Danger (Justin Bieber)

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64. “It’s show time, boys.” PART 1

Justin’s Point of View:

“Alright,” Bruce clapped his hands together, letting out a much needed breath as he wiped his face clean of perspiration.

We all had been working on the final showdown between me and Luke for the past five hours without any breaks and to say that we were tired was an understatement. We were completely exhausted.

“We’ve got everything settled now all we have to do is run through it all and make sure it’s perfect. We can’t have ourselves fucking up.” Bruce looked at all three of us, his eyes lingering on me for a while before speaking up once more. “Luke picked the time and place, he knows what he’s doing. We just have to make sure we’re one step ahead of him.”

“How can we do that if we don’t even know what he’s got planned?” Marcus questioned, drowsiness mixed with determination evident in his tone of voice. “I mean, if he picked the place, who’s to say he won’t come out guns blazing?”

I scoffed, shaking my head. “He’s not as stupid as we think. He knows what he’s doing for the most part; he’s not idiotic enough to do that.”

“Listen, we don’t know what he’s capable of. For all we know this could all be a setup. We have to be careful that nothing goes wrong…” Marco exclaimed, putting his two cents in as he voiced his own thoughts.

Before I had the chance to say something, Bruce beat me to it. “—which is why we’re settling it now. We’ve gone through this plan a million times, it’s foolproof. We just have to be positive we do it according to plan.”

I nodded, lacing my fingers together and sitting forwards, my elbows rested on my knees. “He’s right.”

“Of course I am.” Bruce smirked, playfully dusting his shoulders off causing me to roll my eyes.

“Let’s not get cocky now.” I chuckled, licking my lips and focusing back on the task at hand once more. “Now, let’s run by this one more time.” I nodded towards Bruce who honorably did the talking.

“Okay, once we arrive, we stand head to head. I’m assuming he’ll already be waiting for us so we wait for him to come out. Once that’s over and done with, we talk, let him trash us all he wants because by the time we get started, he’ll be begging on his knees for us to stop.”

I smirked, rubbing my hands together. Just to know I’ll finally be able to get the fucker back for all the bullshit he put me and Kelsey through was pumping me up for what was to come later tonight.

I was finally going to get my revenge.

“We’ve got all the guns stashed down in the basement. Justin you’ve got yours on lock in the container which I’m assuming you’ll be using?” Bruce raised his eyebrow at me.

I firmly nodded. “When don’t I use that thing?” I laughed.

Bruce cracked a smile before licking his lips and smiling. “If it comes down to there being a shootout, we’ll be ready for it but be smart about it. Don’t let them know we have them. Let them think they’ve got the upper hand.”

“So that way they think they’re going to win and we can get them when they least expect it.”

“Exactly.” Bruce nodded, glancing around at all of us once more. “Do we understand?”

“Yeah bro, I’ve practically got it engraved into my head.” I chuckled, stretching my legs forwards.

“Good, you should. We don’t want to fuck this up. We’ve let him go one too many times, its about time he pays for what he did to you and Kelsey.”

I pressed my lips together at the thought of my girlfriend who’s currently sleeping by herself in her bed without me there next to her. “Are we done here now?”

Bruce sighed, running a hand through his hair and to the back of his neck where he rubbed it. “Yeah, we’re done for now. Get some rest boys we’ve got a long night ahead of us.” Standing up, he clapped each of our backs before disappearing up the stairs and where I presumed to be his bedroom.

Once the clicking of his door closing was heard, I shot up from the couch, standing up on my feet. Stretching my arms outwards, I cracked my back before walking over to where I had thrown my jacket. Slipping my arms inside, I grabbed my car keys. “I’ll see you guys later.”

“Where are you going?” Marcus asked, his eyebrows pulled together to0 put as one in curiosity.

I whipped around to face him once I wrenched the front door open. “To spend some time with my girl. I’m beat and tired as fuck; all I want is to hold her in my arms. I’ve got a lot of shit to take care of tonight; I want some piece of mind before we set off on destroying Luke.”

They each nodded in unison, understanding where I was coming from.

“Have fun!” John called out after me and I ignored his vibrant smirk as he watched me walk out of the house and down the steps, over to my car.

I settled myself inside before bringing the car to life and pulling the stick shift to reverse, laying one hand on top of the back seat of the passenger side as I stared off behind me. Making sure I pulled out alright before drawing into drive and bolting down the various streets until I had made it to Kelsey’s, I took my keys out, letting them dangle midair as they hung off my index finger while they looped around the base of it before I clutched it into my palm, skidding to the back of her house and taking the ladder up to her room.

Pushing the window open slowly so that I wouldn’t wake anyone up, I made sure to lift each leg over the edge quickly yet quietly, my feet making a soft thump on the ground as I hopped down. Kicking my shoes off, I took off my jacket before pulling my shirt over my head and bringing the blanket that covered Kelsey down, slipping myself in next to her.

Her body heat quickly penetrated against my flesh as I took in a whiff of her natural vanilla scent. My body quickly fell at ease just being beside her, my mind at peace as I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her into my chest. “I love you.” I murmured softly, pecking her hair before laying my cheek against it and letting my eyes close.

The sun peeked through the window, casting a glow over both me and Kelsey as I seethed in a sharp breath, trying to ignore the presence beside me shifting and the light beaming down on my closed eyes.

“Baby?” Kelsey’s quiet voice brought me to open my eyes as I let out a muffled groan, not wanting to wake up.

“Hm?” I mumbled, turning my head lazily as I peeked one eye open, my hand reaching out and taking hold of hers.

“Where were you?” She asked, her fingers brushing against my cheek before cupping it into her hand.

“Huh?” I mumbled, wiping the sleep from my eyes, yawning tremendously, the lack of sleep I had gotten taking its toll on me once more.

“You weren’t here last night when I woke up.” She muttered her eyes firmly placed against mine, creases of curiosity embedding around her eyes.

“What do you mean?” I sat up a bit, my back pressing up against her wall. Rubbing the padding of my thumb against her hand, I squeezed her hand.

“I woke up in the middle of the night expecting you to be here and you weren’t.” She frowned, concerned. “Where did you go?”

“Oh,” I silently cursed under my nose. I was hoping I’d get back without her noticing I had left. “I went back to my place to take care of some things with the guys.”

A look of acknowledgment overcame her features and Kelsey relaxed under my touch. “Oh, okay.”

“Why?” I wondered out loud, pulling my lips into my mouth.

A faint color of red tainted her cheeks. “I just thought you got in trouble by my parents or something.” She laughed lightly.

I chuckled, shaking my head. “If I got in trouble do you honestly think they’d let you sleep through it all? They’d kill you just as much as they would me.”

Kelsey seemed to dwell on what I had just said before bursting out into fits of quiet laughter. “You’re right.” She shook her head. “You would’ve been pulled out by your legs and I would’ve been yelled at.”

“Babe, you and I both know we would’ve died. I think your parents are way past negotiating with us through words.”

Kelsey shrugged. “I’m just glad they didn’t come in here. We have a tendency to be interrupted every time we’re together, if you haven’t noticed.”

“Oh I’ve noticed alright.” I laughed, hooking an arm around Kelsey’s waist and bringing her into my side. “I’m surprised I was able to make love to you without Bruce walking in on us, screaming about god knows what.”

Kelsey squealed at the thought, hiding her face into my shoulder. “Could you imagine? Oh my god…”

I grinned down at her, pecking the top of her head repeatedly. “What am I going to do with you?” I sighed, holding her tighter against me, not wanting to let her go.

“I don’t know.” She giggled, snuggling up to me.

A comfortable silence fell between us but a source of uncertainty still lingered, brewing immensely with each passing second.

“Kelsey—”, “Justin—” We both began at the same time, pausing to reminiscence on what just happened before laughing lightly.

“You first,” Kelsey smiled, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear as she stared up at me with her big eyes.

I shrugged, keeping my gaze firmly placed on hers. “You seem like you’re holding back from something. What’s on your mind, babe?”

Kelsey licked her lips, shifting slightly as she peered nervously into my eyes. “Were you here a few hours ago?”

“Be a bit more specific baby.” I encouraged softly, wondering where she was going with this, my stomach churning uncomfortably.

“I woke around three o’clock in the morning…” Biting her lip, she swallowed. “Were you still here then?”

I thought about it for a second before shaking my head. “No, I left around midnight.” Licking my lips, I chewed the inner layer of my cheek. “Why?”

She shook her head dismissively. “Nothing, it’s just… nothing.” She muttered her eyes hazed over in confusion as she thought long and hard.

“It’s not nothing babe,” I caressed her cheek. “Tell me,” I urged tenderly.

“I just…” She sighed, furrowing her eyebrows. “I felt someone next to me…” She stared across the room towards the open window that brought it a fresh gust of wind.

My heart sank as her words engraved into my head. “What do you mean?” I fumbled on my words, not knowing exactly how to form a coherent sentence without sounding like a complete idiot.

“I woke up to something stroking my cheek but when I looked around, no one was there. I thought maybe you had gone to the bathroom but after five minutes, I realized you left and I was all alone.”

All color drained from my face as I swallowed hard; trying not to think of all the possible scenarios of what happened.

“Are you sure baby?”

She slowly nodded before fading to a shake of her head. “I… I don’t know Justin. It was weird.” She pulled her lips into a thin line, sighing. “Maybe I was just imagining it.” She shrugged, frowning. “It was probably just my hair against my cheek. That happens sometimes.”

I forced a smile on my lips, trying my hardest not to let the new found news take effect on me. Knowing that Kelsey would see right through my façade and ask what’s going on, I knew I’d be prodded into telling her. “Yeah, you’re right.” I kissed her cheek. “It also could’ve been your parents checking in on you.”

“Yeah,” Kelsey nodded. “They tend to do that a lot anyways.” She laughed. “I guess that’s good that you weren’t here then.” She smiled cheekily, pressing her cheek against my chest.

“Yeah… thank God…” I swallowed hard while keeping her in place, my arm never leaving from its position around her. My throat ran dry, my muscles tense, my palms sweaty, and the hairs on my neck standing up. 

“Better keep that girl of yours on lock,” Luke spat knowingly, “because not only am I watching you Bieber but I’m keeping an eye on your little bitch too.”

I gritted my teeth together, my chest rising and falling in anger at the thought of his fingers touching her skin.

“Babe?” Kelsey looked up at me, her hand pressing against my chest as she raised her eyebrows at me. “What’s wrong?”

My jaw twitched, my eyes shading over in faint defeat before they disappeared into a puddle of sadness. “Kiss me.” I demanded, my voice hoarse, my eyes determined.


“Now,” I mumbled, my breathing hitched. When she didn’t move, I tugged on her waist. “Kiss me damn it.” I growled and instantly Kelsey shifted so that she hovered over me before sealing my lips with a kiss laced with love, uneasiness, force and ambiguity.

My hands rose up the hotness of her skin, feeling it burn against my fingers as I pushed her into me, her body now pressed tightly against mine. I dug my fingers into her lower back, my lips feverishly attacking hers.

With one quick movement, I had her under me, pinned against the mattress as I hung over her body, my hands constrained on either side of her head so hard that if I would have removed them a feeble handprint would be shown. Kissing her full on the mouth, I traced her bottom lip before plunging my tongue in, not even waiting for to grant access.

A quiet moan escaped, vibrating against my lips as our bodies tainted in sweat, ready for the next step as I quietly took her body into my hands, looking into her eyes for approval.

Noticing the evident doubt in my eyes, she pressed her lips against my chin, letting me know she was okay.

Without even a sound, my pants and boxers were discarded to the side before I had mended my body with hers, our heavy breathing mixing together as we moved as one.

With each thrust, a newfound moan came from the both of our lips while we tried to be as quiet as possible without attracting any sort of attention from anyone in the house.

About an hour later, I had collapsed on top of her, my body just as worn out. Kissing her on the lips one last time, I rolled off, keeping the sheets tangled around our damp bodies as we tried to regain our normal rate of inhalation.

“Are you going to tell me now or later?” Kelsey spoke up after what felt like hours in our comfortable embrace.

I looked down at her, contorting the best confused expression that I could muster. “What do you mean?”

She sighed, holding the sheet tightly against her chest. “I know something’s on your mind.” She murmured, tracking imaginary shapes onto my bicep.

“It’s nothing.” I shook my head. “I just had a moment of weakness that’s all.”

“For what?” She stared up at me confused, trying to make of what I had just told her.

I pressed my lids together, trying to block out the distant screams in my ears telling me to let her know what was going on. “Forget it.” I fumbled next to her, my eyes bouncing around the room to look at anything but her.

“Don’t do this again, Justin.” Kelsey frustratingly sighed, her fingers now coiled around my arm in a vice like grip. “Tell me and quit stalling. I told you what was up with me, now it’s your turn.”

I pulled my lips into my mouth before letting my shoulders sink against the soft fabric underneath me, knowing she was right. “I just have a lot on my mind, that’s all.”

“Things like what?” Kelsey pressed, trying to get answers from me.

I thought of the first thing that came to mind. “Your parents…”

She moved her head back as if to get a better look at me. “My parents?” She questioned uncertain.

I nodded, watching as her face settled into a state of understanding.

“Babe, you have nothing to worry about. They accepted us.” She smiled, leaning up to brush her lips against mine. “They know how crazy we are for each other.”

I grinned despite our current situation. “It’s about time.” I chuckled. “But it’s not that. It’s the thought of having to face them after all that happened…”

“Justin,” Her lips curled into a smirk. “Are you nervous?” She giggled, thinking that she had gotten me red handed.

I decided to play along, knowing she had fallen for my lie. “Nervous? Me? Justin Bieber?” I chuckled, shaking my head. “No but I am worried about how they’ll react to seeing me again.” I grimaced, memories of that night as the diner replaying in my head.

“They moved on, Justin. You should too.” She smiled, pecking my lips in a loving way. “I’m going to go take a shower.”

I licked my lips, watching as she slipped from under the sheets, grabbing my shirt from the floor and throwing it over her head. It fell loose, stopping just below her knees. I watched, amused. “You look good in my shirt.” I winked as she turned to face me.

“Shut up.” She blushed, turning away and shuffling through her drawers, picking out a pair of jeans, a V-neck, socks and everything else she needed before blowing me a kiss and closing the door behind her.

I waited until the water was heard running before jumping out of bed and walking over to slip on my boxers before grabbing my phone from my jeans. Dialing Bruce’s number, I waited impatiently as it rang once, twice, three times before finally he picked up.

“Hello?” He groggily spoke and I knew I had woken him up from his sleep.

“The fucker has lost his god damn mind.” I spat into the receiver, gripping my phone with such force I could possibly break it from the amount of strength I was putting on it.

“For Christ’s sake Justin, what happened now?” He grumbled, clearly not in the mood for one of my rants but I was on the verge of losing control.

“Not only is the fucker watching her, he’s coming into her room too.” I snarled through clenched teeth, trying to keep my voice civil, not exactly wanting to attract Kelsey’s undivided attention.

This seemed to have caught Bruce’s attention, his bed creaking from what I imagined him to be sitting up. “How the fuck do you know that?”

“Kelsey told me.” I bitterly replied, the fury pulsing through my veins at the thought of his body next to hers.

“She saw him?” Bruce gawked in complete awe, not being able to believe his ears.

“Not exactly…” I sighed, running my fingers through my hair glancing from the wall to the door that led to Kelsey’s bathroom, still aware that she was just a few feet away.

“Alright Justin, I don’t have time for you to be fucking with my head. Either she saw him or she didn’t!” Bruce growled into the receiver his voice penetrating in my ears, rattling my eardrums.

“Listen close Bruce, that bastard touched my girl and I’m about to lose my fucking mind.” I hissed. “She felt someone fucking touching her and I wasn’t there next to her.” I spat. “That’s how I know it was that son of a bitch.”

After several seconds of pure silence a faint “Shit,” was heard.

I tapped my foot impatiently on the floor, biting endless on the layer of my lip, waiting for some other response to come from Bruce.

“Alright,” Bruce sighed heavily, the burden of my problems falling on his already piled on shoulders. “You’ve got to keep a close eye on your girl and let her know she can’t go anywhere by herself. Do you hear me?”

“Fuck, Bruce.” I sighed.

“What?” He spat impatiently.

“She doesn’t know about Luke or tonight. I can’t tell her something like that without her wanting to know the reason behind it.”

“Make something up.” Bruce stated dismissively as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

I rolled my eyes at his idiocy. “I can’t, you idiot. She’ll catch onto my lies and I can’t keep doing that to her. I’m already keeping a lot from her; I refuse to add more.”

“Jesus Christ, Justin…” Bruce muttered, most likely running a hand up and down his face in frustration. “You have to think of something, alright? You can’t have her unguarded.”

I nodded my head even though Bruce couldn’t see me. “I think I’ve got an idea.” The rattling of the door being opened was heard, causing my head to snap over in its direction. “I’ll talk to you later, bye.”

“Bye.” And with that the line went dead, the same time Kelsey walked out with her damp hair cascading down her back, wetting her shirt slightly.

“Who were you talking to?” She questioned while walking over to her dresser and running a brush through her hair.

I shrugged, putting my phone away before walking over to her. “It was no one.” I smiled despite how I was currently feeling, wrapping my arms around her waist and laying my cheek against hers. “Did you have a good shower?”

“Mhm,” She grinned at me through the mirror. “It would’ve been better if you were there though.”

My eyebrows shot up, a smirk finding its way to my lips. “Oh, really?” I emphasized while placing a kiss under her ear.

She closed her eyes under my touch. “Yes,” She breathed out, inhaling and exhaling a shaky breath.

I grinned against her skin before pulling away. “I’m going to take a shower now too.” I turned, grabbing my clothes and heading over to the bathroom.

She gasped, her mouth falling to the perfect shape of an ‘O’. “Tease.” She muttered, disapprovingly with a shake of her head, sending me a glare.

I shot her a sultry wink in return before closing the door behind me.


Kelsey’s Point of View:

What am I going to do with him?

I sighed, laughing lightly. Once my hair was perfectly unknotted, I ran my fingers through it before pulling it up into a loose bun on the top of my head.

Knowing it’d be a couple minutes before Justin came out, I grabbed a bottle of hot pink nail polish before making my way to my messy bed and dropping myself down on it. Leaning over my bent knee, I began painting each toe on my left foot before moving onto my right.

When I was done, I moved onto my fingers and then twisted the top back on the bottle before laying it on the dresser right next to my bed. I blew on each of my fingers trying not to move too much so that I was safe from ruining my perfectly painted nails.

After about three minutes of blowing—no pun intended—Justin came out of the shower with a towel around his waist, water dripping down his chiseled chest and abs before disappearing under the fabric keeping his possessions hidden.

Shaking his head, a few drops falling on my face, Justin walked over to the dresser opposite from my bed. “What are you doing baby?”

“Blowing my nails so that they dry, what does it look like I’m doing?” I spoke incredulously as if it were the most obvious thing in the world before shooting him a quick grin to reassure I was just kidding.

Justin’s infamous smirk found its way up his plump lips as he looked at me through my mirror. “I’ve got something else you could blow.” He licked his lips, winking.

I gasped, grabbing a pillow and chucking it at his back which only caused him to dodge it and laugh hysterically.

“I was just kidding,” He paused, “maybe.”

“Not funny.” I scolded with narrowed eyes.

Chuckling, Justin walked over to me, settling both hands on either side of me as he leaned down to place a gentle kiss to my lips. Pulling away enough to talk but still keeping close, Justin lopsidedly smiled. “I was just kidding babe.”

I slumped my shoulders when my bangs fell in front of my face. Trying to blow them away, they fell back down again. Sighing, I was just about to try again when Justin tucked them behind my ear, leaving a whisper of a kiss on my nose behind as he stepped away. “Do you have any spare clothes of mine babe? I don’t feel like wearing jeans.”

“Yeah, check my top drawers—wait,” I frowned, “I’m still supposed to be mad at you.”

He grinned, shrugging. “I’m too loveable to hate on.”

I raised an eyebrow, staring at him for what felt like ages before finally my face eased down into a smile as I burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” He stared at me amused, grabbing his sweatpants from my top drawer and putting them on before dropping his towel to the ground. “You know it’s true.”

I shook my head, dialing down my laughter. “Yeah, okay.” Playfully sticking my tongue out at him, I stood up to fix my bed when I felt a pair of arms attack me from behind, throwing me back against the bed.

“Justin!” I shrieked, incredulously staring up at him.

A huge smile was placed upon his lips as he held my arms above my head. “Admit it.”

“Admit what?” I giggled, wiggling around, trying to escape his hold.

“That I’m loveable.” He cheesed, waiting for my response.

Knowing that he’d keep me in this position forever, I rolled my eyes. “You’re loveable.” I mumbled.

“What was that?” He teased. “I didn’t hear you.”

“I’m sure you didn’t.” I grumbled, sighing. “I said you’re lovable.”

“I know.” He chuckled, kissing me before releasing my arms and standing up.

“I hate you.”

“No you don’t.” He shot back with a smirk.

“Smartass.” I muttered, going back to striping the sheets from my bed, placing new ones on them after getting them from the cabinets in my bathroom before covering it perfectly placing two pillows neatly on top. “Perfect.” I smiled, staring at my masterpiece.

“Just like you.” Justin mumbled into my hair, his arms around my waist.

I placed my hands on top of his, leaning my head back against his chest. Sighing contently, I arched my back, looking up to get a better look at him, a thought coming to mind. “Justin?”

“Mm?” He looked down at me, his soft eyes meeting mine.

I licked my lips before biting them. “Have you ever thought about the future?”

He didn’t say a word for what felt like forever, his eyes staying on mine before finally, he took a deep breath, exhaling sharply. “What do you mean?”

“Like,” I shrugged. “The future—what do you see?”

He smiled, his arms tightening around me. “You.” Pausing, he rubbed his thumbs against my stomach. “I see you.”

My cheeks reddened, brewing with warmth.

“You’re everything to me, you know.” He stated solemnly after a few seconds. “I don’t know what I’d do without you… just being separated for just a few hours the other night, it felt like a lifetime. It felt like a part of me was missing and it was true because you are a part of me.” He paused, staring lovingly into my eyes. “You’re my life, my heart… when you’re hurting, I feel it. When you’re far away, I crave your touch. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think of you.”

Tears whelmed up in my eyes as I listened to him. Everything I’ve ever wanted to hear from a guy was coming from the one person I ever truly loved and that meant more to me than anything.

“We’re fucked up, I know that. I’m hot tempered, crazy and a pain in the ass. You’re loud, uptight and snappy but that’s what makes us… us. We’re insane together, we say and do stupid things but at the end of the day I would do anything just to put a smile on your face.”

“You’re number one in my eyes and I will do anything and everything in my power to make sure you’re happy. Everything that you are is who I am today. You’ve opened my eyes to the good things in life and showed me that not everything is bad. I know that sounds corny but it’s true. I’ve been screwed over so many times, I never knew what it was like to be able to trust someone and then you came into my life.” Chuckling, he shook his head. “You know, people say that the best relationships start unexpectedly?”

I giggled, wiping my face clean of tears. “No.”

“Well, they do and it’s true.” Justin cracked a small grin, wiping away my tears with his thumbs. Licking his lips, he stared solemnly at me. “You’re too beautiful to cry.” He whispered against my lips.

“It’s happy tears, don’t worry.” Smiling, I turned around in his arms before wrapping my own around his neck and pulling him into a passionate embrace.

Kissing back, Justin held me close before pulling away and pressing his forehead to mine. “I love you.” He murmured.

“I love you too.” I paused, smiling. “So much.”

Capturing my lips in another kiss, Justin pulled me into his chest, hugging me tightly. “You’re my angel.” He whispered, his chest moved up and down in a natural pattern.

I couldn’t help but want to hold onto him forever. Something about his gesture told me not to let him go that if I did, I would regret it. So, I listened to my conscious, keeping myself locked around him for as long as I can.

Something about the way he was perched around me, in a protective manner, I felt a sudden mood change in him.


A long silence followed before he answered, “Yeah?”

“Are you sure you’re okay?” I couldn’t help but shake the feeling that there was something bothering him.

His body froze for a second before he quickly relaxed under my touch, his head shifting to regard down at me. “As okay as ever, why?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know… you seem tense. I know I asked you this multiple times before but I’m just not reassured. Are you positive nothing’s bothering you?”

He cracked a small smile, kissing me gently. “Nothing’s wrong baby, I’m fine, promise. Besides, I don’t care that you ask. It just shows me that you care and that means more than you could imagine.”

I nodded my head, not wanting to push the subject any further. The last thing I wanted to do was get into another argument over something silly.

A knock was sounded at the door causing us both to pull away. “Kelsey? Are you in there sweetheart?”

“Shit,” Justin rasped under his breath, his eyes wide as he frantically looked around for his things, not wanting to leave anything behind.

“Ugh, yeah mom, I’m here.” I called back, looking at Justin with the same shocked look that he had on his face.

“Can you let me in? I’d like to have a chat with you really quick about something.”

“Uhm, okay, hold on a sec, I’m…dressing up!” I bit my lip, inwardly cursing myself for the stupid excuse I have come up with in order for her to stay put outside.

“It’s okay.” Justin whispered. “I’ll just hide in your closet.”

I nodded my head. “Okay, hurry!” I urged him forwards.

Watching him vanish behind the closet door, I took a deep breath, making sure everything was in place before opening the door that led inside my room. “Hey, mom” I smiled.

“Good morning baby,”

“Morning” I smiled, hugging her.

“Did you sleep alright last night?” She asked after pulling away.

“Yep, like a baby.” I giggled, smiling brightly, hoping she didn’t hear anything from me and Justin.

“That’s good.” Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear she laced her fingers together in front of her. “I’d like to ask you something.” She smiled just as big as I did, contentment plastered in her eyes.


“Your father and I were discussing a few things last night and since we’ve come to terms with your relationship with Justin, we would like for him to have a dinner with us, here at home. That way we wouldn’t have to worry about any other enemies of his we don’t know about attacking you.” Though she meant the last of her statement as a joke, I knew a part of her was being slightly serious.

Biting my lip, a series of butterflies eloped inside my stomach and I felt at top of the world. Life couldn’t get any better than this. “Sounds good mom, I’ll let Justin know.”

“Okay and then please inform me of what he says soon so I can get started on dinner.”

“Will do”

Patting my hand, she kissed my cheek before exiting my room and disappearing down the stairs.

When the coast was clear, I let out a huge shriek of happiness, not being able to believe this was actually happening to me.

My parents were actually giving Justin a chance and that meant more to me than they probably knew.

“Someone’s happy.” Justin teased from behind, his body emerging from the compartment of my closet.

I sucked in my cheeks. “Shut up,” I laughed. “I’m just happy they’re giving you a chance.” Turning, I crashed myself against Justin my arms limp around his neck. “I told you they approved.”

Chuckling, Justin pecked me several times, keeping his arms loose around me. “I never said you were lying.”

“You definitely doubted though.”

“Maybe a little”

“Told ya,” I laughed, standing up straight. “So,” I smiled up at him. “Will you be able to come tonight?”

Staring into my eyes, he ran his fingers through my hair, massaging my scalp gently releasing and nodding. “I don’t see why not.”

Squealing, I hugged him tight. “This is going to be so much fun!”

“Oh, tons babe, I can just see the excitement in your parent’s eyes when they see me walk through the front door.” He mocked with a smirk.

“So negative,” I grumbled, shaking my head. “Think positive!” I laughed, squeezing his cheeks in my hands as I planted a sloppy kiss on his lips, never wanting this moment between us to end. “I love you.” I sing-sang, in one of the best moods of my life.

Chuckling, amused with my actions, Justin grinned. “I love you too.” Hooking an arm around my waist, he smiled. “Now, c’mere” Sliding me close, Justin kissed my lips.

“You never get tired of that, do you?” I mumbled against him.

“What? Kissing you?”

I nodded.

He smirked. “Nope”— kiss—“I”—kiss—“don’t.”

“You’re crazy.” I giggled, resting my chin against his chest as I stared up at him with complete adoration, never wanting this moment to end.

“And you’re sexy.” Justin wiggled his eyebrows, smiling at me.

Sighing in satisfaction, I sucked in a deep breath. “Why can’t everyday be like this; loving, peaceful and fun?”

“Because those three adjectives don’t necessarily go along with the life I live baby.”

I shrugged. “We can make it work.”

“Yes, we can.” Kissing me once more, Justin pulled away. “I’ve got to head on over to my place soon.”

“No,” I whined, tightening my arms around him. “Don’t, please.”

“I have to baby; I’ve got a lot of things to cover.” He sadly stared down at me, not wanting to release me either.

“Like what?”

“Don’t worry about it; just keep focus on the dinner tonight. Pick a hot dress and look pretty, not that that’s hard for you because you’re always beautiful in my eyes.”


“I’m serious Kels,” Grabbing my hands in his, he squeezed them reassuringly. “I’ll be here sometime tonight. I may be a little late but I’ll make it.”

“I know you will that’s not the problem Justin. I just don’t want you to go…”

“Kelsey.” He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. “Don’t make this hard.”

“I’m not trying to… it’s just we were having such a good time and I don’t want it to end so soon.”

“Think about it this way, once we get tonight out of the way, I’ll be able to see you whenever I want without having to sneak in.”

I contemplated what he said before finally giving in. “Alright.” I nodded, smiling slightly. “You’re right.”

“Of course I am babe. When am I ever wrong?” He raised an eyebrow jokingly.

Never,” I emphasized sarcastically before rolling my eyes and lightly laughing.

“Exactly,” He chuckled, pulling away from me. “I’ll see you later, okay?”

I nodded, watching as he stared intently at my face as if he were remembering every detail. Grasping my face into his hands, Justin placed a soft yet forceful kiss on my lips, determined to transfer all the passion he could muster onto me before pulling away, his eyes still closed. Taking a deep breath, he stepped back.

“Love you.”

“Love you too.” Giving me one last look, he shot me a reassuring smile before leaving through the window.

I walked over, watching as he skidded over to his car unnoticed. Starting it up, he pulled out of its parked spot before zooming down the street, honking in reference to his goodbye to me.

It’s official. I’ve fallen completely head over heels in love with him.

The last chapter was too long , so i have to cut it in half, but you will get the last part  :))

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