Danger (Justin Bieber)

This story is by Jileyoverboard.
The reason i do this, is because it is an amazing story that i want you guys to read and share with your friends
So pls don't hate me :((


7. “I believe my names Justin Bieber bitch.”

Justin had left the room way before the sun came up, leaving Kayla under the sheets alone, the spot next to her vacant now that he left.

Running a hand through his tousled sex hair, Justin let out a much relieved breath. His nerves were calm--as can be and for the moment--for as long as it will last--he was at ease.

Opening the door to his room after unlocking it, it was then when he saw Kelsey sleeping on the floor that brought him back to reality.

As much as she annoyed the hell out of him, he couldn’t help but feel like a dick that she had actually listened to him and slept on the floor.

It must have been hella uncomfortable he thought while sighing deeply and making his way over to her. Glancing down at her, he bit the inside of his cheek. She was beautiful, there’s no denying that but there was something about her that just made Justin want to scream.

Whether it was because she had caught him at his finest moment (sarcasm deeply intended) or how much shit he got into downstairs with Bruce a few hours back, he knew the girl was trouble.

Leaning down, Justin cupped her body into the embrace of his arms, cradling her as if she were a baby before standing up straight and laying her on his untouched bed. Grabbing a blanket from nearby, he settled it on top of her body, where it covered her from her feet up to her neck.

Glancing at her one last time, Justin turned and walked out of his room where he casually made his way downstairs.

Bruce seated in a chair, eating came into view almost instantaneously and a smile found its way to Justin’s lips.

“Yo Bruce,” Justin bellowed, startling Bruce a bit before he realized it was just him and settled down.

“What?” Bruce spat. He wasn’t necessarily a morning person.

Which gave Justin all the more reason to relinquish his anger.

Without a second thought or even a sound, Justin charged towards Bruce, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt, forcing him up and off the chair before slamming him into the wall adjacent where they stood.

Justin didn’t hesitate as he pulled his fist back and collided it to his jaw, receiving a look of pain and a groan of displeasure from Bruce. Pulling his fist back once more he pounded it into Bruce’s stomach then rib. “Next time you dare put your hands on me,“ Justin sneered in disgust. “And threaten to kill me,” He moved closer now, their noses a mere centimeter apart. “You won’t even have a chance to say a word before I get my hands on you.” He dropped his voice down to a whisper, venom dripping with each syllable he pronounced.

Pushing him against the wall with force, Justin backed up and walked away, leaving Bruce in pain behind.

If there’s one thing Justin hated, it was when people tried to outdo him just like Bruce had tried earlier that day.

Brushing his shirt down, Justin hopped up the stairs, walking back into his room where he stripped of his clothes--Kelsey still sleeping--and walked into the bathroom. Turning the shower on, he stepped inside letting the hot steaming water brush against his undeserving skin.

The water tricking down his neck and back brought Justin to complete serenity. He loved taking long showers in the morning because it gave him an escape from reality for just the time being which is why when he had finished washing his hair and had to turn off the water, he felt like going back in for another round.

Drying his hair to perfection, Justin wrapped a towel around his lower half before walking out of the bathroom and into his bedroom where Kelsey laid awake.

Justin grinned. “Morning sunshine.” He teased in a hushed, raspy voice bringing the hairs on her arms to rise.

Kelsey’s POV:

“H-Hi.” I gulped hard, trying hard not to travel my eyes down south to his abs where (from what I could see without looking), were glistening due to the water that trickled down his porcelain skin.

This shit should be illegal. There is no way in hell someone could be so fucking hot.

But then I remembered the party, the murder, being driven here and told to sleep on the floor and instantly, a haze darkened over me.

“Had a good nights rest?” He turned his back to me while shuffling through his drawers, what I guessed to be looking for something to wear.

“Just peachy, thanks for asking. The hardwood floors were just dandy,” I faked a smile his way which only caused him to smirk.

Oh how I wish I could just smack it off his face right about now.

“Well that’s nice to hear. I’m sure my floor loved having your sexy ass sprawled against it. I know I would.” He winked causing butterflies to erupt in my stomach.

I’m starting to feel as if I’m losing my mind. There has got to be something wrong with me. Not to mention, he’s even more bipolar than before and I never thought that could be possible.

I opened my mouth to say something but then shut it once I realized I had no idea what to say to that. Sighing, I rolled my eyes before crossing my arms against my chest and slumping my shoulders.

“What? Cat got your tongue?” Justin laughed, pulling a white v-neck over his head.

“Shut up.” I spat. “You bipolar fuck,”

He froze. “What did you just say?”

I paused for a moment, my eye growing wide as I stared up and into his radiating with anger ones. I cocked a brow up. “What? You turn deaf or something?”

Slamming his drawer shut, Justin made his way over to her. “Listen here you little bitch,” He spit. “Don’t be talking to me like that after I was as kind enough to put you on my bed. If you didn’t realize it, you didn’t wake up on the floor so if I were you, I’d be thanking me. Not insulting.” He sneered.

I bit my lip, wondering what he was talking about. Looking down, it was then that I realized I was in a bed but not just any bed, his bed. My eyebrows furrowed. “How did that happen?”

Justin scoffed. “Idiot,” He mumbled with a shake of his head. “The holy spirit put you there,” Sarcasm smeared on each word. “What do you think Sherlock? I did.” He spat as if it were the most easiest thing in the world.

I paused for a moment, taking this newly found information in. The bastard actually did a nice thing for once. I was actually starting to feel bad. “I’m sorry.”


“I said I’m sorry.” I sighed.

“Ah,” He nodded his head. “That’s what I thought.”

And now I don’t feel so bad about it anymore.

I kept myself from rolling my eyes as they traveled downwards passing his entire wear when I realized he had fully clothed himself. “How did you get dressed so fast?” I gawked, surprised.

“Well, when you were in the middle of insulting me, I managed to dress myself.”

I nodded. All I couldn’t understand was how I didn’t realize he even moved nonetheless dressed. I groaned.

“Stop groaning, that’s so unattractive.” Justin turned to look in the mirror, fixing his hair to its perfect position.

I cocked a brow up. “Excuse me? Who the hell do you think you are?”

“I believe my names Justin Bieber bitch.” He shot me a wink through the mirror being as that I can see his reflection.

I couldn’t help it, I rolled my eyes. This kid was going to be the death of me--whether I meant it literal or not, I didn’t know at this point.

“When am I going home?” I sighed. I began to fumble with my fingers, eager to get the hell out of here and go back home before my parents even realized I had left.

Justin stopped to think, his face holding a solemn expression. After what felt like hours though in reality was only a minute, Justin turned to look at her in the eye. “Today.”

My face brightened instantly. “Really?” I smiled a genuine smile, one I hadn’t showed for a while since I had been abducted.

He shrugged. “Yeah, I have no reason to hold you anymore and to be honest you’re a pain in the ass.”

I sighed happily. Even though I should be insulted he called me a pain, I’ll take it as long as I get to go home.

“But,” He began and instantly my face dropped to a frown once more. “If you even dare open your mouth about what happened back at the party,” I was taken back to how close he now stood to me. “I’ll kill you.” He whispered against my lips before backing away.

I felt my stomach drop.

All I could do was nod in response.

“Let’s go.” He walked over to the door.

“Where are we going?” I furrowed my brows.

“You wanted to go home right?”

I instantly stood up, practically arriving at his side in a second. “Hell yeah.” I answered his question.

He smirked. 

The car ride surprisingly wasn’t as awkward as I thought it’d be. Even though he drove in silence there wasn’t a void around us. It felt . . . Normal. Like I was in a car with one of my friends.

He dug through the pockets of his leather jacket, pulling out a packet of cigarettes, slipping one out before discarding the box back into his pocket and lighting the smoke up.

“You can drop me off here.” I pointed to a bus stop.

“You sure?” He questioned, the smoke laid between his lips as he spoke.

I nodded. “Yeah, my house is just down the corner from here.”

Justin continued driving, turning around the block.

“Where are you going? I said stop at the bus stop.” I turned to look at him, giving him a look of exasperation.

He paused to take the smoke out of his lips, letting out a perfect ring of smoke. “What’s the point in that when I can just drive you home?”

I sighed, sitting back. “Whatever.”

When he neared my house, I told him to stop. He did, to my surprise. To be honest, I expected him to not listen (again) and just continue driving.

I turned to face him. “Ugh, thanks.”

He nodded, taking another drag out of his cigarette.

I pulled my lips into my mouth. This was it, freedom, at last. Just as I grabbed the handle to open the car door, Justin’s voice stopped me. I squeezed my eyes shut.

“Can I have your number?”

My eyes jerked open. I slowly turned to face him, wondering if he was just joking or actually being serious. “You want my number?” I repeated dumbly.

He nodded, his eyes casted to the road in front of him.

I hesitated at first before slowly nodding my head. “Sure.”

Slipping out his blackberry from his jeans, Justin handed it to me where I inserted my number and then handed it back.

“Bye.” I called out before opening the door and stepping out, shutting it closed behind me. I gave a small wave before watching his car drive away and walking up the front porch of my home.

Slipping the key from underneath the welcome mat, I pushed it into the designated spot on the door, twisting it while pushing the door open.

Putting the key back to where I found it, I shut the door to the house, tip toeing inside carefully, so that I wouldn’t wake up my parents.

“Where have you been young lady?”

My heart skipped a beat, my stomach plummeting to the floor. Turning around, I saw both my parents seated on the couch with their evening wear on.

Too late for that now.

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