Danger (Justin Bieber)

This story is by Jileyoverboard.
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59. “He needs to pay for what he did tonight."

Justin’s Point of View:


“What the fuck do you mean Luke? What the hell does he have to do with anything?” Bruce stared at me incredulously, confused as to why I had brought him up. “What about Kelsey man? Did the dinner—”


“There’s no Kelsey, Bruce.” I spat. “Forget the fucking dinner and get your shit together. The hit on Luke happens tonight.” I undid the first few buttons on my dress shirt, my white beater underneath.


“Whoa, whoa, whoa…” Bruce shook his head, trying to wrap his head around what I was telling him. “Calm down bro and tell me what the fuck is going on right now. I thought we were waiting for the right time before we did anything?” He cocked his head to the side. “And what do you mean there’s no Kelsey?”


I shook my head. “We waited long enough. How much longer do we have to take before he pays?” I hissed, aggravation getting the best of me. “The fucker dies tonight.”


“You need to relax, Justin. Don’t think with your ass and use your head. I can tell by the way you’re acting right now—”


“How am I acting like Bruce?” I got in his face; my jaw locked tight, my eyes growing a dark shade. “Huh? How am I acting?” I repeated, death flashing through my eyes, the sudden urge to punch his face in overtaking me.


“Get the fuck out of my face, Bieber.” He spat, resting his hands on my shoulders as he pushed me back. “Or you’ll regret it.”


“Don’t fucking touch me.” I growled, moving away from his grip and shooting a glare his way. “I’ll fucking rock you in the jaw.” I sneered in disgust. “Regret shit is what I’m going to regret. You and I both know I’ll have you on your knees in seconds.”


Bruce didn’t say anything. Instead, he stared at me long and hard, his gaze as sharp as knives. “Something happened tonight, didn’t it?”


“What the fuck are you talking about?” I rumbled, my neck hot with anger. Anticipation began to build up immensely and all I wanted to do at this point was blow shit up, starting with Luke’s head.


His body loosened up a bit, the fury inside of me subsiding as realization began to kick in. “You’re on edge, your tense and you look like you want to kill someone.”


“No shit Sherlock. Did you get that now or before I mentioned Luke’s name?” I sneered in annoyance.

“You’re trying to pick a fight with me because you want to let your anger out and the question here is why you want to and why in God’s name you want to go after Luke tonight of all fucking nights.” He stuck his hands into the pockets of his jeans, standing up straight. “We’re not even fucking ready.”


“What the fuck do you mean we’re not ready?” I growled lowly.


“You can’t just come out of thin air and expect us to drop everything just to put a hit one someone. You have to plan it out first—”


“We already did that.” I hissed.


“But then Parker’s case got in the way and we never set up another date.” Bruce countered.


“This is fucking bullshit.” I spat, clearly annoyed with everything and the only person in the world who could remotely calm me down, I can’t see them.


This fucking sucks ass.


Bruce narrowed his eyes at me. “Why the sudden mood change anyways Bieber? You seemed perfectly fine today and now you’re completely fucked in the head.”


I shot an eyebrow up. Bruce was clearly testing my patience and at this rate, it wasn’t such a smart idea to get on my bad side because I had half a mind right now to rock his jaw. “He put his hands on my gi—Kelsey and nearly raped her. The fuck do you mean why I have a fucking mood change? I always hated the bastard. Besides,” I threw my hands in the air, growing intolerant. “It’s been two weeks! How much longer, do we have to take to kill the fucking bitch?!”


“No.” Bruce shook his head once more, staring me over. “This surprisingly has nothing to do with what happened that night. It’s a part of it but it’s notwhat’s driving you insane right now. You never put a hit on someone spot on.”


“You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.” I hissed. “Stop trying to act like you fucking know me and what’s going on in my head. You know shit.” I spat.


“You’re seriously going to fucking stand there and accuse me of not knowing you? Are you on drugs or what? I practically raised you to be the person you are today. When shit got hard, I was the one who took you in. You may be running shit right now but that doesn’t mean you fucking grew up that way. You seem to forget who taught you the things that you know today.”


I grumbled, not wanting to hear his sudden pep talk. It was only a matter of time before Luke ran off from the cops and I had to get him before he left. “Are you done being a fucking pussy with all this girl talk or are we actually going to get down to business?”


“What’s going on in here?” I looked over to see John walk in with the guys behind him. I strung together a string of curse words. Throwing my head back and pinching the bridge of my nose, I took a deep breath.


The last thing I need is for them to be up my ass like Bruce was right now.


“Justin wants to go after Luke tonight.” Bruce filled them in vaguely, his eyes on me the entire time.


I ran a hand up and down my face furiously. “Can we just get it over with already? We’re fucking running out of time!” I spun around to face him, my jaw twitching in frustration.


“Why?” Bruce hissed. “What the hell are you not telling me Bieber?” Bruce barked.


“He has reasons to want Luke dead, Bruce.” John walked over to us. “The kid went after the person he cared about. I’m with Justin on this one, he needs to pay. I saw what he did to Kelsey man and it wasn’t pretty.”


Thank you! At least someone has a brain here.


“No,” Bruce shook his head. “You don’t understand. I know something else is going on with him. Look at him!” He pointed towards me. “He’s on edge and not even an hour ago he was with Kelsey…”


I clenched my fists together, the mention of Kelsey’s name making my stomach churn painfully at the memories of tonight. “Leave her name out of this, Bruce.”


Bruce narrowed his eyes at me. “This has to do with her, doesn’t it? What happened at this dinner tonight, Justin?”


I shook my head, keeping my mouth shut. “Forget the dinner—”


“God damnit Justin! What the fuck happened tonight?” He bellowed, his voice shooting from all four corners of the room, bouncing back and rattling in my ears.


I couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Luke happened, that’s what!” I screamed, my frustrations getting the best of me. My chest was heaving up and down feverently. “He fucking came into the diner shortly after we did.” I shook my head.


Bruce’s face dropped, surprise taking over, not expecting to hear this. His ears were perked, listening intently to what I was about to tell him. Comprehension seemed to kick in as it all began to make sense to him now.


Shuffling on my feet, I shook my head. “I should gotten them out of there the moment that motherfucker walked in.” I spat, a wave of disappointment contorting through me.


John sighed. “Stop blaming yourself and just tell us what happened.”


I looked away from them, taking a deep breath and letting it out soon after. “Kelsey left to go to the bathroom. I had a bad feeling about it but what could I do in front of her parents?” Shaking my head, I pulled at the back of my hair. “Ten minutes passed by and at this point, I couldn’t wait any longer so I excused myself and went to check on her when I found Luke pressed up against her.” I gritted my teeth, the events from tonight flashing through my head.


Bruce raised an eyebrow. “He had the nerve to go after her?” He stared at me bewildered, not being able to believe what I was telling him.


I nodded. “But that’s not all.” I humorlessly laughed.


Bruce’s eyes widened. “There’s more?”


“A lot more.” I muttered. “I took her away from him before I did something I would regret and just as we reached the booth we were all sitting at, he pulled her away from me, locking an arm around her neck and pressing a gun to her side.”


“He held her at gunpoint?” Marcus asked, stunned to say the least.


My silence answered his question.


Only an idiot would play gangster in a public place. No one in their right mind would ever pull a stunt like that because they knew the risks if they did.


I bit the inside of my cheek. “He fucking threatened to kill her if I or anyone else moved.” I ran my fingers through my hair vigorously; just remembering what happened brought my blood pressure up.


“Did he—”


I shook my head, understanding where his question was leading to. “Kelsey stuck her heel into his foot and he let go before he had the chance to do anything with her.”


When a glow of relief rushed through them, I quavered my head side to side, signifying that nothing from then on was going to get any better just because Kelsey was let go. “To make things even better,” I emphasized with sarcasm, “the owner of the damn diner called the fucking cops.” I let out a deep breath.


“Please don’t tell me Officer Rivera—”


“Showed up?” I finished his thought and when Bruce nodded, I did as well. “Yep; couldn’t say I blamed him when he wasn’t quite surprised to see me.” I shrugged. “Anyways, we were all questioned but luckily for me, I wasn’t held accounted for what happened. Luke was but the prick ran off before the cops arrived which is why we have to kill him now before they get him.”


“That’s a huge risk, Justin.” John murmured sympathetically. “You’re jeopardizing a lot by doing this.”


“I don’t give a damn.” I spat. “He needs to pay for what he did tonight. No one goes after the people I care about without receiving the consequences of their actions. I’m going to have him begging for mercy by the time I’m done with him. He nearly killed her tonight and he would have if Kelsey and I didn’t think quickly.”


John licked his lips, comprehending where I was coming from and just why I had to do this. He knew Luke had to go.


“Jesus Christ,” Bruce murmured, scratching the back of his neck, all the information I had given him settling in his head. “That’s a lot.”


“Tell me about it.” I scoffed.


“Well, what else happened?” Bruce questioned curiously, wonder in his voice.


I furrowed my eyebrows together. “What?”


“There’s got to be more to the story. I can tell by the way you’re standing right now.” He shook his head. You’re on the prowl to legitimately kill.”


“Wouldn’t you want to wreck the person who dared touch your girl?” I arched a brow. When he kept silent, I nodded my head. “Exactly.”


“There’s something else, Bieber and as corny as it sounds, I can feel it. You’re different.” He looked me up and down, trying to pin point exactly what he thought was wrong with me.


My face fell and the palms of my hands dampened. I shook my head. “Nothing happened, other than what I told you.” I mumbled.


“Don’t bullshit. Tell the entire truth for once.” Bruce rasped, trying to pry everything out of me and at this point, I didn’t give a shit anymore.


What else did I have to lose tonight?


“Her parents flipped out, that’s what happened.” I scoffed, the memories clear in my mind. The anger in her father’s face, the disappointment in her mother’s, fear in her brothers and sadness in Kelsey’s. “They want me to have nothing to do with Kelsey anymore and quite frankly, I don’t blame them. I nearly got her killed tonight all because my enemy wanted to get back at me.” Sadness overwhelmed me. “I put her in the line of fire and there’s no way I was going to have that happen again.”


Apprehension maneuvered its way on John’s face as his lips pulled into a frown. “Please don’t tell me you did what I think you did…” He sighed, closing his eyes tight for a brief moment.


I nodded my head, looking away. “I ended things.”


“Fucking shit,” John spat in disbelief. “How the fuck could you do that knowing everything you’ve been through?”


“I can’t have her always being a target, John!” I barked. “It’s bad enough she was taken and beaten up, she was close to fucking dying tonight!” I sighed, “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if anything ever happened to her again…”


“You don’t think she knows that?” John spat. “She knows the risks! She’s been through it all with you and you’re just going to drop her when things get tough?” He shook his head. “This is not like you Justin. You knew the risks of making her your girl from the very beginning but you did it anyways because you loved her enough to keep her safe—”


“Which is exactly what I didn’t do.”


“What more could you want from yourself?” John yelled. “You’re trying! That’s a hell of a lot more than I can say for any other guy with the life we live.”


I shook my head. “Trying isn’t enough—”


“It obviously is for her if she’s stuck by your side all this time.” John pointed out knowingly.


I pressed my lips firmly together. Looking away, I firmly closed my eyes, taking a couple deep breaths. “Are you guys going to help me with Luke or not because I’ll do it all myself if I have to.” I stared at them long and hard before turning and heading for the back area of the house.


When I heard footsteps following mine, I knew they had agreed to help and they had my back.


Just as we passed the opened door that led downstairs into our working area, I felt an arm brush up against mine. "She's everything to you man. Don't let her go because some lowlife scum decided to play badass for one night." John whispered into my ear before walking ahead of me.


I let his words fall through me as they set into my mindset. Shaking my head, I continued to walk forwards.


“Where are the new guns?” Macrus asked while looking all over the place.


“Right in that closet over there, they’re in their cases.” Bruce walked in past me as well, showing Marcus just what he was talking about.


I smirked, watching all the guys go right down to business.


Luke was finally going to be brought down.



Kelsey’s Point of View:


After I broke down on the street, my dad tore me up from the floor kicking and screaming and forced me over to the car where he put me in the back seat alongside Dennis before going to the driver’s side with my mom in the passenger seat and driving off.


Neither one of said a word, the only thing that could be heard was my quiet sobbing.


My heart felt as if it was burning, my face hot with tears and my throat dry. It was as though my whole world was torn apart from the seams right in front of my eyes and the floor from underneath me was ripped away, leaving me to fall into an endless pit of misery.


This wasn’t supposed to happen.


We were supposed to have a good time, share a few laughs, let my parents see the Justin I knew to be loving, kind, good-hearted, and amazing. Things were finally supposedly to be looking okay for us. Happiness was just around the corner, waiting for us to grab it and hold onto it tight but as usual, it was pulled away, parting us to hell.


I didn’t expect to lose the love my life in just the time span of five minutes.


When the car rumbled to a stop, I wrenched the back door open, getting out and slamming it shut behind me.


“Kelsey Anne!” My mother shouted from behind but I didn’t give a shit right now. She could rot in hell for all I care. Slipping the key I always held with me in case of emergencies inside the door, I twisted it, pushing the door open before stomping inside.


“Don’t you dare slam the car door shut like that again young lady!” My dad yelled as he entered shortly after me.


I rolled my eyes, wiping feverently at my face to remove the tears. “I don’t care!”


“Don’t disrespect your father like that Kelsey!” My mom shouted her face red in anger. “You have no right!”


“I have every right!” I screamed, letting my frustrations get the best of me. “It’s because of you guys that I lost the one person that meant everything to me!”


“He’s a god forsaken criminal Kelsey!” My dad yelled, his eyes wide in horror. “How can you stand there and still be fussing over that boy? He did nothing but bring danger into your life!”


“You don’t know him like I do!” I spat harshly. “You know nothing about him!”


“I gave him the chance to get to know him tonight and all he did was showed me how he spends his free time—waving that gun around like he has authority to it!”


“He was protecting me!”


“He nearly got you killed Kelsey!” He shook his head, staring at me with a pure look of perplexity. “He’s got you brainwashed into thinking he’s protecting you! People like that only acre about one thing—protecting them! Don’t you see what this whole charade tonight was about? It wasn’t about protecting you! It was about having an excuse to not have him taken to jail where he deserves to rot!”


“This just proves my point all along. You truly know shit about him or his life.” I hissed disgustingly.


“Look at you, using profanities left and right. You may not be able to see it but as your mother, I do. You’ve changed. You’re so caught up in this fantasy world of your so called boyfriend that you can’t see what it’s doing to you on the outside.” My mom stated confidently, as if she knew what the fuck she was talking about.


I rolled my eyes. “I love him and he loves me—”


“You don’t know what love is!” My dad barked, outrageous.


“I do because Justin showed me it.” I mumbled, shaking my head. “Love is where you give your all to make them smile. Love is when you’ll do anything just to make sure they’re happy. Love is when you do the simplest things just to spend some time with your partner. Love is where you’ll risk everything just to be with them and that is what Justin did for me. He risked his life for me numerous times. He could’ve left me a long time ago but he didn’t.”


“You just met this boy and you already seem to think you know everything about him.” My dad retorted distastefully.


“Speak for yourself.” I countered in a sneer. “I’ve known him far longer than any of you but it’s funny how he knows and understands me more than my own family does.”


“He’s filth.” He spat.


The anger bolted inside of me, shooting upright and before I could even stop myself, I let the words spill from my mouth. “You think you’re so much better than everyone else but newsflash dad, you’re not!”


A slap echoed around the house and I gasped, feeling my left cheek burning from the sudden actions that came from my raging father. Looking up at him, tears of hurt engulfed my eyes, blurring my vision. Cupping my cheek, I took a step back.




“Don’t.” I hissed. “Don’t come near me.” I whimpered, not being able to process the fact that my own father laid a hand on me.


He stepped forwards, trying once more to explain himself but I wouldn’t allow it. A thought came to mind and I couldn’t help but voice it out loud. It was about time they knew just what Justin did for me. “Did you even notice, about two weeks ago, when I came home that I had cuts on my neck and face?”


My dad pressed his lips together, not knowing how to answer that because truth be told, he didn’t notice.


“Of course you didn’t.” I pointed out knowingly in a scoff. “Because all you cared about was why I came home late.” I spat with a shake of my head. “Do you want to know what really happened that night?” I stared up at him.


He seemed to be processing things in his head, confusion tinting his facial expression.


“I was taken by one of Justin’s enemies. You know, the same one from tonight?” I crossed my arms against my chest. “And I know what you’re thinking: I’m just proving to you why you’re oh so right but you want to know why you’re not?”  I didn’t wait for him to answer, already knowing he wasn’t going to so I continued despite the growing tension in the room. “Because Justin could’ve left me to be handled by Luke, he could’ve let Luke do whatever it was that he wanted, which he planned on raping me that night in case you were wondering.” I pointed at him in harsh sarcasm, hatred in my words.


Sorrow flashed through his blown irises as he stared down at me, not knowing how to react or respond.


“But, instead, Justin came looking for me and he saved me from being raped. He grabbed Luke by his shirt and tore him off of me. He busted him up a bit, making sure he wouldn’t do anymore damage for the time being while he walked over to me. He asked me if I was alright and he saw how scared I was so he didn’t push it. He, instead, handed me his jacket to cover my half exposed body and then he beat the living crap out of Luke for touching me.” Wiping my face clean, I licked my chapped lips. “If that’s not love dad then I don’t know what is.”


“Kelsey…” My mom murmured, quite stunned to say the least, her words rendered to a stop.


I shook my head. “He may be living one fucked up life but at least he knows how to treat those he loves. Unlike you,” I faced my dad, “he doesn’t go around smacking me because I said something he disagreed with.” I spat, all the emotions inside of me running all at once.  “I lost the one person I ever truly loved and it’s all because you were too stuck up to see the good in him. You’re so up your own asses you can’t look past the mistakes and see the gold.”


“There’s no gold in rubber.” My dad muttered.


“You’re unbelievable.” I hissed.


“We’re just trying to look out for you—” My mom began taking a step towards me, resulting in me taking one back.


“Look out for me?” I spat in disbelief. “You’re doing the complete opposite but it doesn’t even matter now, does it? Because he’s officially out of my life and it’s all thanks to you guys.” I shook my head. “Congrats, you just completely tore your daughter’s heart apart and broke it into a million pieces. You guys must be so very proud.” Shaking my head, I bit my lip from crying, the overwhelming feeling I was getting unbearable. “I hate you.” I whispered. “Do you hear me?” I sneered. “I hate you!” I screamed before turning and pushing past my parents, up the stairs and into my room where I slammed the door shut and locked it.


I discarded my clothes, feeling disgusting before walking into the bathroom and turning on the shower.


Stepping inside, I let the hot air burn my skin as I seethed in a sharp breath, taking it all in. At this rate, I just didn’t give a damn anymore.


Grabbing the soap bar, I began feverishly rubbing my skin clean of the dirt I felt on myself. Everything was falling down around me and my life as of this moment was hanging on by a thin piece of thread.


After all we’ve been through; Justin let it go, just like that. It didn’t make any sense. He loved me and I loved him. Luke can be handled with; he can be gone in a matter of seconds if Justin truly put his mind to it.


And I know that right now, he was on the verge of losing his mind. I could sense it, I could feel it. I don’t give a damn what Justin said. It isn’t over between us. He’s a part of me now and despite what he said, I’m going to make him realize that us getting together wasn’t a mistake.


I’m going to prove to him just why we were meant to be.


Justin’s Point of View:


“Are you guys ready?” I turned to face all four of the boys behind me, waiting for their answer.


They each nodded, black ski masks covering their faces, guns in their hands for the shooting that was going to go down in just a few short moments.


Everything in me was filed up and I was itching to kill the bastard already. “I can see the fucker’s shadow from here. His guys are in the living room from what I could tell.” Checking to see I had enough bullets in my gun, I locked it shut. “Don’t hesitate to shoot boys. Once we get out and behind the bushes, you do as you’re told. No holding back. We need to make sure he dies tonight.” I paused, remembering something. “Did McCann have the bombs ready in time?”


“Yeah, he made three, just in case the first two didn’t work.” John held up the three small balls that looked harmless but could do more damage then you could ever imagine.


I nodded. “Then it’s ShowTime boys.” Opening the door, I stepped outside, letting the cold night air slap me across the face.


Holding the gun close to my side, I crept with the boys close behind, behind the bushes lined up just across Luke’s warehouse.


Clicking the stem of my gun back, I bit my lip focusing on the task at hand. “Ready?” When they nodded, I smirked. “Let it blow.” I chuckled before bringing the gun in front of me and without a second thought, I began shooting repeatedly, shots being thrown left and right ensuing after mine, firing every visible aspect of the place.


Chaos broke out and I could see from here that Luke and his people were ducking, trying to find a place to hide from being shot at but it was too late now. We got them when they least expected it, just like I had planned.


When my gun ran out of bullets, I turned to John. “Hand me the bombs.”


John turned to me, bringing his gun down from shooting as he nodded. Grabbing the bombs, he put them into my hand.


Standing up, I signaled the guys to stop. “Enough. Let them think they’re safe.” I muttered in a low gruff before walking off in the darkness, where none of them would be able to see me.


Taking one of the bombs, I waited a few seconds before throwing one at the front entrance, the second beside the house and the third way back to where it looked like it landed in the back area.


Running back to the guys, I grabbed the detonator from John, not hesitating to press the red button.


Instantly the warehouse blew up, a huge pit of fire eliminating in the air, the impact of the blow was so huge, it sent us all flying backwards.


Coughing, I covered my eyes and mouth, a few pieces of the warehouse falling on us. Staying huddled on the ground for a few minutes, we waited until the puncture of the place came to a stop.


Standing up, I brushed the dust off my body, looking over to see the entire place burned to grime; the only remainders left are the glasses of each table they had inside, not a body in sight.


I smirked at my masterpiece. Knowing I did all of this and that Luke was finally gone and out of the picture, lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.


I finally felt at ease. “And that’s what happens when you mess with Danger.”

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