Danger (Justin Bieber)

This story is by Jileyoverboard.
The reason i do this, is because it is an amazing story that i want you guys to read and share with your friends
So pls don't hate me :((


26. “If I were you, I’d keep your mouth shut."

I didn’t even realize I had drifted off to sleep until I opened my eyes and saw that it was now almost half past five (due to the sun setting just outside the small window in the room).

I nearly forgot that I was tied down to a chair when I tried to stretch and my back arched. It wasn’t until I looked down at myself that I realized I was no longer on a chair. Instead, I was surprised to find myself tied to a bed instead.

How the hell did I now end up here?

Shuffling, I pulled at my wrists only to see that they were tightly pressed against the bed posts with a rope wrapped around them.

I hissed in pain when I felt the ropes dig into my skin. I groaned in distress, wanting nothing more than to get away from here.

Why do these things always happen to me? Does God really hate me that much?

I felt my stomach plummet to the ground from the worry that began to eat me alive. Was I ever going to get out of here? Was I going to die? Will I be able to see my parents one more time? Will I ever get to see Dennis, Carly or even Justin again?

The tears resurfaced as I sniffled, blinking back the salty substance that begged to escape. There was no way in hell I was going to show these bastards weakness.

Turning my head, I winced at the sting that penetrated from my cheek and neck due to the deep cuts. They felt as if they were on fire. I couldn’t help but bite my lip to keep from letting out a piercing screech.

Fluttering my eyes closed, I decided it’d be best if I let myself fall asleep one more time. Maybe time would move by quicker that way.

The second I calmed myself down, I nearly jumped out of my skin the second I heard the door slam open and the bastard from before came walking in, that same smirk on his face.

If I weren’t scared before, I was definitely terrified now.

“Look who’s awake fellas,” I heard that same annoying taunting voice speak up. The same voice that belonged to the guy who put me here in the first place. The one who swore he’d do whatever he wanted to me.

I gulped down hard.

“Seems like Bieber’s girl here is ready for a little fun. What do you guys think? Do you think she’s ready?” He smirked disgustingly making me fight the urge to throw up.

They all howled like pigs.

I tugged at the ropes once more. “Get me out of these things.” I hissed bitterly.

He chuckled. “No can do baby, I’m going to have my fun with you.” He rubbed his hands together while licking his lips.

“Hey Andrew, do you have the video camera?” He grinned down at me as my eyes widened.

Video camera? For what?

“Yeah man, it’s right here.” I turned to see him hold it up in the air, a look of pleasure on his face.

If I weren’t tied down, I would have knocked him in his face right then and there.

He turned around, walking over to him. “Thanks man,” He grabbed it from him.

“Anytime Luke.”

I felt my throat dry and my brain swirl in confusion. Luke? The one from the diner? My stomach dropped. That’s how he seemed so familiar to me. He was the guy Justin despised. He was the one who stabbed Justin.

And that’s why they took me. That’s how they knew I know Justin.

Fuck my life.

“You’re Luke?” I whispered more to myself then anyone else but I seemed to have spoken louder because he turned to me with that knowing smirk on his lips.

“Oh, so you remember me?” Luke arched a brow.

I kept silent.

“I thought you‘d never come around.” He walked over to the dresser where he laid the video camera down on it. Pulling the flap open, he turned it on where it began flashing red, signaling that it was recording.

“Justin’ll kill you.” I spat with venom, meaning every word I said. From what I could pick up on Justin, he protects the one’s he cares about. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have cared about his gang.

This made him laugh loudly, causing the other two guys to laugh as well. “Yeah? Well, where is he babe? Because last time I checked, you guys got into a pretty heated fight and he didn’t even run after you.”

“You think he’ll just let me run off with some low life scum and not come after me?” I smirked, chuckling lightly myself. “You must be stupider than I thought.” Even though I seemed confident on the inside, I was anything but on the inside.

I didn’t know where the hell Justin was or even if he was coming for me. Who knows? Maybe he’s chilling with the guys back at his place, enjoying his life without me to interfere.

His face hardened as he growled lowly. “If you were so smart yourself, you wouldn’t be saying half the things you are now.” He sneered. “If I were you, I’d keep your mouth shut. The last thing you’d want to be doing is throwing insults at me.”

I narrowed my eyes. “Or what? You’ll slap me again? Cut me?” I scoffed, looking away. “Dirt bag.”

I gasped the moment I felt a fist being collided into the side of my face making me cough unexpectedly and my body to jerk forwards causing the ropes to dig into my skin even further.

Luke grabbed a hold of my face, forcing me to look at him. “You got one hell of a big mouth. You should put it to use bitch.” He spat in disgust, digging his fingers into my skin making me shriek in pain.

Building up all the strength I had left, I looked him right in the eyes, assembling the look of the utmost loathe for this guy before spitting in his face.

“You bitch!” He barked, wiping the spit off his face with the back of his hand before grabbing a hold of my neck as he began choking me.

I gasped for air, my eyes going wide as I tried desperately to breathe again. “St-stop.”

“You’re going to pay for this.” He sneered while giving my neck one last squeeze before pushing me back against the bed.

I gasped for air, coughing violently to regain my normal breathing rate.

His chest heaved up and down, his face red with anger. “You guys can head on out now. Seems like this bitch over here needs to be taught a lesson.” He smirked.

Andrew and the other guy nodded their heads in understanding before walking out, closing the door behind them.

Luke continued to devilishly leer at me while grabbing the hem of his shirt and pulling it over his head, discarding it to the side.

I felt my heart stop and my stomach churn as I watched Luke begin to hover over me. I whimpered under his weight, feeling useless.

“There’s no fighting me now bitch.” He glowered, moving his head down to my neck where he began kissing and sucking on the skin.

“No, stop.” I mumbled, shifting, trying to move under him. “Please.” I begged.

He bit down on my skin, signaling that he wasn’t going to stop anytime soon while he began to tug on my clothes.

I felt the tears resurface as they threatened to fall. “Please, don’t do this. I’m sorry.” I whispered.

“Too late for that now, babe.” He hissed before forcing his lips on mine.

I shook my head, wanting nothing more than for him to get off of me.

Luke, however, didn’t care. He continued caressing my sides while savaging my lips with his own.

The tears began to fall as I weakly tried to pry my lips off of his.

When he finally pulled away, I was almost relieved he had stopped until he began to pull at my shirt, ripping it open with one forceful yank.

“Stop!” I screamed. “Don’t do this! Please, I’ll do anything.” I cried. “Please…” I whimpered.

“No can do baby.” He mumbled against my skin as he began to nip on my exposed chest.

Justin’s Point of View:

When I get my hands on that mother fucker, I am going to kill him. I’m going to make him wish he never crossed me.

Grabbing hold of the steering wheel even tighter, I continued to speed down the roads, not giving a flying fuck that I was exceeding the time limit.

Turning a corner, I felt my heart beat quicken as the seconds passed.

What if she was hurt? What if Luke touched her?

I growled at the thought.

“Calm down man.” John hissed comfortingly. “You need to keep yourself focused on the task at hand. We can’t have you fuming while going in there, it’ll sidetrack you.”

“How the fuck can I calm down when I don’t even know what the hell they’re doing to her? They could have killed her for all I know!” I yelled, feeling the anger double over.

Just the thought of Luke putting his hands on her made me go mad.

“I know, it’s hard bro. I’m not saying you can’t worry but don’t let your hate for the guy get to your head. You need to save her and make sure he pays. You won’t be able to do both if all you’re thinking about is killing him.”

I nodded, trying to calm myself down. John was right. I can’t let this get to me. I have to think straight.

Turning yet another corner, I pressed down onto the gas petal even further, speeding up a bit more, going a bit over 120 mph.

When we had finally reached the area, I slowed down the car, not wanting to bring any attention to me as I slowly and carefully drove through.

The last thing I needed was for Luke’s guys to spot me outside the warehouse.

As I neared Luke’s part of the territories, I spotted the red car that Kelsey had entered back at the diner. I scoffed with a shake of my head. “I knew it. I knew the son of a bitch was behind this all.”

John followed my gaze outside to the car when his eyes narrowed. “So the fucker really did take her.” He shook his head.

I turned the car off, leaning back against the leather seat in my car. “He’s going to wish he never met me.” I leaned over to the glove department, pulling it open to reveal a loaded gun. Grabbing a hold of it, I lent it to John. “Incase I need back up, here you go. Who knows which idiot will start throwing bullets.”

He nodded, grabbing a hold of it and stuffing it behind him. He opened the car door the same time I did as we both shut it quietly.

Making our way to the warehouse, I made sure there were no guys out front before ducking under and squatting down as I walked around the house with John following, towards the back. I pulled the gun from behind me, while turning to John. I nodded to him before standing and kicking the back door down. Holding the gun out in front of me, I looked around and luckily for us, the place was empty.

Soundlessly making our way inside, we looked inside any doorway we found, kicking any closed ones and peeking in through the holes.

Voices were heard from the room adjacent the one we stood in. I listened in to find out that his guys were all seated, chilling in the sitting area.

John pressed his hand to my shoulder, signaling that he had them handled.

I nodded my head, turning briskly to the other side of the room with my back pressed against it. I could see the guys from here. Luke wasn’t there and neither was Kelsey. I felt my stomach twist painfully.

I could see the staircase from here but much to my dismay it was in view of the guys which meant that I wouldn’t be able to get through without them seeing. I gave John a look which he quickly understood what I meant the moment he spotted the staircase as well.

He hid behind a wall, sticking his hand out before shooting several times which immediately caught the guys attention.

I sprinted across the room and up the stairs the moment they all began charging in Johns direction. I would be worried if I didn’t know John had this handled but he’s dealt with shit like this., He knows how to take guys down all at once.

The second I made it to the top, I began walking down the hallway, kicking every door down, desperate to find Kelsey.

It wasn’t until I almost made it to the end of the hallway when I heard whimpering coming from one of the doors I just neared.

I slowly walked over to it. Grabbing a hold of the knob, I pressed my ear to the door, listening in only to hear the familiar voice squeak out a desperate plea for whatever was going on to stop.

That was enough to send me over the edge. Leaning back, I used all my strength to kick the door down. Stepping inside, I looked up to see Luke hovered over Kelsey’s shaking body.

Death flashed through my eyes.

No one touches my girl and gets away with it.

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