inch. I could tell she wasn’t pleased with the whole showdown and her resentment towards Kayla was obvious.


I pulled her into my side, giving her a kiss to the temple. “You okay?” I murmured into her ear.


She nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine.” She looked up at me, giving me a small smile.


I pressed my lips to hers only to have Kayla interrupt.


“Aw,” She cooed, a fake smile smeared on her lips. “Aren’t you two just adorable?” Sarcasm dripped heavily from her words.


Kelsey pulled away, licking her lips while turning to face her. “Excuse me?” She raised her eyebrows.


Kayla pursed her lips, giving Kelsey the once over. “I don’t think we’ve officially met,” She put her hand out for Kelsey to shake. “I’m Kayla.”


Kelsey stared down at her hand before looking at her face. “Kelsey.” She monotonously spoke.


“Hm,” Kayla pulled her hand back, her eyes scanning Kelsey as if she were a piece of trash on the floor.


I locked my jaw tight. “Watch yourself, Kayla.” I spat.


“What are you going to do about it, Justin?” She snapped, knowing what I meant.


“What I should have done a long time ago.” I hissed, death flashing in my eyes as they hardened against hers.


“You really need to relax, Justin. You seem a bit… tense.” She smirked. “You should be nice. Maybe I could help with that later.”


I narrowed my eyes, my arm around Kelsey’s shoulders tightening. “Shut up.”


She raised her hands up in defense. “What?” She innocently smiled. “I’m just saying…”


“Do us all a favor and just don’t talk.” I expectorated, irritation rising to its highest peak.


“You make it seem like I tried to commit a crime. I’m just trying to properly introduce myself to your girlfriend. She is, in fact, your girlfriend… right?”


“That’s none of your God damn business.” I icily muttered.


She cocked her head to the side, a sick smile twisting upon her red lips. “I wonder if she knows just how much you’ve been keeping from her.”


Before I could retaliate with an insult, that’s when it all clicked in my head. This bitch thought she had something over me. Something I’ve already handled a long time ago.


I grinned at her idiocy; finding it hilarious how she had no clue that I had beaten her at her own game. “Oh yeah?” I pointed at her. “Wanna bet?”


“No need. I’ll spare your money.” She grinned.


“You sure? Because, really, I’m all up for it.”


“You’re really risking a lot… you sure you know what you’re doing?”


“Hell yeah.” I laughed. “Because nothing you say or do will change anything.”


Kayla shifted her weight to one side. “Why don’t we let Kelsey be the judge of that?”


I shrugged, removing my arm from around Kelsey’s shoulders. “She’s all yours.”


Kelsey gave me a look, not knowing what this was all about but I gave her a reassured smile, letting her know I had this all under control.


As I took a seat across from John, I signaled for him to give me a beer. He gave me a weird look but did as told anyways, handing me a cool corona glass.


I unscrewed the cap, discarding it to the side.


Kayla’s heels clicked violently against the patio floors as she made her way over to Kelsey. I kept a close eye, making sure she didn’t lay a hand on her. “How well do you know Justin?”


Kelsey licked her lips. “Pretty well, I guess.”


Kayla raised her eyebrows. “You guess?”


Kelsey pursed her lips. “Just get to the point.” She spat, obviously not in the mood for this and to be quite honest, I didn’t blame her. Kayla was an annoying twat.


Kayla began to maneuver her way around Kelsey, trying to seem intimidating but I knew my girl well enough to know that no one scared her. Not even me. “Do you know how angry Justin could get?”


Kelsey scoffed. “Obviously.”


I grinned to myself, knowing this was exactly where Kayla was heading with her petty indirect comments.


The guys eyes widened, slowly catching onto it as well but little did they know that I had told Kelsey everything.


“Do you know what he does when he’s angry?” Kayla pressed, now face to face with Kelsey.


“He punches a wall?” She questioned dully, giving off the vibe that what Kayla was trying to tell her was absolutely no interest to her.


“Nope, guess again.” She smirked.


“He… trashes the place?”


Kayla clapped her hands together obnoxiously. “Good guess,” She shook her head. “But no. Want to try again or should I just tell you?”


Kelsey shrugged. “Go right ahead.”


Kayla leaned closer so that her nose was practically touching Kelsey’s. “He comes to my room and… fucks me.” She made sure to get that translated clearly so that each syllable was processed in Kelsey’s mind.


The guys nearly pissed their pants, staring at me incredulously as to why I wasn’t defending myself or saying anything.


Kelsey shrugged. “Is that it?”


John’s mouth fell open in shock to the lack of interest Kelsey had in what Kayla had just told her. I smiled.


Kayla’s smirk slowly fell to a disapproved frown. “What?”


“I said is that it or do you have more pointless shit to tell me?” Kelsey raised her eyebrows.


Kayla seemed to be taken back by this because she didn’t say anything.


“Can I say something now?”


Kelsey took Kayla’s shock as her advantage to continue talking. “Now that, that is over and done with, I’d just like to take this time to tell you that, you’re pathetic.”


I bit back a laugh, trying so hard to contain myself.


“I mean the fact that you seemed so sure of yourself that you knew something I didn’t was pretty entertaining, I’m not going to lie.” Kelsey took this as her opportunity to circle the spot where Kayla stood. “You think I didn’t know that Justin went to you in his desperate need to forget things?”


Kelsey sharply laughed. “Guess again,” She whispered in her ear menacingly. “He did and quite frankly, I don’t care. You see, he did that when we weren’t even together so it doesn’t even count.” She shrugged. “I don’t blame him for going to you honestly because; I mean, look at you…” She took a step back gesturing to her with her hands. “You’re a mess and desperately fraught to get under my boyfriend’s skin.”


Kayla must have come to her senses because she quickly snapped out of her state of shock, her eyes darkening. “If anyone was desperate, it was him. He came to me not the other way around.”


“Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong. You were the one always willing to have sex with him. Despite your little façade you like to pull, I can see right through your little hate act.”


“What act?” Kayla hissed.


“The act where you try to insult Justin and make it seem like you hate his guts when in reality, it’s the exact opposite.”


I furrowed my eyebrows, not knowing where she was going with this. Kayla hated me and vice versa. This seemed to grab the boy’s attention as well because they all sat around, ears alert.


“You don’t hate him, you hate the fact that he’s taken. You’re so used to him always being around, coming to you. You were the girl he went to when things got tough. You were the one he went to, to release stress and once I came into the picture, it all ended.” I humorlessly laughed. “Let’s be honest boo, he’s hot and you know it. You want it and it kills you to know that he’s taken and no way in hell ever coming near you again. You loved being the center of attention, loved being the one Justin came to even if it was just for sex because hell, you got some action from it. Am I right?”


My face fell in realization that she might actually be right.


Kayla stood tall, not saying another word. Her face contorted disbelief that Kelsey had cracked her well-kept secret.


“Now, you’re trying everything you can to get under his skin so he’ll get mad enough to want to have sex with you. You hate knowing that his hate for you is pure and real and he wants nothing to do with you. You want us to break up but guess what, love? I’m not going anywhere.”


I grinned. That’s my girl.


“I’m here to stay and if you don’t like it, then the hell with you. I don’t give a damn.” Kelsey spat. “I’ve had bitches of all sorts try to tear us down but I’m still here and we’re still going strong.” She mischievously smiled her eyes boring into Kayla’s. “Just know this,” She stepped closer to her, her faces inches away. “If you try a stunt like this again, I will personally come after you myself and you don’t want to see me angry because bitch, you won’t know what hit you once I get my hands around that pretty little neck of yours. Got it?”


My eyes widened at Kelsey’s sudden boldness. I guess I did teach her a thing or two even if it was violence. I chuckled at the thought—my girl was a badass.


Kayla growled. “Who the fuck do think you are talking to me like that? Do you know what I could do to you?” Kayla snarled. “I’ll kill you.”


Now, there’s my cue.


“I don’t think so.” I stood up, making my way over to them. Pulling Kelsey behind me, I now got in Kayla’s face. “If you even think for one second, you’ll lay a hand on her, you got another thing coming. I’ll personally murder your ass myself.”


“You wouldn’t touch me.” She spat.


“I don’t like dirtying my hands on scum but if I have to in order to protect my girl, I will.” Licking my lips, I faked a smile. “It’s funny though how everything Kelsey said seems to be true. It all makes sense now,” I nodded, putting the pieces together in my head. “Every time I’d come home and have you breathing down my neck about where I was and if I was with Kelsey…” I scoffed, shaking my head. “The funny thing is you actually thought you could win.”


The air grew thick with tension.


“I’ve had about enough with people trying to bring me down and wreck the good things in my life. I’m done with the bullshit and the threats. I’m giving you one last warning Kayla. Stay away from Kelsey and I or there will be problems.” I leaned down, making sure my eyes were in complete eyelevel with hers. “Luke won’t be the only one ending up dead. You will be too.” I transferred all the energy in my body, translating them through my eyes and to hers, giving her the message loud and clear that I wasn’t joking.


Kayla stood on point, not moving a muscle for what felt like forever until, finally, she broke our gaze, turning on the heels of her shoes and walking away.


Just like that.


“So…” Kelsey turned to us, fumbling on her feet at the awkward silence that enveloped us all. “Who’s hungry?”

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