Danger (Justin Bieber)

This story is by Jileyoverboard.
The reason i do this, is because it is an amazing story that i want you guys to read and share with your friends
So pls don't hate me :((


45. “I want you so bad.”

Justin’s Point of View:


“What’s wrong with you?” Kelsey asked me the moment I stepped out of my car and walked over to her.


I mentally cursed the way she was able to notice the smallest things about me. For example, when my mood changes, she feels it.


I limply shrugged, cradling an arm around her shoulders. “Nothing.”


A heavy sigh escaped her perfect, heart shaped lips. I inwardly licked my own, wanting to feel them pressed against mine.


“You always say that every time I ask.” She mumbled.


“So, why do you keep asking if you know that’s going to be my answer?” I chuckled, squeezing her into my side.


She rolled her eyes. “Because sometimes, I wish, you’d just be open with me instead of lying all the time.”


I frowned, pulling away from her. “Whoa there babe, I never lied to you.”


“Yes, you did and you still do.” She stated a matter-of-factly. “Every time I ask you what’s wrong, when, for your information, I know there’s something bugging you, you always tell me it’s nothing when I know there’s something. I’ve been with you long enough to tell when you’re not exactly being truthful.”

“Oh yeah?” I chuckled once more. “What makes you think I’m lying now?” I stared down at her with amusement.

“Well, for starters, you slammed your car door shut when you got out and if I’m not mistaken, you nearly killed me for doing that. You treat your cars as if they’re your prize possession and second,” She held up two fingers. “You had this look on your face like you want to run somebody over.”

I nodded my head, impressed at her analogies. “Not bad,” I smirked. “Not bad at all.”

She smiled in achievement.

“But,” I held a finger up, causing her to furrow her brows in confusion. “What makes you think I never lied when I had a straight face on? I mean, let’s be honest babe, when you live in the lifestyle I do, lying is your middle name.” I cheesed down at her. “Besides, it’s way early in the morning. Do you honestly expect me to be happy about that?”


“I just…” She pursed her lips, shifting her weight to one side, “know you weren’t lying.”


I decided to play with her some more. “Well, maybe, when I told you some things, I was lying. I mean, how would you know I wasn’t?”


I could tell I had gotten to her slightly because she began fumbling on her feet, trying to think of how to respond to me. “Maybe I lied when I said you’re sexy.” I grinned.


She let out a small gasp. “You did not!”


I held in my laughter. “How do you know?” I cocked a brow.


She pouted her lips. “Because you wouldn’t lie to me about that.”


“Babe, you think too highly of me.” I chuckled, earning a scowl from her beautiful face.


She crossed her arms against her chest stubbornly, her eyes narrowed at the wall opposite where we stood. “I’m sexy and I know it.”


I couldn’t handle her cuteness anymore--call me crazy, but this girl is just too darn adorable--I burst out into laughter watching as she frowned even further.


“I hate you.” She mumbled, pushing past me and walking up the stairs that led inside the school.


“Wait, babe,” I laughed, running after her. Grabbing onto her arm, I turned her over. “I was just kidding.”


“How do I know you were just kidding?” She mimicked me in a childish voice.


“Babe…” I muttered, cupping her cheek into the palm of my right hand. “I would never lie to you about how…” I chuckled. “Sexy you are.”


She slapped my chest. “You’re such an ass.” She mumbled.


“I’m sorry.” I leaned down so that I was at eye level with her. “I didn’t mean to laugh.” I smiled, stroking the both of her cheeks now with my thumbs.


She stared into my eyes before sighing and looking away. “I still know there’s something bugging you.”


“There was but it’s all over now. You made it all better.” I licked my lips, trying to attract her gaze to mine once more.


After a few seconds, she turned to look at me once more. “Can you just tell me what it was?”


I dropped my hands to my side, knowing that she wasn’t going to let this go. “It was Kayla.”


Her eyebrows threaded together as one as she stared up at me in confusion. “Kayla?” She questioned with uncertainty. “Who’s that again?”


“The same old bitch who just loves to push my buttons.” I mumbled.


She raised her eyebrows, wanting me to elaborate.


I looked around us before pulling her over to one side of the hallway. “She was the one who walked into my room the night that I told you about,” I coughed awkwardly. “Jen.”


Kelsey bit the inside of her cheek, thinking back. “Ohhh,” She emphasized. “I remember her. I couldn’t stand her either.” She pursed her lips in disgust.


I laughed lightly. “That makes two of us babe.”


“Well, what did she do this time?”


I froze, thinking back to how Kayla threatened to tell Kelsey about our past. I contemplated whether or not I should say anything and then decided later would be best. “I’ll tell you later.”


“Why can’t you tell me now?” She moaned in dissatisfaction to my answer.


“Because we have extremely nosy ass people in this school and it’s a long story. One that I would like to tell you when there isn’t a pile of people around us.” I pulled her away from the corner I had brought her in as we continued our way down the hallway.




I leaned now, pressing my lips to hers. I pulled away seconds later. “You talk too much, you know that?”


Kelsey bit her lip, staring at my lips. “Maybe I should talk more often.”


“Why?” I grinned.


“Then you’d have to kiss me more.”


Leaning closer to her, I brushed my lips against hers. “You don’t have to talk for me to do that babe.” Enveloping her lips with mine, I brought her close to my body.

I licked her bottom lip for entrance which she gladly accepted. Sliding my tongue across hers, I groaned, grasping onto her ass with my left hand as I pushed her against the lockers, not being able to control the beast inside.

Kelsey ran her fingers up my back and into my hair, salvaging my lips with her own, and her tongue twisting with mine in all directions.

I felt the eyes of those around us burn holes into my back, giving me a sort of adrenaline to show them just who’s mine and that Kelsey Jones is off limits to any guy willing to be hers.

Pulling away, I leaned my forehead against hers. We were both breathing heavily, staring into each other’s eyes. I was just about to lean in to continue our make out session but her hands on my chest stopped me from doing so. I nodded my head, signifying that I understood she wanted to stop, pecking her lips gently before pulling away and holding her hand in mine.

Fixing her shirt, Kelsey licked her lips, savoring the taste as she blushed tremendously, realizing almost about everyone in the school had seen ouractions.

I chuckled, bringing her closer to me. My lips brushed against her ear as I spoke, “Ignore them. They’re just jealous because you’re mine and I’m yours.”

Kelsey bit her lip, smiling to herself.

I stared down at her as we continued our way to her locker. A part of me pulled at the heart strings, telling me not to tell her about Kayla. That if I did, it could ruin everything but then the other part of me told me that it would be for the best. That Kelsey would rather hear it from me then from Kayla who could lie her way through just to ruin the only good thing in my life right now.


Kelsey squeezed my hand, bringing me out of my trance. “You okay?” She whispered.


I nodded, bringing a smile to my lips. “Yeah, I’m fine.”


She smiled back, nodding her head as she began to twist the dial to the designated numbers on her locker.


I dug my other hand into the pocket of my jeans, fighting with both sides of my conscience on what I should do.


As time passed, I found myself pointing out every little thing I loved about Kelsey. Like how when she was nervous, she’d bit her lip or when she was embarrassed she’d try to hide her face while blushing. I loved the way her lips moved against mine and how she didn’t take my bullshit, she fought back without hesitation…

Eventually, I had named every single thing I loved that I brought myself to the conclusion on what I was going to do and I had decided I was going to tell Kelsey the truth. No matter the consequences.


“Okay, what was it that you wanted to tell me?” Kelsey sat in the seat of my car.


It was lunch time right now and I had texted her to meet me here. I couldn’t handle lying to her anymore nor could I wait until the end of the day.

It was now or never and I had chosen to do it now.

“When I went home this morning, I was thankful that none of the guys were up because to be quite honest, I didn’t want to hear them but of course, Kayla happened to be awake and as usual, she had to make her snarky remarks that made my blood boil. She mentioned you and asked if you were the one I was with last night. I told her it wasn’t her business and then…” I gulped, licking my lips. “She threatened to tell you about…” I trailed off, not being able to finish what I was going to say.


Kelsey noticed my discomfort and immediately, concern took over. Grasping my hand in hers, she ushered for me to continue. “Go on.” She encouraged.


“She threatened to tell you about… our past.” I cringed at the word.


I looked at Kelsey, trying to find any sort of emotion but all I got was a blank expression. My heart twitched when I felt my hand slid from her hold, watching as she brought her hand to her lap.


“What does she mean? Your past?” Kelsey questioned quietly.


I squeezed my eyes shut, shaking my head, mentally cursing how I had let this go as far as it had. “She means as in the times when I was angry, I would…”


“You would what?”


“I would pay a visit to her room…”


Kelsey knew what was coming next, I knew, she wanted to hear it from me instead. “And?” She whispered.


“And I would have sex with her.”


Kelsey didn’t say anything for a while. Instead, she completely numbed from head to toe, her eyes glassed over and in my eyes, she looked as if she was a statue.


The air grew thick and I found myself counting down each second it took for her to say something.


I got up to one hundred when she finally shifted in her seat. I snapped my head up to see her eyes fill with tears. “Kelsey…”


She shook her head, silencing me. Licking the top of her lip, she bit down onto her lower lip. “You’re trying to tell me, that every time you got angry, you’d just… have sex with her?”


I pulled both of my lips inside my mouth, mentally cursing the day I ever laid a hand on Kayla. Torpidly, I nodded. “Yes.”


“Every time we got into a fight, you’d just go off and fuck her?”


“It’s not what you think.” I began but she abruptly cut me off.


“It’s not what I think?” She stared at me incredulously. “I think it’s exactly what I think. You just told me yourself that you had sex with her every time you were angry.”


“Yes but it was before we even got together.”


“Wait,” Kelsey held her hands up, her eyes closed as she shook her head to rid of her thoughts. “What exactly do you mean then?”


“The only time I ever fucked her was when we had just met.” I confessed. “It was back when we fought back and forth and I had a lot on my plate. I had just killed Parker and you saw it. I didn’t know what to do with you and quite frankly, at the time, you annoyed the shit out of me. I just needed an out.”

Kelsey nodded, understanding that. “What about the times we got into fights after we… you know, kissed?” She folded her hands one on top of the other. “I know we weren’t exactly official but…” She shrugged, biting her lip

I looked away, flashing back to the moment John walked into my room and told me about how he knew I had feelings for Kelsey and I had gone to Kayla. I flinched, looking down at my hands.


Kelsey took my silence as her answer and the air around us grew heavier by the second. “Did it mean anything to you?”


My head snapped up. “What? The kiss? Of course--”


“No.” Kelsey shook her head. “What you did with Kayla…”


“Oh,” I licked my lips, chuckling a bit to myself. “Not at all. She was just an escape from my problems, that‘s it.”


Kelsey took in this information, playing with her fingers as I stared at her, wondering what was going through her mind at this point.


“Did you ever… touch her… after, we, got together?”






I nodded. “Babe, I already told you. All that happened before we became anything.”




“Okay?” I asked, uncertain of her answer.


“Yeah, okay.” She shrugged.


I shifted in my seat, staring off ahead of me. After a decent amount of stillness, I decided to break through it. “Do you… forgive me?”


I watched as Kelsey deliberated about her decision before finally, she nodded. “Yes.”


My face lit up. “You do?”


“Yeah, I mean, does it hurt to know that you did that with her? Of course but we weren’t official or anything.” She looked at me. “You had every right to do what you wanted. I had no hold over you.”


“I’m sorry.” I muttered. “I know I should have probably told you this a while ago but I really didn’t think I should.”


“It’s okay.” Kelsey shrugged. “Like I said, we weren’t together.”


“I’m just glad it’s out in the open and I don’t have to worry about Kayla’s annoying ass feeding you lies.”


Kelsey broke out into a small smile. “For a girl who hates your guts, she’s sure obsessed with you.”


I rolled my eyes at the thought of Kayla. “She’s a bitch.”


“You didn’t have any sort of relationship with her before that though, right?”


I shook my head. “Hell no. Are you crazy? She was only good for one thing and one thing only, which I already told you what that was.”


Kelsey let out a deep breath. “Good. The last thing I need is another one of your exes popping up into the picture.”


“Even if Kayla was my ex, which she’s not, you’d have nothing to worry about. You’re my girl now and that’s all that matters.” I thumbed her chin gently, caressing her cheek before pulling away.


“Just so you know,” I turned to see Kelsey fumbling in the passenger seat before crawling over to me, each of her knees placed on either side of me.


I stared up in shock at her sudden boldness, my hands placing themselves on her thighs. “Yeah?”


“If you ever get angry or anything, you can always come to me.” She trailed her fingers from my neck all the way down my chest to the top of my jeans.


I licked my lips, squeezing her thighs, a small groan emitting from my lips. “Oh really?”


She nodded.


“Does now count?” I whispered.


“Are you angry?” She mumbled sexily.


“Very.” I groaned.


“Then, yes.”


I didn’t hesitate to bring my lips to hers as my fingers tangled themselves in her hair, bringing her face closer to mine, my other hand sliding up to her waist.

Bringing her hands up my chest, she wrapped her arms around my neck, her fingers playing with my hair, the lower half of her body grinding against mine.

I moaned into her lips, wanting to feel all over her. All these clothes were getting in the way and at this point, I wanted to feel her skin on mine. “I want you so bad, baby.” I growled lowly into her ear.

“How bad?” She whispered into my neck.

So bad.” I muttered. “You don’t understand how bad I want to feel your skin against mine. My dick inside of you moving in and out, feeling your tightness against me.” I moaned at the thought, grinding my clothed dick against her crotch.

“Justin…” Kelsey moaned into my ear. She trailed kisses down my neck before pulling away and attacking her lips with mine once more, each of her hands placed on either side of my head.

I leaned my hand down to the latch attached to the seat. Pulling against it, I held Kelsey with my free arm as the top of the seat shifted downwards, making it easier for Kelsey and I to move. Moving my hands around her waist, down to her ass, I cupped it into my hands making her moan loudly.

I slid my tongue against hers, tasting her sweetness. She whimpered against my lips making me completely aroused at her innocence.

Twisting us around so that I was hovered over her, I held my arms up on either side of her head, my chest moving up and down rapidly as I tried to regain my normal breathing rate. Brushing the hair that clung to the sides of her face away, I leaned down capturing her lips in a promising kiss, making her forget the world around her.

She bucked her hips upwards, telling me she wanted more and at this point, I was too hot to stop. An idea came to mind as I pulled away, trailing kisses down her neck to her chest, kissing the tops of each of her covered breasts. “I want you so bad.” I whispered.


“Then take me.”


I shook my head. “Not here.”


Kelsey withered under me. “Please…” She murmured.


I flicked my eyes up to see hers closed. “Look at me.”


Kelsey obeyed, opening her eyes and looking down at me.


“How bad do you want it?” I asked, tracing all sorts of patterns with my tongue on her chest.


Kelsey moaned. “So, so bad.”


I moved up so that my face was now in front of hers. “I’ll give you the next best thing.” I licked my lips. “Okay?”

She numbly nodded, not being able to say anything as I traveled my hands downwards, to the buttons on her jeans. I kissed her on the lips as I flicked the button from its hold before pulling her zipper down.

I repositioned myself so that I now cowered over to the side of her body. I placed my right hand on her stomach, rubbing it in circles before descending down to her lower area. I watched as Kelsey nipped at the layer of her bottom lip.

A gasp fell from her parted lips as she felt my hand overlapping her sex. I pulled away, the both of us breathing heavy. “Are you okay?” I whispered, making sure I wasn’t moving too fast.

She nodded.

I kept my eyes on her face while I slid a finger in between her folds, feeling just how wet she was. Using my thumb, I pressed down onto her clit, moving it in a circular pattern to get her ready for what was going to happen next.


“J-Justin…” Kelsey murmured.


I pecked her jaw. “This may hurt a bit because you’re not used to it…”




Kissing her on the mouth once more, I slowly slipped my finger inside of her.


Kelsey arched her back, her moans filling my ears like a perfect lullaby.

I pumped my finger in and out of her slowly, wanting her to get used to the feeling.

Kelsey bucked her hips, telling me she wanted more and that was what I gave her. Speeding my pace, I added in another finger, making sure to curl them inside of her as well, giving her double the amount of feelings she was experiencing right now.


“Oh my God…” She moaned out. “Justin.” She gasped. “I…” She clamped her lips together, not being able to talk anymore.


I knew she was close to her end because I felt her sex squeeze around my fingers. I picked up my pace, moving in faster and just as she was about to explode, I stopped.


“W-What are you doing?”


“I think it’s my job as your boyfriend to make you feel good.” I whispered. “And that’s what I’m going to do.”


Kelsey opened her eyes. “What are you going to do?”


“You’ll see.” I kissed her gently before moving down her body so that my face was just above her crotch. I grabbed the folds of her jeans before sliding them down her legs so that they hung around her ankles.




“Sh, you’re going to love this.” I reassured her.


She nodded, looking down at me to see what exactly I had in mind.


I pulled her underwear off next and that’s when Kelsey froze, her legs closing so that I no longer had a view of her.


“What’s wrong?”


She shook her head and I could see the redness in her cheeks.


“You have no reason to be embarrassed baby. You’re beautiful, okay?”


It took a few seconds but she slowly gave in.


“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” I didn’t want her to think she had to go along with me. “If I’m moving too fast, you can tell me.”


“No, it’s okay.” She took a deep breath. “I’m ready.”


“Are you sure?” I stared into her eyes.




Nodding my head, I pried her legs apart slowly, licking my lips before grasping onto her thighs and moving in between them. I didn’t hesitate to place my tongue against her.

A moan flew from the both of our mouths, mine from being able to taste her and hers from the feeling of ecstasy she was receiving

I began to suck and lick, tasting every inch of her. I groaned as Kelsey tugged against my hair, her moans filling the entire car. I stuck my tongue into her entrance, pumping it in and out as if it were my finger which brought Kelsey over the edge. Releasing her juices, I licked her all up.

When I pulled both her underwear and jeans up her legs, I looked down at her, running my fingers through her slightly damp hair. “Are you okay?”


“Yeah.” She whispered. “How did you learn to do that?”


I chuckled. “Years of practice, babe” I winked.


Kelsey bit her lips. “That was…”


“Amazing.” I finished for her.


She nodded in agreement. “Very.”


I smirked. “Just imagine what I could do to you on my bed.”


“Don’t…” She put a hand on my chest, her lips pressing themselves against my neck before moving up to my ear, “tempt me to find out.”


I groaned, turning my head so that her lips fell against mine. After a few minutes, I pulled away. “As much as I would love to continue this, we have to go back to class.”


“No we don’t.” Kelsey countered.


“We still have about four classes left…”


She shrugged. “So?”


“Since when did you get all badass?” I chuckled.


“The moment I found out just how that tongue of yours works.” She blushed at the words she had just said and immediately, I pulled her into another kiss.


“Trust me babe, I’d love to spend the rest of the day showing you just what I can do but I think its best we go to class. You already missed too much.”

Sighing, Kelsey slumped her shoulders. “Fine.”

I began to move from my position on top of her when I felt myself being pulled down again. “But,” Kelsey turned us over so that she was now on top of me. “Not until I repay you for your services.” She smirked sexily and I swear I would have fucked her right then and there but I held myself back. I was too curious, wanting to know what she meant.


I raised my eyebrows. “What do you have in mind?”


She bit her lip, shrugging. “I’m thinking something similar to what you did to me.”

I was just about to ask what she meant when realization hit and I stared at her in shock. “You want to--”






“No buts’.” She cut me off. “I want to.”


“Babe, are you sure? You don’t have to.”


Kelsey rolled her eyes. “You worry too much.”


“I just don’t want you to regret this…”


“I won’t, promise.” She pecked my lips before repositioning herself and pulling on the strap of my belt from its loop. I watched as she slid it off of me before unbuttoning my pants and pulling down my zipper.

I held onto her hips, watching every move she made.

I leaned up a bit so that it was easier for her to take my jeans off. They hung around my own ankles as Kelsey licked her lips, seeming to be in the zone with what she was doing as she held onto the rim of my boxers.


I grabbed her hands. “Are you sure about this?”


“Yes, Justin.” She huffed, pulling her hands away from my hold and bringing my boxers down, releasing my dick to her eyes.


I chuckled as her eyes widened.




“No.” She replied back too quickly and then I knew for certain that she was.


“Don’t be.” I reassured.


“I’m not scared, Justin.” She spat.


I put my hands up in defense. “Okay, okay…”


Kelsey scowled as she placed each of her hands on my legs. She didn’t hesitate to lean down before opening her mouth and sliding my dick into her mouth.


I rolled my eyes back in pleasure.


Kelsey slid her tongue around the circumference of my dick, sucking on it as she bobbed her head up and down slowly, adjusting to my size.

I ran my fingers into her hair, making sure I had a good hold before helping her with the pace as I moaned.

It’s been a while since I received any sexual bliss. “Fuck, Kelsey,” I groaned.

I don’t know where the fuck she learned to suck like that because before I knew it, I felt her teeth gently scrap against me bringing me close to my release.


Seconds later after Kelsey sucked my length once more, I came into her mouth.


I was shocked to see her swallow while wiping her mouth and pulling my jeans and boxers up just like I had done for her. I ran my hands up and down my face, into my hair before letting out a deep breath. “Holy, shit.”


“Was that bad?”


My eyes nearly fell from their sockets. “Bad? Babe, that was anything but bad. How the fuck did you learn to do that?”


She shrugged. “I don’t know.”


“C’mere.” I grabbed her hand, pulling her up. “Are you okay?”


“Yes, Justin, I’m fine.” She giggled. “You’re acting like I committed a crime or something.”


“I know but for any girl’s first time, it’s nerve-wracking.”


“Well, what can I say?” She smirked. “I’m a pro.” She ‘dusted’ her shoulders off.


I laughed, pecking her lips. “I love you.”


“I love you too.”


“Come on, we better get going now.”


Kelsey frowned. “But, I don’t want to.”


“Babe,” I groaned. “Please?”


She huffed, crossing her arms against her chest. “Fine.”


I chuckled, kissing her nose. “Thank you.”


Kelsey playfully rolled her eyes. “Whatever.” Moving off of me, she sat in the passenger seat, buttoning her pants and making sure she looked presentable before getting out.

I did the same, meeting her in front of my car. “Let’s go.” I nodded towards the school doors.

Kelsey held onto my hand as we walked inside together. Luckily, the bell had not rung yet and there was about two to three minutes left of the period.

We decided to walk around rather than going to the cafeteria being that it would take the time left for the bell to ring to get there.


“So,” I squeezed her hand.


“Yeah?” She looked up at me.


“Are you excited for tomorrow?”


“What’s tomorrow?”


“When you meet my parents…” I stared at her weirdly. “You forgot already?”


“No, it’s just; you said we were going on Saturday.”


“Tomorrow is Saturday, Kelsey.” I lightly chuckled.


“No, it’s not. When you told me last night, it was--”




Kelsey’s eyes widened. “No, it wasn’t.”


I laughed, nodding. “Yes, babe, it was.”


“I could have sworn it was Tuesday…” She shook her head. “I’m such an idiot.”

“No, you’re not. You forgot what day it was, so what?”

“Yeah but if you wouldn’t have brought it up, I would have totally ditched you.”

“Not really. I would have reminded you the day of.”


“You over think a lot, you know that?”

Kelsey smiled. “I know.”

“Just relax.”

Kelsey smiled. “I just hope they like me…” She frowned.

I stopped walking. “What’s there not to like?” Wrapping my arms around her waist, I pulled her close.

“I don’t know.” She shrugged. “I just don’t want to give them a bad impression of me.”

“Just be yourself.”

Kelsey sighed. “It’s not that easy.”

“It is.” I reassured.

“Meeting the parents is a big step in a relationship…I don’t want to mess it up.”

“You won’t, trust me.”

Kelsey still looked doubtful.

I cupped her face in my hands, looking into her eyes. “Do you trust me?”

“Of course I do.” She looked up at me incredulously as if I had said one of the most astonishing things in the world.

“Then trust me when I tell you that they’ll love you.” I paused. “Just as much as I do.” I placed a firm kiss to her forehead.

Smiling softly, Kelsey nodded. “Alright.”

With that, we held hands once more, making it to our next class as the bell rang and the hallways crowded around with students but at this point, nothing bothered us. We were in our own little world and as I walked Kelsey to her class, I gave her a kiss goodbye before going to my own.

As I sat in class, I ran today’s events through my head.

If anyone asked to sum it all up in one sentence, all I’d have to say is that Kelsey and I are one highly dysfunctional couple.

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