Danger (Justin Bieber)

This story is by Jileyoverboard.
The reason i do this, is because it is an amazing story that i want you guys to read and share with your friends
So pls don't hate me :((


60. “I promised that I would keep you safe.”

Kelsey’s Point of View:


What are you doing here?


The moment I saw him standing in front of me, it was as though everything around me froze and all that I had planned to say to him vanished into thin air.


“Well hello to you too.” I sneered in mockery, a lopsided grin placing itself upon my lips.


Justin, however, didn’t find any of this amusing. Scowling, he shook his head. “You shouldn’t be here.” He hissed lowly and I could tell he was trying to contain his frustrations.


My face hardened, all color draining from my face. “And why is that?” I stared up at him with narrowed eyes.


“Because it’s not safe for you.” He shot back defensively and I couldn’t help but scoff at his naivetés.


I raised an eyebrow, not sure if I heard him correctly. “It’s not what for me?”


“Safe, Kelsey. It’s not fucking safe for you to be here.” He hissed venomously, making goosebumps rise on my skin.


“Are you kidding me right now?” I stood up, my body standing a mere foot away from his. “It’s not safe for me?” I emphasized in disbelief. “What about every other god damn time I stood at this specific spot?” I held my hands to my sides, afraid that if I moved them I wouldn’t stop myself from pounding them on his chest.


“I was an idiot to believe it wasn’t. I was too caught up in you that I didn’t think of the dangers that could come with you being here.” He countered a strain in his voice.


“Bullshit and you know it.” I spat, shaking my head. “Why are you trying so hard to act as though this isn’t killing you just as much as it is me?”


“You should leave… now.” He remained stiff, not moving a muscle. “Before anyone sees you.”


“No one’s going to see me.” I spat, irritably. “Sorry to burst your bubble but no one aside from your circle of people ever comes here besides me.”


“And that’s going to change starting today. I don’t want you coming anywhere near here, do you understand me?” He raised his eyebrows questioningly. When I didn’t respond, he decided it’d be best to just walk away.


And that’s what he did. He began walking away from me, his shoulder coming in contact with mine as he pushed past, getting ready to go up the stairs when I turned around quick, catching his arm in a strong grip before he had the chance to completely disappear.


“Don’t do this.” I mumbled willfully, trying to get through that thick head of his. “Don’t walk away from me again.”


It was quiet for a moment as my words sunk into him. Licking his lips, Justin pulled away from me. “Kelsey…” He shook his head. “I ended things for your own good. Last time I checked that didn’t mean you could come here so just leave.” He pointed behind me towards the direction of the road.


I shook my head. “Why are you being so tenacious? You and I both know you don’t want me to leave.”


“What makes you so sure that I don’t?” He retaliated, his face blank of any emotions making it hard to decipher if he was being serious or not.


“Because…” I trailed off, looking away. “If you wanted me to leave, you would’ve just done so. You know, it’s not hard for you to just throw me over your shoulder and take me away…” I hinted towards out very first encounter and I couldn’t help the butterflies that swarmed my stomach at the thought.


Just to know that if I hadn’t have walked into the woods that night of the party to find Carly, I would’ve never met Justin was mind boggling because he turned out to be one of the best things that has happened to me.


If only he could see just how much I needed him right now.


Justin shook his head for the millionth time tonight, not being able to deal with my stubbornness any longer. “John!” He shouted, startling me with his sudden outburst.


Within seconds, John appeared, a look of hope in his eyes when suddenly his eyebrows pulled together to meet in the middle out of curiosity. “Yeah?”


Taking a step back so that John was able to see, Justin looked at me, an expression of solemnity conveying itself across his face as he nodded in my direction. “Take her home.”


John stared through Justin and dropped his eyes to look at me, an emotion I couldn’t quite decipher sketching itself.


“No.” I spat, standing my ground. “That won’t be necessary John because if he wanted me to leave, he could just take me himself.” I shrugged. “Not that it would do anything really.” I shot Justin a smirk, “because I’ll just come right back.”


“Why do you have to be so god damn difficult?” Justin growled, a look of frustration flashing in his hazel irises.


“Oh, I’m difficult?” I pointed to myself. “I’m difficult?” I repeated, emphasizing with sarcasm before scoffing. “You’re the one who won’t quit trying to push me away!”


“I’m doing what’s best for you!”


“No,” I hissed. “You’re doing what’s best for you. You never asked me what I wanted.” Tear whelmed up in my eyes as the memories of tonight when Justin had ended things ran through my heads. “How is any of this best for me?”


“You’ll be safe!”


“I don’t want to be safe!” I screamed. “I want to be with you!” I threw my hands in the air, all the frustrations built up inside of me finally exploding.


“Well that can’t happen.” Justin murmured softly as though he was trying to convince himself that, refusing to look at me as he kept his gaze on the sky above.


“Do you love me?” I asked, a bit on edge of the whole situation.


“What?” He managed to pull his eyes to stare down at me.


“I said do you love me?”


When he didn’t say anything, I took a few steps towards him. “If you tell me you don’t, I’ll leave.” I negotiated. “Tell me you don’t love me and I’ll leave you alone forever.”


“Kelsey…” Justin groaned as he pinched the bridge of his nose.


“Answer me.” I hissed.


He locked his jaw tight. “I can’t.”


My stomach flipped in response to his answer. “And why not?”


“Because I love you, damnit” He shook his head, “and that’ll never change.”


“Then why…” I gave him a look of exasperation. “Why do you keep pushing me away?”


“I don’t want us to go on knowing that with each passing second anything can happen to you.”


I bowed my head, my hair falling in front of my face before I tucked it behind my ears and looked back up at him. “You know how you said you want to keep me safe?”


He nodded, his hands placed back inside his pockets.


“I already am safe.” I whispered. “I feel safe with you and I know that seems crazy… don’t ask me how but I just do.” Licking my lips, I took another step forwards, surprised to see that he hadn’t moved an inch. “Your dad was right, you know.”


He furrowed his eyebrows together in confusion, wanting me to elaborate.


“You give yourself a reason to hurt people you care about so that you can easily blame yourself as to why they left.” When despondency swirled in the hazel pools that were his eyes, I faintly smiled. “You deserve to be happy. Everything that happened tonight was completely out of your control. You couldn’t have stopped it even if you wanted to.”


“I promised that I would keep you safe.” He exclaimed lowly, sadness overshadowing his eyes. “And I almost had you killed tonight.” He reached forwards, cupping my cheek into his palm before caressing it with his thumb. “Do you know what would’ve happened to me if you died?” He paused, closing his eyes for a moment before reopening them. “I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself…” Dropping his hand, he slipped back into the space of his jeans pocket, “which is exactly why I’m letting you go.”


“Justin…” I trailed off sadly.


“People like me don’t belong with people like you. I kill people for a living, I do the unthinkable and in the process I get those I love hurt.” He looked down at his shoes, kicking a pebble from the ground away. “You should be able to walk out the door of your house without having to worry about watching your back to see if anyone will hurt you.” He gulped slowly. “I need to know that you’ll be okay.” He shifted his gaze back to me.


Reaching over, I slid my hand across his neck, holding the base of it as I looked up and into his eyes. “You need to stop thinking about the what-ifs and what you think is best for me.” I mumbled. “It does nothing but drive you insane. I’m alive and I’m breathing. Isn’t that what’s supposed to matter?”


“Anything can happen to you. Don’t you understand that?” He gave me a look of the utmost skepticism.


“Sh,” I shook my head while stroking the skin of his neck with my thumb. “I said no what-ifs, Justin. Let’s just worry about now and the future. ‘Anything’ is anything; you don’t know what we have in store for us.”


“There’s no future between you and I.” He bit the inside of his cheek. “Don’t you see? No matter what, something bad always happens. I’m either arrested, you get taken, and drama from the past comes to bite us in the ass…” He weakly trailed off, knowing he could go on forever if he wanted.


“How can you expect anything good to happen if all you can think about is the bad things?” I stated in disbelief, my hand falling from the touch of his skin. “Do you even remember all the good times we’ve had?”


“Of course I do but it doesn’t change the fact that—”


“We love each other.” I finished for him. “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I’m not letting you go. I’m not going to let you throw away everything you care about because you think that’ll make things better.”




“No.” I sternly spoke, showing him that I wasn’t going to go anywhere no matter how hard he tried. “Stop trying to convince yourself that this is the right thing to do because you know it’s not.”


“Do you want to die? Is that what you want?” Justin stared at me in incredulity.


“Want to know what I want?” I gazed at him with big eyes. When he kept quiet, I took that as my chance to keep talking. “You.” Biting my lip slowly, I took a step forward so that our bodies were now pressed together. “I love you.” I whispered, caressing his skin gently with my fingers and I could already sense the change in his body language.


“Kelsey…” Justin grated lowly, his Adams apple moving slowly down his throat before moving back up. “Don’t do this.”


I moved in closer to his body. “Say it.” I murmured gently, biting my bottom lip, knowing he was close to breaking the wall he had built around him.


Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath. “I…” He paused before continuing, “love you too.”


Smiling softly, I leaned up on my toes before masking his lips with mine.


Hesitating at first, it didn’t take long before his lips began moving with mine. Latching my teeth onto his bottom lip causing him to groan, I slipped my tongue into his mouth, our tongues immediately beginning to fight for dominance.


Cupping his face in my hands, I pulled him closer as his arm hooked around my waist, bringing me nearer to his body. Digging my fingers into the skin of his cheeks, I deepened the kiss, never wanting to let him go.


Mimicking my actions from before, Justin grabbed the base of my neck as he continued osculating me, the love and desperation to keep me adjacent perceptible.


Running my fingers up and into his hair, I latched down onto the ends, pulling feverishly causing Justin to moan into my lips.


Pulling away, Justin pressed his forehead to mine, both of our breathing rigid from how long we had gone without drawing himself; our chests moving up and down at an uneven rate. “We shouldn’t be doing this…” He whispered.


“I didn’t see you complaining before you pulled away.” I countered with a smirk.


“Touché” Justin chuckled before licking his lips and staring down at my own. “I love you so much…” He pecked me. “You know that, right?”


I nodded. “And I love you too.” Biting my lip, I shifted on my feet. “No matter what happens, I’ll always be here.”


Pressing his lips to mine before pulling away again, he shook his head. “The things you do to me…” He mumbled.


Leaning up once more, I enveloped his lips in a kiss, all the emotions built up inside of us traveling through, and setting electric bolts within us.


Wrapping both of his arms around me, his lips moved in sync with mine as everything around us came to a halt, the only sound heard was our breathing.


Trailing his lips across my cheek and down to my jaw, he sucked gently before backing away. Slipping his hand in mine, he turned as he began walking up the steps and into his house.


Opening the door, he closed it behind him, not even glancing towards the living room to make sure the guys were there as he began walking up the stairs that led to the second floor.


Walking over to his bedroom, he grasped onto the handle before twisting it and pushing it open, pulling me inside before he shut it and pressed me up against it. “I love you.”


I smiled. “I love you too.”


Laying each of his hands on either side of me, he stared deeply into my eyes, almost hypnotizing me with his own. Leaning down, he nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck where he began plastering feverish kisses, traveling across my neck to the other side where he continued his magic there.


Squeezing his shoulders, I gasped as his tongue pressed against my burning skin from the intensity built between us.


Traveling his hands so that they fell to my hips, he clutched onto them, keeping me in place as he moved back up to my lips, giving me a sweet kiss before backing up a bit. Holding onto the hem of my thick strapped tank top, he looked at me, waiting for confirmation to take it off.


Biting my lip, I didn’t hesitate before nodding.


Pulling the fabric of my shirt up, my stomach exposed itself to his eyes before my chest was brought to view, my arms flying upwards as he slid the shirt off and threw it across the room.


Grabbing my thighs, Justin pulled me up and instinctively my legs wrapped themselves around his torso where he began walking.


Soon enough my back fell against the softness of his bed, his body crashing against mine though he held his weight up so that he didn’t completely cut off my use of oxygen.


Licking and sucking on my neck once more, he began moving down to the valley between my breasts, my fingers raking themselves into his head full of hair, pulling violently as various moans escaped from my lips.


Kissing down my stomach, I looked down at him, his eyes locked with mine as he stopped just near the button to my jeans.


Flicking it open with just one push of his thumb against the pin, the flaps to my jeans opened, the zipper soon descending downwards as Justin brought himself back up to look down at me. Brushing his fingers against my cheek, he licked his lips. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop if we continue Kelsey…” Justin whispered against my lips, his knuckles caressing the skin on my shoulder, knowing exactly what we were doing and where it was headed.


“Maybe I don’t want you to stop.” I whispered back, cupping the side of his face into the palm of my hand.


Groaning, Justin squeezed his eyes close tight. “Are you sure about this babe?”


“Yes.” I replied, breathlessly.


Waiting a few seconds in case I’d back down, he took my reply as his final answer as he re-latched his lips to mine, our kiss growing heated with each passing second.


Pulling on the belt of his jeans, I undid it, sliding it off from around his jeans and throwing it carelessly on the floor, the only thing on my mind is me and Justin and what we were about to do.


Bringing his zipper down after I took care of the button on his jeans, I was about to slid them down when Justin grabbed my hands, kissing my sweetly and laying them up and over my hand, one of his hands holding them in place as his other brought his jeans down where he soon kicked them off, leaving him only in boxers.


Biting my lip, I moaned as Justin began coating my neck in kisses, his free hand pulling at the material of my jeans where soon enough, I felt  a cold draft flash against my legs and that was when I noticed my jeans were gone too.


Straddling me, Justin pulled away to look at me as he soon pulled at the hem of my panties, bringing them slowly down where soon enough, my sex was revealed to his lustful eyes.


Licking his lips, Justin moaned with just the thought of me naked under him, bringing him to a whole new level.


Moving onto my bra next, Justin slid his hand around to my back where he skimmed against it as it fell limp against my shoulders. Dragging the straps down the length of my arms, he tossed it aside, a look of pure want brewing within his orbs.


“You’re going to love this baby.” He murmured into my ear before he leaned down and overlapped my left breast with his lips.


Gasping, I arched my back, a moan escaping from my lips as I closed my eyes tightly, the feeling unbearable. “Justin…” I mumbled.


Sucking on my nipple, he let go of my hands to caress my other breast before moving his magical lips to move against my breast, his other hand massaging the other.


Pulling at his hair, I moaned even louder than I have before completely losing it once Justin slid one of his hands down the space between my legs where, without warning, he slid a finger into my opening, pumping it in and out causing me to shudder underneath him.


“Relax.” He whispered against my chest. “This is nothing we haven’t done before.”


And I did just that. I calmed myself down as I only paid attention to what Justin was doing, the sensation absolutely amazing.


Rubbing my clit with his thumb in a circular motion, Justin continued stroking his finger in and out of me, bringing me to my peaking point.


“Justin…” I gasped.


Fastening his pace, Justin pecked my lips several times, knowing what was coming next and in just a few seconds, I was brought over the edge, releasing my juices.


Sliding his finger out of me, he licked me up, giving me a cheeky smirk before winking and I immediately blushed, looking down as I bit my lip.


Bringing his boxers down after, Justin positioned himself in between my legs, holding him above me while scanning over my face with his eyes. “You ready?” He whispered. “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” He conveyed, making sure of my decision but I knew this was the right thing to do.


Leaning up, I kissed him. “I want this.”


Nodding, Justin licked my lips before reaching over and grabbing a condom from his side drawer. Ripping it open, he slid it on before slowly entering his length into me, a shot of pain traveling instantly up my legs.


A gasp emitted itself from the both of us, mine from the sting, his from the feeling of being inside of me.


“You’re so beautiful.” He comforted, his lips against mine.


Squeezing my eyes closed together, I dug my nails into his back, wanting the ache to pass over already.


“I’m sorry.” Justin murmured as he kissed my lips. “I promise it’ll blow over baby. Just try not to think about the pain…”


I let out a soft okay as I breathed in and out slowly. I clenched my teeth together once Justin pulled out then moved back in, this time his length traveling farther into me.


“You feel so good, Kelsey.” Justin moaned, slowly moving in and out of me, his full length inside of me now. “Fuck…” He rasped, laying his head down onto my shoulder where he pecked the skin gently.


“Justin…” I gasped, the agony suddenly subsiding, pleasure taking over my body, tickling me from head to toe.


A smirk fell to his lips. “I know baby.” He kissed me on the lips, thrusting in and out of me now, no longer holding himself back from feeling every inch of me.


“You’re so tight.” He groaned, licking his lips before biting down against mine and dragging it down before sliding his tongue into my mouth.


“Justin!” I moaned loudly, my fingers scraping against his back, scratching him immensely from the desire pulsing through me at this very moment.


“That’s right baby…” He exclaimed lowly. “Scream my name baby...”


Pulling his face closer to mine, I stuck my tongue down his throat, not getting enough of him as I moved my hips to join in with his thrusts.


“Fuck, baby.” Justin groaned, pounding into me without a single thought on stopping. “You feel amazing.”


Arching my back, I wrapped my legs around his waist tightly. “Faster Justin.” I gasped. “Move faster.” I practically begged, never wanting this intimacy to end.


“Fucks sake.” Justin moaned, not hesitating to move even faster as he thrusted into me his lips clamping onto my breast once more.


“Justin!” I screamed in ecstasy, feeling myself growing closer and closer to the edge, my walls clamping firmly around him.


“Tell me your mine.” He mumbled into my ear, kissing the skin soon after.


“I’m yours.” I whispered. “And I always will be.”


Kissing my lips, Justin pressed his forehead to mine as he continued stroking himself inside of me before finally; my juices unrestricted themselves for the second time tonight.




As the night grew on, our bodies tangled with the sheets, our legs laced together as Justin continued making love to me. Each kiss memorable, each thrust both rough yet gentle as to not hurt me, his fingers stroking the skin of my legs and arms while his lips found every part of my body.


Sitting in an upright position, Justin brushed the hair that was sprawled down my right shoulder away as he kissed through, moving along to my neck as he trailed across to my left shoulder, his lips like a feather against my skin.


I bit my lip, throwing my head back as he began sucking on my neck, marking me for the third time, his teeth grazing my skin gently as he took every opportunity he had to make sure I felt amazing and wanted.


Doing the same to him, I sucked on his neck, trailing my tongue in a pattern across causing him to growl lowly, showing me that he approved of my techniques. Moving down to his chest, I kissed each visible part of his body, stopping just at the bottom of his belly button.


Grabbing my face into his hands, he pulled me up, kissing me hotly before pulling away and then kissing my nose and forehead, soon traveling to each of my eyes, placing a whisper of a kiss on each before we both moved down to a laying position, his body resting on top of mine.


As time passed, the both of us grew tired and with one last thrust inside of me, Justin let out a growl as he too released himself alongside me, his body crashing down against mine. Pecking me on the lips, he removed himself from inside of me.


Gasping, I moaned softly as Justin laid himself beside me, his arm instinctively falling around my shoulders, pulling me closer to him. Kissing the side of my head, he laid his down next to mine. “I love you.” He whispered.


“I love you too.” I kissed his chest as I laid my head down on top of it, my hand resting on his stomach.

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