Danger (Justin Bieber)

This story is by Jileyoverboard.
The reason i do this, is because it is an amazing story that i want you guys to read and share with your friends
So pls don't hate me :((


49. "I’ll make it up to you."

Kelsey’s Point of View:


I can’t be seen with you.


My heart stopped beating the second those words escaped Justin’s lips. My body fell limp and my eyes widened. Licking my lips, I tried to wrap my head around what he had just said. After what felt like forever, I finally managed to speak up. “W-What do you mean?”


Justin ran his fingers through my hair while cupping my cheek into the palm of his hand. Sincerity filled his hazel eyes as he stared deeply into my chocolate ones. “I mean what I said,” He sighed, shaking his head. “I can’t be seen with you.”


“Why not?”


“If the cops see you with me, they’ll immediately add you into the investigation list. They’ll ask you anything and everything about me, my whereabouts, how you know me, our relationship… they’ll try to pry information out of you and even though I trust you, it’s them I don’t trust because they know just how to word things enough to get you to confess even if you didn’t think you did or didn’t mean to.”


“I can’t just sit back and wait for this all to blow over." I licked my lips. "It's not that easy, Justin."


"I know it's not baby but you have to." Sighing, he stroked my hair. "Trust me, it's best for both of us."


"But I want to help.” I stared up at him with big eyes.


“You want to help?”


I nodded.


“Then listen to me and just stay away for a few days. It's better that way.”


Biting the inside of my cheek, I shifted my gaze to the floor knowing he was right.


“I can’t have you under pressure especially with your parents knowing about us. If the cops come to your house to question you about me, all hell would break loose.”


While the information sunk in, I nodded my head in understanding. He was right--my parents would first demand to know what the cops were doing at my house and if I told them, they'd kill me. They’d forbid me to see Justin and take Carly’s word over mine and I couldn’t have that happening.


“This fucking sucks.” I muttered lowly, chewing on the dry skin of my lip. “You’re right; we can never catch a break. You more than me but when was the last time we actually spent time together without trouble being right around the corner?”


Justin stared into my eyes with sadness, knowing all that I was saying was positively true. “I know baby,” He murmured. “But, I promise, once this all blows over, I’ll make it up to you. Okay?”


I couldn't help but smile at his solemnity. “Okay.”


Pressing his lips against mine, all the passion and angst he felt, transferred through and I felt everything.


After a few minutes, we finally managed to pull away from one another, our breathing completely hitched as he rigidly tried to contain it back.


“Sooner or later,” Justin mumbled against my lips, “we’re going to make it. I promise you.”


Touching our foreheads together, I captured his lips with mine, giving him a tender kiss before pulling away. “I know…” I faintly smiled. “I’m just going to miss you.”


Justin chuckled. “I’m sure you can manage for a few days.” He winked playfully, leaving a chaste kiss on my cheek.


“A few days?” My eyebrows rose. “Are you kidding me?”


“This is a murder investigation babe; it doesn’t die down in just a few hours.”


I sighed. “Right…” Slumping my shoulders, I looked away, the cold air whisking its way through the both of us.


“Hey,” He gently thumbed my chin, turning my face to him. “I love you, okay? I’m just keeping you safe.”


“I know and I love you too.” I forced a small smile, biting the inside of my cheek.


“You have nothing to worry about…” He whispered. “I’m going to be okay. This is nothing I haven’t done before.”


I nearly laughed to myself, finding it quite humorous how he knew exactly how I felt right now. Letting out a shaky breath, I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. “What if they--”


Justin shook his head. “They won’t.”


“But what if they do--”


He silenced be quickly with a kiss. “They won’t, trust me.”


“I do trust you.” I whispered.


“Then, don’t worry about the what-if’s. Everything will be okay.”


“If you say so…” I muttered, rubbing my hands together to create some sort of friction between the two.


“You cold?”


I numbly nodded.


“Come on, I should probably get you home. It’s getting late.”


“I don’t want to go home yet.” I whined childishly. “This is the last day I get to see you until this whole Parker nonsense is over. I want to spend it with you.”


Justin held my face in his hands. “I know babe but I don’t want your parents to think I’m keeping you. Show them that they can trust you.” When I frowned, he smiled lovingly. “You’ll see me soon. I promise this’ll all blow over quickly.”


“You’re so sure about everything.” I mumbled.


Justin chuckled, pulling me into his arms. “No, I’m just thinking positively. Someone I know once told me that I should stop looking at all the negative in the world…”


A smile broke out on my lips. “I wonder who that was…”


“She was beautiful.”


“Mm, yeah?” I nuzzled my head into his chest.


“Yeah.” He breathlessly replied, a smile on his lips. “She’s perfect too.”


“Is she prettier than me?” I teased.


“No one’s prettier than you.” He murmured into my ear and butterflies instantly swarmed inside my stomach.


“I beg to differ, babe.”


“Don’t ever doubt your beauty baby.” He kissed my hair. “You’re too beautiful to be doing that to yourself.”


I rolled my eyes at his cuteness. “Whatever you say.”


Justin pulled me away from his arms, his hands holding me at arm’s length. “I’m serious, Kelsey.”


I stared up at him. “I know.”


“You don‘t.” He shook his head. “No girl knows how beautiful they are until they believe in it themselves and you need to do just that.”


I smiled. “You’re too cute.”


“I’m just telling you the truth.” He smirked, kissing me on the mouth before bringing me back into his arms, holding me tight. “Besides, I’m not cute.”


I giggled. “Then what are you?”


“I’m sexy.” He chuckled.


“Nope,” I shook my head. “I’m sexy.”


“Then what am I?” He questioned lightheartedly.


“Hot.” I laughed, nodding my head in agreement with the word I had chosen to describe him. “You’re very hot.”


“Why, thank you babe.” He pinched my ass making me jump in surprise.


“Ow! Justin!” I slapped his chest.


He chuckled. “Sorry.”


“No you’re not.” I playfully rolled my eyes.


“You’re right…” He shrugged. “I’m not.”


I gasped, shooting him jokey glares.


Smirking, he kissed me on the lips, sending me to an arousal I never wanted to get out of. I loved the feeling of his lips against mine. “I’m going to miss this.” I muttered against his lips.


“Me too.” He sighed, pecking my lips once more before finally pulling away and grabbing hold of my hand. “Come on, we better get going.”


I sighed, knowing he was right. “Okay.”


Taking the hand he was holding. Justin swayed it back and forth making me giggle childishly.


“I love you.” He sing-sang making me all giddy in side.


“I love you too.” I nudged his side with mine.


Smiling down at me, he pulled me back into the house making sure the door closed behind us before walking back into the living room.


Once we stepped foot inside, all of the guys turned to look at us. They glanced at our smiling faces, holding hands then back at us.


“She actually did it.” Bruce’s eyes widened. “The girl got him to calm down.”


John sat there, smiling at us. “I knew she would.”


“You weren’t joking,” Marcus chuckled. “She really does have him on lock.” He made the sound of a whip, smirking to himself.


The guys laughed causing my cheeks to heat up immensely.


“What are you guys on about now?” Justin growled, shaking his head.


“We expected you to trash the entire lawn outside.” John laughed, shrugging carelessly. “Like you always do.” He added.


Justin rolled his eyes. “Yeah, well, looks like I grew out of it.”


Or,” Bruce emphasized, your girl here has more of a hold over you then we thought.” He smirked.


Justin didn’t say anything.


Bruce turned and looked at me. “I give you props.” He nodded, impressed. “Jen couldn’t even get this boy to quit being reckless. We’d usually let him do whatever the fuck he wanted to let his anger out. Who knew you’d be able to contain that beast inside of him?”


I laughed lightly. “I guess I’m just good like that.” I shrugged.


Bruce smiled, staring intently at me, his eyes scanning me from head to toe as if he was trying to find a flaw. “I like you.”


“Watch it,” Justin spat, his eyes narrowed.


Bruce rolled his eyes. “Calm your balls, Bieber. I meant it in the sense that she’s good for you. She knows just how to deal with you so we don’t have to.” He grinned, earning a few hollers from the guys.


“Ha, ha.” Justin humorously laughed. “You guys are just hilarious.” He emphasized with sarcasm.


“Don’t be a hater.” John teased.


Justin laughed. “Definitely a hater though.” He sardonically remarked.


“You are and it’s okay…” John dusted his shoulders off. “I know I’m hot.” He winked.


A smile pulled at the edges of my lips, taking me back to when I had called Justin hot. I laughed at the memory.


“Whatever.” Justin rolled his eyes. “Anyways, I’m going to take Kelsey home then I’ll be back and we’ll discuss whatever else that needs to be said. Okay?”


They all nodded in sync.


“Bye guys.” I smiled, waving.


They waved back. “Bye Kelsey!” They spoke in unison, their voices fading the moment I had made it outside with Justin beside me.


When he unlocked his car, I got inside, buckling myself in. Justin did as well before starting the car and then pulling out of the driveway.


We sat in silence, chatting about random things. It didn’t take too long before he pulled up two houses down from mine.


I slumped my shoulders. “So this is it, huh?” I sighed, looking over at him.


Justin held his gaze towards the road in front of him before tearing it away to look at me. “I guess so.”


“I don’t want to leave.”


“To be honest, I don’t want you to either.” Justin licked his lips, his hands on the steering wheel. “But you have to.”


“I know.” Unbuckling myself, I leaned over, grabbing his face in my hands before pressing my lips to his.


Justin kissed back with just as much passion behind it as I did before pulling away. “I love you.”


“I love you too.” Giving him one last kiss, I moved back in my seat, opening the door before getting out and closing it.


Waving, I gave him a small smile, blowing him a kiss before walking over to my house. Once I had made it in front of the door, I turned, watching as Justin revved up his car before driving away.


Unlocking the door with my key, I stepped inside, slipping my shoes off.


“Hey sweetie,” I looked up to see my mom making her way down the stairs.


“Hey mom.”


“How was meeting Justin‘s parents?” She asked, making her way into the living room where my dad was seated, watching TV.


“It was nerve-wracking at first but they were really nice people.” I smiled, remembering how much fun I had.


“That’s good sweetheart, I’m glad you had a great time.” My dad spoke up, tearing his eyes from the TV to look at me.


“Thank you for letting me go.”


“Well, it was the least we could do. Justin agreed to come to lunch with us next Sunday and it was the only time available for you to visit his.”


“Yeah but still, I appreciate it.” I smiled.


My dad nodded, sending me a warm smile. “Why don’t you go on up and get ready for bed? It’s pretty late.”


“It’s only eight, dad.”


“But you have school tomorrow; don’t want you to be too tired or late.” He pointed out and I nodded.


“Right,” I headed over to the stairs. “See you guys tomorrow, love you!”


“Love you too.” They called back as I disappeared up the stairs and into my room.


I stripped of my clothes, heading into the shower. It was the only thing to rid me of all my thoughts and calm me down.


Stepping under the steamy hot water, I let out a moan of satisfaction, loving the feeling of the water droplets falling hurriedly against my skin.


Despite my hope to forget, the thought about Justin getting in trouble with the cops couldn’t get out of my head. I wanted to help him, I wanted to make sure he got out of it okay but I couldn’t. I would risk too much and too much pressure would be added onto both our heads.


I wish there could be some sort of way I could help without having the cops know I was in a relationship with him.


Rinsing myself of soap, I shut the water off, taking a towel and wrapping it around my body. Stepping out, I walked into my room, picking out a pair of sweats and a tank top, putting them on.


Drying my hair, I saw my phone buzz from the corner of my eyes. Furrowing my eyebrows, I looked at the screen to see the one name I despised but knew I needed.




Grabbing it, I didn’t hesitate before accepting the call and pressing it to my ear. “Hello?”


“Kelsey… hey, it’s me, Carly.”


“I know.”


“Uhm, listen… can we talk?”


“You want to talk?”


There was a pause.


“We’ll talk… on one condition.”




“You come on over to my house.”


If getting Carly to help Justin was the only way I could help Justin, then so be it. I was going to forgive and forget enough to help him.



About half an hour later Carly had run the doorbell. I quickly jogged down the stairs, passing by my mom who was currently on the way to answer it.


“It’s for me, mom.” I said while grasping onto the door knob.


Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Who could possibly be at the door at this hour, Kelsey?”


“Carly.” Opening the door, I stood there, my eyes landing on the one girl I thought I could trust and maybe I could.


This was not only a way to save Justin; it was also my way to see if she could be trustworthy.




“Hi.” I stepped aside enough to let her walk in. When she hesitantly did, I closed the door. “Just give us five minutes mom. Please.”


“Alright, just five minutes Kelsey and then she has to go home. It’s a school night.”


“Promise.” I said, giving her a hug before walking up the stairs with Carly following behind me. Once we made it inside my room, I closed the door.




“Listen, I don’t have much time. Okay?” I looked at her. “Do you want us to be friends again?”


She nodded.


“Do you want me back in your life?”


She nodded again.


“If you do this for me, I’ll give you another chance.”


“What is it?”


“I need you to lie to the cops in order to keep Justin from going to jail.”

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